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DECEMBER 12, 2003

The "Ramblings" are a series of emails sent, for the most part, on Friday night, to the Solo and Small Firm Internet Group, (SFIG),  Listserve.  Compiled here are the Ramblings for 2002 - 2003.  They contain my random thoughts and observations on current events and the posts made to the SFIG during that week. They are the Ramblings of a small town, (Holden, population 2,700), Missouri, country lawyer.
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In Memorium:
September 11, 2001
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Greets and Huggers.   Posted the evening of December 12, 2003. Watched "60 Minutes" last Sunday night. A disturbing story about American administration of "Iraqi Freedom". Command level troops trying to be "Nation Builders". The folks in Karbala, Iraq, http://www.greatestcities.com/Middle_East/Iraq/Karbala_city.html, after American liberation, elected a City Counsel to self govern. A free election.  They elected a new Chief of Police. The council and police Chief were promptly arrested, without charges being filed and imprisoned, BY US!!. Former Bathist party members were installed instead, to govern the city.  The former Bathist Chief of Police ... was retained as our Chief of Police, (you know ... the same guy in charge of torture and murder under Sadam!)  According to "60 Minutes", no comment from our General in charge of Karbala nor our Command Level Administration nor the General in charge of the prison in which they were being held.  Guess, there's a lot of Generals with nothing to do. I see a military bureaucracy setting up shop ... one hand not knowing what the other is doing nor caring .... just carving out space. The "Peter Principal" http://pespmc1.vub.ac.be/PETERPR.html at work. I unequivocally support our men and women in uniform .... they are hero's ..... I acknowledge we can not pack our bags and go home ..... but I sure as hell can criticize moronic decisions made by "Command Level" folks who have perhaps reached their level of incompetence. Elected non-Bathist Iraqi representatives, arrested, without charges being filed? According to "60 Minutes", no charges filed after 2 months of sitting in our jail cell? Yeah ..... Right ..... "Iraqi Freedom"?  Wish I knew who to contact ... who to talk to ... who to reason with ..... to point out this stupidity. Stupidity!!  Maybe a call to my congressman is in order ..... not a "do something" call  ... but a "can this possibly be true" call.  Care to join me in making one? 

Ran a "Spybot" 
http://spybot-spyware.com.... found a  http://www.purityscan.com anti porn cookie on my computer. Have no idea how it got there. Wonder if that is why I get all this SPAM inviting me to buy "Viagra" online or a penis enlargement?   I do not have any porn on my 'puter  ... just not interested in porn .. geez, why would I have an interest in watching other folks having a good time?? I don't even watch "Football"!!! (Actually, I take that back ... Susan bought me a 52" Samsung DLP HDTV for my birthday  http://www.popsci.com/popsci/bown/article/0,16106,387780,00.html ... so I do watch "High Definition" NFL broadcasts on Sunday  .... the picture is so sharp .... you can read the lips of the guys on the front line .... which is why I watch ..... English being my second language .... I am always interested in learning more about the creative use of verbs).

Obesity is a disease.  It is a killer. Take a look around you next time you go to court.  How many people do you see, who are "obviously" overweight? Absent a medical problem, there is NO REASON for them or you to be overweight!!!!  If you are, do something about it!  More important .... look at your children.  Are they overweight?  Odds are ... if you are ... they will be too. So  ... share with me:   how MUCH do you love your children?  Enough, to help them avoid juvenile diabetes? Enough, to help them avoid heart disease? Enough to help them avoid the taunts of their class mates? Enough to "walk the walk" instead of just "talking the talk" ..... enough to set the example?   If Mrs. Timmerman's little boy can take control of his weight ... so can you.  Get on a low carb, high protein, low fat, low salt diet ... I outlined mine: 
http://www.karltimmerman.com/diet.html .... it worked for me.   As my dear friend, Tom D pointed out today, (after losing 15 pounds in 18 days),  this low carb diet, isn't a diet .... it's "a different mindset".  This is NOT a "do as I say issue" .... this is a "do as I DO issue"! Wanna make a difference? How about you make a difference in your kids life!!!

Just cut a check for $225.00 to the MoBar:  my Bar dues.  Certainly not voluntary.  I HAVE to pay, in order to keep practicing law.  I HAVE to pay to stay in business:  keep making a living.  Sitting here trying to figure out what the $225.00 dues I paid last year bought ME. If it were Union dues ... guess I would have health insurance.  Guess I would have a retirement account. Guess I would have the benefits of "collective bargaining".   hmmmm .... could we join the Teamster Bar Association as an option?  Or maybe the United Auto Workers Bar Association? Guess not. 70% of our Bar is "Solo and Small Firm Lawyers" paying $225.00 per year, (70% of 22,000 x  $225.00 ... do the math). Guess that $225.00 in part, pays for the OCDC.  You know, the folks who protect the public, (the folks NOT paying dues),  from "incompetent" folks practicing law ... and as a service for me, from the non-licensed folks competing with me, (like real estate agents, closing agents, the companies collecting child support arrearages, the folks putting out divorce kits, etc.)  You know  ......  I really like the idea of having the option of  joining the Teamster Bar Association  .......  bet they could do something about all them folks competing with me :)

I suggested and begged you to get a "flu shot".  Did you?   ........ <sigh>  ...  Of course not.  You are a Solo or Small Firm guy. Solo and small firm guys don't take suggestions.  Well, Jackson, Platte and Clay County Health Departments have no vaccine left. Can you get a flu shot now?  Yes, there are still some places that have it available.  More important, the dominant strain is particularly harmful for children:  killed some in Colorado. Why in the world would you not have your child immunized?

"Iowa Judge Grants Lesbian Divorce"
"State Sen. Neal Schuerer accused Judge Jeffrey Neary on Thursday of "judicial activism at its worst."
"The judge was wrong. He should have backed away and sent them back to Vermont," said Schuerer, a Republican. "If judges want to flaunt the law like this, I can guarantee you we will move to recall them."
"The women, Kimberly Brown, 31, and Jennifer S. Perez, 26, who have Sioux City addresses, were joined in a civil union March 25, 2002, in Bolton, Vermont.".  Seems Vermont allows "civil unions" while Iowa is one of 37 States that ban "civil unions", (same sex marriages). Wonder how they can NOT recognize a "public act" performed and authorized in a sister State, in light of the "Full Faith and Credit Clause"? US Constitution, Article IV, Section 1. "Full faith and credit shall be given in each state to the public acts, records, and judicial proceedings of every other state."  Isn't a "civil union license" a "public act" and a "record"?  I can see a State refusing to grant a marriage license to, for example, a 15 year old.  But if another State does, and the 15 year old gets married in that State and the parties move to Missouri, how can Missouri refuse to recognize the marriage?
"Neary, who was appointed in January by Gov. Tom Vilsack, said he ... "had the opportunity to change his mind but decided against it -- the divorce was permissible, he said, under a constitutional clause that requires states to recognize laws of other states.""  Good to know that Iowa also has hog farmer, insurance agent State Senators ... and they are Republicans to boot. Wonder why the Republican Party seems to draw them?

Sitting here editing these Ramblings, (Max 
http://www.chappysplace.net/max.html   is curled up in the seat next to me asleep) and sipping on some BBB while watching the ABC Evening News.  Seems the FDA is contemplating approving the "Morning After Pill" for over the counter purchase, (3 States already allow it), http://www.cnn.com/2002/HEALTH/09/12/morning.after.pill.otsc/index.html  Interesting.  "Pro-Life" folks call it an "abortion pill" and "Right to Life" folks call it a "contraceptive".  Guess it depends on how fast sperm can swim upstream:  "Pro-Life" sperm must be really fast,  "Right to Life" sperm must take it's time.  Wonder where they would display it in the store? Guess .... either next to the rat poison or next to the condoms.  Personally?  I would put it next to the diapers and baby food.  We are expecting 6 - 8 inches of snow tonight: it is cold outside and the wind is blowing.  The fireplace is cranking out heat .... and the living room at Ft Timmerman http://www.karltimmerman.com/house.html has Christmas decorations, stockings, lights and critters.  Most important, Ft. Timmerman has, (is the home of), the most wonderful Lady a man can have. One of these years, I'll figure out what she sees in me.  Until then, I'll just keep praying that she keeps seeing it, (whatever it is). Tonight, later, I'll curl up next to that Lady, the bed covered with critters, and as I drift off to sleep, thank God for his "tender mercies", (like my Susan ... and (don't tell her) ..... her furry Babies), and ask him to heal Pat L's mother, and bless our America, our men and women in uniform, (Please, Lord .... let them come home safe and in one piece), you and Susan and I.  Read a post this week:  "To those who fought for our nation: Freedom has a flavor the protected will never know."  Indeed!  Be and sleep well, the best there is, is on watch  .....  so you can.  If my post offends, I apologize .... that is not my intent.
Karl (the dumb ole country lawyer from Holden, Missouri)