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DECEMBER 13, 2002
Greets and Huggers.  Posted the evening of December 13, 2002, (Friday the 13th!!)    Read the "Student Loan Fortunes" posts with interest.  The arguments made, are good ... guess the underlying issues are:   how much education does it take to prepare a child to survive in our society and who should pay for it?  High School?  Trade School? College? Graduate School?  How much, as a society, should we fund to ensure a "basic level playing field" for all our children, in order to have them compete for "jobs":  make a living. Times have changed ... the age of "consent" isn't 12 any more, (hehehe ... although I have heard rumors about Arkansas).  We are no longer an agrarian society.  Keep in mind, we have evolved from an "apprenticeship" system, (still used in Germany). "School" taught the basics, "reading", "writing", "'rithmatic"  ... you then signed on as an "entered apprentice" to a "Master" and learned the skills of the trade to become a "Journeyman".  You then worked to learn enough, to become competent enough, to be gauged by your peers as a "Master": you did a  "Meisterverk", (Masterpiece).  To be a "Lawyer" ... you "read" the law while working for a lawyer and you learned how to "practice law", (there was no "Bar Exam").  Now, you go to a Law School, where you learn how to pass a "Bar Exam".  Today, you learn the "practice of law" by trial and error, instead of being taught the "practice of law" by a "Master".   Interesting, "Bar Exams" and "Licensing" were implemented to protect the public from folks learning how to "practice law" by trial and error.  Guess that's progress.   High School isn't enough to prepare a kid to make a living ...  but then ... it never was.  It was designed to teach the "3 R's" and how to learn.  It was, and remains,  the basic entitlement. Should we, as a society provide, (that means pay for), a college education for every kid that wants one?  Given limited resources,  I'd rather spend the money providing free health care or ensuring that "Social Security" survives. Again ... what do I know, I'm just a dumb ole country lawyer from Holden, Missouri. As my father shared with me when I asked him for a car, "Get a job. Buy your own. like I did."

Sat by the fireplace on Tuesday night  ... sipping on my one allotted ounce of BBB before bedtime, (on Friday nights ... hehehe ... I get three)  ... while watching the flames dance:  just enjoying the warmth.
(http://www.karltimmerman.com/stockings.html).  Susan has  decorated, Ft. Timmerman, our "home" ... with Christmas "Stuff".  Candles, lights, nativity scene  ... even have the three "wise men"  ... and our, in politically correct terms, "Holiday Bush", (the Christmas Tree).   The mantel of the fireplace has stockings, hung for Susan's "babies", (http://www.chappysplace.net/sitemap.html).  Noticed, there was no stocking for "Maggie". There was one for each of "the damn cats", Booger, Futzle, Chappy, Hellion, Samson ..... and the "Damn Yorkies", Belle and Justy.  And, the old stray, Ms. Daisy, http://www.chappysplace.net/daisy.html,  (she wandered up one day  ... with heart worms, sick, dying   .... some worthless piece of sh*t had abandoned her in the county.  Susan nursed her back to health.   Ms. Daisy  now calls Ft. Timmerman her home ... she sleeps under Susan and I's bed.  She, (hehehe ... in her mind) ... is the guardian of Ft. Timmerman   .... a bag full of teeth until she sniffs you and I tell her you may enter.)  But still, I miss "Maggie".    She was MY dog  ..... was with me before Susan  .... was my only friend ...  <sigh> ...  during some tough times.  A "Life Lesson":   there are some holes in your heart,  no amount of time can heal, completely.

Set up the #SFIG on Undernet this week.  Got the Bot  ... this "house" is open 24/7, (the "Virtual Robot", BOT,  makes sure the "house" remains a "virtual place" when all leave).  A "water cooler" you can go to and ask questions from whom is there, share forms, have a conversation, one on one,  in real time.  It IS the future.  It can only work, though ... if folks come to the water cooler, (the House) and hang out. You can log in ... go "AFK", (keep a window open while doing other stuff) ... and chat at your convenience.  'Nuff said, join or not.

My dear, dear friend, Gary Bollinger sent me a gift.  A mounted replica of  Lincoln's Gettysburg Address.  I took it out of the box and looked at it .... hand written  ... so very short  ... and yet, so far reaching:  prophetic.  I could almost see the trembling hand writing it, (standing on a blood stained battlefield, where so many had given all) ... I could almost see the eyes of the person writing these few short words  ... the anguish, the pain  ... the recognition and awareness of the sacrifices made.  I could feel my heart beat faster, (I remembered and saw the faces of friends long gone)  ...  and my soul wept.   Susan was standing next to me  ... she didn't see any of this, she just saw me trembling  ... guess she saw the tears start to well in my eyes  ... she just put her arms around me. T'was all I needed.   (You wonder why I love this woman? She can feel my heart.)     Later ..... we were walking across the parking lot at "Sams", (Sam's Wholesale Club in Grandview) ... I saw a young man in uniform, (a Marine  ... a "Gunny") ....  guess I freaked him out .... walked up to him .... shook his hand .... and said .... "Thank You"  ... he just looked at me, surprised ...  I said ... "For keeping our America safe."  He stiffened, almost coming to attention,  when he heard "Our America" .....  and must admit   .... when I shook his hand, his smile made my heart sing!  Thank you for the gift, Gary B.

Sitting here finishing these Ramblings and working on the "Family Album", (the webpage with your pictures ....  http://www.karltimmerman.com/sfig.html).  Need to figure out how to organize it.  Suggestions welcome.  Belle and Justy, (the "Damn Yorkies") are siting here staring at me like I'm some kind of doggy treat  ....   <taking a sip of BBB> ... can't decide if they want to munch my ankles ... or mug me for my BBB.  Fireplace is going strong ... it is warm, cozy and Christmassy at Ft Timmerman tonight.  Susan has made Ft Timmerman a "home", our "home". Be and sleep well tonight  ... please remember our men and women in uniform  ... after all ... isn't it their sacrifice that will allow you to be and sleep well tonight? I'm login on to the #SFIG and chat for a while  :)  .... and then ... I'm going to curl up next to the most beautiful, sexy Lady I know!!

If my post offends, I apologize ... that is not my intent.


Karl (the dumb ole country lawyer from Holden, Missouri.)