DECEMBER 16, 2005

These are the Ramblings of a small town, (Holden, population 2,700), Missouri, country lawyer. They contain my random thoughts and observations on current events and my life and experiences in the Solo Practice of law.
Compiled here are the Ramblings for 2002 - 2005.

I have decided to finish my legal career serving the citizens of Johnson County, Missouri as their Associate Circuit Judge.  I ask for your support. 


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September 11, 2001

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Greets and Huggers. Posted the evening of December 16, 2005. Strange isn't it, how all of Abraham's children, (Jews, Christians and Muslims), have gone in different directions. The three great Western religions, at each others throats. So many lives lost over the centuries, at the hands of religious siblings. Isn't the God worshiped by Jews, Muslims and Christians, the same God? Wouldn't He weep to see such hatred, intolerance, violence, expressed by those He loved enough, to reveal Himself, in such differing forms, (best suited, to maximize that revelation?) And today, militant Muslims seek to destroy the Jews, while militant Christians seek to "save" the souls of both Muslims and Jews .... while Jews, just seek to survive. Share with me ... isn't the most basic question: "Are we, or are we not ... created in His image? Are we all His children, or not?" If so, do our religious beliefs/differences really matter, (since they are by definition, personal beliefs/faiths ... after all, given we all see the world through differing life experiences and lives, how could there be a collective belief?) If not, why would any of this matter? Wouldn't we be just another animal? Just another predator .... perhaps a little higher on the food chain than most ... but just another predator? ... <scratching my head> ... but if we ARE created in His image ... does that mean we ALL are, or just those He has revealed Himself to: those that adhere to the Abrahamic religions? What about Hindus, Pantheists, Buddhists, Wiccan's ... et. al. ... could it be, we "evolved", (not "created"), as a species, a life form, which, through the laws of natural selection have become "aware" enough to recognize there is "order", laws which we believe govern our universe/being? Could it be, such "laws", such "order", some choose to call God? Course, there are also those folks who believe things not yet explainable, are and will remain unexplainable because "Only God knows". ... Oh! ... and I'm curious ... could you share with me an operational definition of "life"? Sure would help me figure out when it begins.

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (AP) -- Woman sues polygamist Mormon sect. "A woman on Tuesday sued a fundamentalist Mormon church and its fugitive polygamist leader, claiming he forced her as a young teenager to marry a much older man. The civil lawsuit names church leader Warren Jeffs and the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, a sect that broke away from the Mormon church and still practices polygamy. The woman, who in court papers is identified only as "M.J.," asks for a jury trial and unspecified monetary damages." Hmmm ... monetary damages? I suppose "Pain and Suffering". I have never understood that concept, as a measure of damages, in terms of putting a dollar value on it. I suppose/believe my Dear Friends doing PI, (Personal Injury) work do. Share with me, how to put a dollar value on the pain I suffer from a toothache ... vs ... the dollar value of the pain another person suffers from their toothache? I guess we rely on twelve of our neighbors, on a jury, to determine a just amount. But given differing pain thresholds, among individuals and differing pain thresholds between males and females, (I'm told the pain of childbirth would kill a man), how can any award be anything but speculative? But then, this is not my area of the law ... I'm sure PI guys would find some of the premises we "Love's Aftermath" lawyers work under just as puzzling, (like there really are folks who consider two black eyes and a chipped tooth .... foreplay).

WASHINGTON (AP) -- High-tech improves life for seniors. "One day, people with Alzheimer's disease could have telephones that show them a picture of the caller and remind them who it is and when they last talked. They might walk across a floor with sensors that check their gait and sound an alarm if they fall. Others might relax on a bed that monitors their pulse and breathing. New technologies for seniors, supplementing conveniences like The Clapper and emergency warnings like Life Alert, are on display this week at the White House Conference on Aging." ( Isn't it somehow appropriate that our President is hosting a conference, with one of the topics dealing with memory loss?) Next year, "baby boomers" will start retiring. With life expectancy at an all time high, (78.6 years), we can expect to see a growing population of 60 + Americans, (hell, I'm only two years away!!). This demographic change will have a profound affect throughout our society, as we accommodate their needs. Larger type in newspapers, labels, signs, etc. A logarithmic increase in the sale of "Postem Notes", support hose, walking shoes ... and of course Depends and Viagra. Age assisted, rather than child proofed caps for meds. . and our health care system, already stretched, will be overwhelmed. And, the retirements and retirement health benefits, so many worked for, for so long, will be bargained away or lost in bankruptcy re-organizations. So much for the "Golden Years". ... in related news: ALBANY, New York (AP) -- Funeral directors boost high school recruiting efforts. "Career day at Concord High School in Staten Island brought in firefighters, postal workers -- and a well-dressed man with a brochure titled "Searching for a career that's 6 feet above the rest?" Matthew Funeral Home co-owner Matthew Scamardella talked to students about his job, showed a video about funeral directing and - he hopes - nudged some teens toward a different career path. Funeral directors nationwide are focusing on keeping their ranks flush amid fears they may not be able to meet demand as the baby boomer generation ages." Geez .... I'm a "baby boomer"! I need to worry that there may not be a funeral director available when I croak? Just what would you put in a video about "funeral directing" that would hold the millisecond attention span of a teenager, anyway? Britney Spears, gyrating among a display of coffins? Or Snoop Dog, rapping the virtues of funeral directing, ("Da Gangsta Director")? Didn't we use to draft teenagers ... cause they had undeveloped brains? .... <whispering> .... can you picture a teenager being the funeral director for one of your loved ones??

BIRITIBA MIRIM, Brazil (AP) -- Die at your own risk, mayor proposes. "There's no more room to bury the dead, they can't be cremated and laws forbid a new cemetery. So the mayor of this Brazilian farm town has proposed a solution: outlaw death. Mayor Roberto Pereira da Silva's proposal to the Town Council asks residents to "take good care of your health in order not to die" and warns that "infractors will be held responsible for their acts." What is he going to do? Put a violator in jail for life?

BBC --- Festive mistletoe shortage fears. "Mistletoe rustlers in Wales are threatening to steal more than just a kiss from revellers this Christmas. Conservationists are warning that enterprising sellers, keen to make festive pocket money, could be wiping out the plant in some areas." Interesting plant: a highly toxic parasite, with red berries. In Anglo-Saxon, the name means, "Dung-on-a-twig". "The common name of the plant is derived from the ancient belief that mistletoe was propagated from bird droppings. This belief was related to the then-accepted principle that life could spring spontaneously from dung. It was observed in ancient times that mistletoe would often appear on a branch or twig where birds had left droppings." Kissing under Mistletoe is supposed to ensure fertility. Not sure how a toxic parasite called "dung-on-a-twig" has anything to do with that ... maybe Jim D's theory that we were dropped off here by aliens ... has some merit.

SAN FRANCISCO, California (AP) -- Mice grow human cells after injections. "Add another creation to the strange scientific menagerie where animal species are being mixed together in ever more exotic combinations. Scientists announced Monday that they had created mice with small amounts of human brain cells in an effort to make realistic models of neurological disorders such as Parkinson's disease." Certainly puts some mice at the head of the line, when compared to some of the moron's I've had to deal with lately. Wonder if injecting some of these cretins with mouse brain cells would be an improvement? I suppose, at the very least, they would develop an appreciation for cheese.

MAYAGUEZ, Puerto Rico (AP) -- Alleged pope incarnate excommunicated. Bishop also issues warning to woman claiming to be Virgin Mary. "A Roman Catholic bishop here has excommunicated members of a communal sect whose leader allegedly claims to be a manifestation of the late Pope John Paul II. Sect leader Edwin Gonzalez Concepcion and his followers can no longer receive communion or participate in church activities, according to the order issued by Mayaguez Bishop Ulises Casiano Vargas. Gonzalez, a former firefighter in the town of Aguada, has told his followers that he became a manifestation of John Paul when the pope died in April and that Pope Benedict XVI is the "antichrist," according to the order, which priests in the diocese read to their congregations Sunday." My first question ... is the woman claiming to be the Virgin Mary a virgin? ... Or is her name just Mary? My second question: can Mr. Concepcion speak Polish?

Sitting here checking links while editing these Ramblings. On the evening news, the Patriot Act is toast, "The Senate on Friday rejected efforts to renew expiring provisions of the Patriot Act, dealing a major blow to President Bush and the Republican leadership" ... and ... LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- 'West Wing' actor dies at 58. "John Spencer, who plays Leo McGarry on NBC television's "The West Wing," died of a heart attack Friday, his publicist said. Spencer, 58, died at a Los Angeles hospital, said his publicist, Ron Hofmann. The death was first reported by the syndicated program, "The Insider." Strange how fact followed fiction: on the show, last season, Leo McGarry had a heart attack. By Presidential Order, the NSA has been wiretapping American citizens, without a court Order. The President replied he had authority to Order such actions based upon Congressional authority to wage war on terror. [Certainly explains why there are no Arabic fast food restaurants, like " Habib's" in the US.] So share with me again, reassure me again ... we still do have a "Bill of Rights" ... don't we? Also of interest .... being " white skinned" is a genetic mutation: "Scientists said yesterday that they have discovered a tiny genetic mutation that largely explains the first appearance of white skin in humans tens of thousands of years ago, a finding that helps solve one of biology's most enduring mysteries and illuminates one of humanity's greatest sources of strife." I guess that makes us "white" folks mutants. Is it "racist" to wonder if we are also lacking a "rhythm" gene?

Had coffee with my Dear Friend Rabbi Cukiekorn today ... at a Brazilian Coffee Shop in the Plaza. A most interesting place ... and a most interesting person to chat with. Pleases me to no end, he considers me a friend: I certainly do him. I wonder? Is a Rabbi a "cleric"? I remain amazed at the tolerance and inclusiveness of the Reform Jewish Movement .... <chuckling> .... the first time I gave my Dear Friend a Warm Brotherly Hug, (as I'm want to do ... as those of you who have met me in person, know), he was somewhat surprise ... the second not as much so .... and even less thereafter. Today ... he hugged back. I believe in "hugs" ... as a sign of friendship, trust and affection. We, as a "family" of lawyers, as a human "family", need to "hug" each other more. Tonight, I will vertically "hug" my Susan as we drift off to sleep ... (might even have a less than brotherly thought or two, while doing so :) ... but I will whisper a prayer of thanks ... and a prayer for the safe return of our men and women in uniform, (care to join me?) .... <whispering> .... Please, Please, Please ... God ... let our men and women in uniform come home safe and soon! Be and sleep well, (yesterday, our men and women in Iraq watched 70% of Iraq's population vote, while, for the most part, security for that vote, was provided by Iraqis) ... while tonight, your security is provided by OUR men and women in uniform. If my post offends, I apologize ... that is not my intent. As Always ....

A Warm Brotherly Hug

Karl (the dumb ole country lawyer, from Holden, Missouri ... (who just happens to be running for Judge))

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