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DECEMBER 20, 2002
Greets and Huggers.  Evening of December 20, 2002. My good friend, Dave Browning is into "quality of life" issues:   how the "practice of law" affects our "quality of life".  A valid concern.  Something, indeed, to think about. Abraham Maslow, (http://www.ship.edu/~cgboeree/maslow.html), theorized a hiarchy of needs.  He tried to develop an objective measure to explain "quality of life", (Maslow was an interesting guy ..... he married his first cousin, Bertha Goodman).  He believed there is a hierarchy of needs ... which, when one is met ... as human beings, we strive for the next.  In it's simplest terms, the base is food, then shelter, then sex  ... the highest is self actualization, (hehehe ... if you're not hungry, freezing or horny  ... you try to "grow"  ...   become a better person).  Interesting concept.  Makes sense to me.  If I were hungry, freezing and horny  ...  I don't think I'd be sitting here sipping BBB and doing the Ramblings.  Think I'd be hunting down some groceries, a place to stay ..... and  trying to get ...  er ...  some female companionship, (keep in mind, I am a male lesbian!)   Point being:  you cannot deal with "quality of life" issues ... when you are hungry, freezing and/or horny:  put another way,  you cannot achieve personal growth, enjoy the beauties of this life if you are working 24/7.  To have a life worth living,  you MUST set aside time for yourself, your significant other and your children.  As "the Bard" noted:  "On to thine own self be true"  .......   ("Merchant of Venice" ... or ....  "Mid Summer Nights Dream"   ...  forgot which).    "Nuff said.

I'm trying to make heads or tails of this "lawyer's estates getting sued for malpractice because the lawyer didn't make a provision for his clients cases to be taken care of,  if he died", stuff.  If I croaked tomorrow, I would like to think, one or two of you would attend my funeral, not necessarily to pay your respects ....  but to make sure Susan is Ok.  (Don't think she will be). Do I worry or care about some schlemiel suing my estate for malpractice? No.  I have lawyer friends who can and will step in and help Susan close out my active files, not because I made specific arrangements because I am worried about my estate being sued for malpractice but because that is what friends do.  That's the way it works in real life.  I worry about Susan, (not financially  ...  that is taken care of)  ...  but about her will to live.  We are that close.  When it happens  ...  and it must  .....  my only request  ...  of this  ... my "family"  ... is:  Please keep an eye on her  ... help her deal with the grief, if you can  ...  let her know ... she is not alone.  <smiling> ... let her know ... the "Damn Yorkies" and "Damn Cats" ... need her  :)   I can sit and wait for her  ...  I know we will spend eternity together  .... er .... hmmm ... unless she remarries.  Three is an interesting number.

On Tuesday, had a default hearing ... my client's pleadings were struck ... my client was hosed, (he did not comply with discovery orders  ... after 4 attempts to make him do so).  Dawned on me, (after some sage advice from a dear friend),   I cannot change the facts:  I can only help a client deal with them.  Lawyers are "fixers"  ... there are some things you just can't "fix".  My friend pointed out, "But you need to take all the good things that happen, that you do, hold them close to you and  to your heart, and use them  as a shield against the bad days . "  Damn good advice. Wish I knew how to take it.  Still feel like hammered sh*t. Some days suck.  Guess this will result in a Bar Complaint. <sigh>

Made my heart sing ... to see you join together and offer help to Tonnie Martin, (her son Richie was hurt).  Some in our "family" prayed with her, as one voice ...  others wrapped their hearts around her and offered comfort  ...  all offered to help as they could.  You and I are not alone  ...  we are part of a "family" of persons, who share each others lives. Some believe *** NLS *** posts serve no purpose:  think again.  It is THE *** NLS *** posts that make this "house" what it is!!  A sharing of lives. Got an email from Tonnie today ... Richie seems to be doing better.  Prayer works. 'Nuff said.

Sitting here chatting with Sherrie Hansen, Bob Sigoloff, David Lurie, and Pat Reynolds on the #SFIG.  Care to join us? ....   er ... hmmm ... if your on a Mac  ... don't know if you can.

Susan bought me a Kodak 8500 for Christmas, (a photo printer  ...  does REAL photos .. as opposed to "photo realistic") ... bought her diamonds, (she doesn't know that yet)  ... she is female, (to my male lesbian friends:  don't know why, makes no sense to me ... but the female of our species seems to have an affinity for "glitter"!)  Look forward to seeing the expression on her face when she sees them.  :)

No glowing fireplace at Ft Timmerman tonight: no need. Will chat on the #SFIG for awhile ... then curl up next to the most wonderful Lady I know and go to sleep  ...  er ...and Thank God .. for being able to do so ... and ... pray for our men and women in uniform.

If my post offends .....  hehehe .... get a life :)

Karl (the dumb ole lawyer from Holden, Missouri)