DECEMBER 8, 2006

These are the Ramblings of a small town, (Holden, population 2,700), Missouri, country lawyer. They contain my random thoughts and observations on current events and my life and experiences in the Solo Practice of law.
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Greets and Huggers. Posted the evening of December 8, 2006. Been trying to understand why Muslims are killing each other. The difference between Sunni and Shia Muslims? Seems the differences are no less, than the differences in Christian Sects. [Note: interesting analysis.] Shia belive that their spiritual leaders are appointed by God, while Sunni spiritual leaders are elected or have grabbed power. Accordingly ... "The Shi'a scholars say that a divinely appointed Imam is sinless and Allah does not grant such position to the sinful. The Sunni scholars ... say that Imam can be sinful as he is appointed by other than Allah ... . Even if he is tyrant and sunk in sins ... The Shia say that Imam must possess above all such qualities as knowledge, bravery, justice, wisdom, piety, love of God etc. The Sunni scholars say it is not necessary. A person inferior in these qualities may be elected in preference to a person having all these qualities of superior degree. [Note: for a side by side comparison "Click Here"] There are 940 million Sunni and 120 million Shia world wide with Iran, Iraq and Yemen being predominantly Shia. The recognized terrorist organizations including Hamas and the Taliban are Sunni. The nutcases running Iran, however, are Shia. Well, seems more Sunni leaders lack "superior" qualities than Shia:   CAIRO, Egypt - Saudis give funds to Iraqi insurgents: Iraq group says gifts allow Sunni fighters to upgrade weapons. "Private Saudi citizens are giving millions of dollars to Sunni insurgents in Iraq, and much of the money is used to buy weapons, including shoulder-fired, anti-aircraft missiles, according to key Iraqi officials and others familiar with the flow of cash. Saudi government officials deny that any money from their country is being sent to Iraqis fighting the government and the U.S.-led coalition." ... and ... MOGADISHU -- Pray five times daily 'or face beheading'. "ANYONE who does not pray five times a day will be beheaded, an official in a southern Somalian town declared yesterday, adding that the new edict will be implemented in three days' time. Shops, tea houses and other public places in Bulo Burto, 124 miles north-east of the capital, Mogadishu, should be closed during prayer time and no-one should be on the streets, said Sheik Hussein Barre Rage, the chairman of the town's Islamic court. " ... and from enlightened Taliban souls: (CNN) -- The Taliban's rules. " This is the time of year that fighting traditionally tapers off in Afghanistan as winter sets in, so it's probably not too surprising that the Taliban's latest offensive is on the propaganda front ... First there were videos, including one obtained by CNN that shows multiple beheadings as well as preparations for attacks and recruitment of suicide bombers. Now, the Taliban has put out a code of conduct for its commanders and fighters -- including when to kill teachers and how to prevent sexual abuse." ... <sigh> ... we, the Western World, really are at war ... not just against Muslim extremists ... but against human beings/faiths/cultures/nations, who refuse to accept the most fundamental of truths: all life has worth and should be respected as part of a Divine process. The taking of life is morally wrong, but justifiable to preserve life. Most "higher" life forms kill to eat, thereby preserving/sustaining their life. Isn't that justifiable? How is killing, for killings sake, justifiable? Share with me ... what is "moral" about bombing an abortion clinic? What is moral about killing those who do not share your view, of what you believe is God's Will? Share with me .... if the ultimate commandment is, "Love me and love one another, as I have loved you." ... how does that justify the atrocities committed by those, who are created in His image. We seek meaning in life. Why? We seek purpose in life. Why? Could it be ... that is part of the Divine Spark ... Soul ... that separates us from God's lessor creations? Just something to ponder ... while you worry about making payroll.

AUBURNDALE, Florida (AP) -- World's heaviest woman turned record slimmer dies. "Rosalie Bradford, who held records for being the world's heaviest woman and for losing the most weight, has died. She was 63. Bradford weighed 1,050 pounds in January 1987, according to the 1994 Guinness Book of Records. She lost 736 pounds to weigh 314 pounds in September 1992, according to the record book." Prior to losing 736 pounds, she was 8 feet wide. Her passing will leave a large void.

And proof that "natural selection" is thinning the herd: COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) -- Police: Boy, 14, fatally shot after egging SUV. "A 14-year-old boy who was throwing eggs at cars along with two other teenagers was shot and killed by someone who had been in a sport utility vehicle that was hit, police said ... The teens were throwing eggs at cars when an SUV that was struck chased them, Detective Tim Huston said. The vehicle stopped and several gunshots were fired, he said." ... and .... OCCOQUAN, Virginia (AP) -- Teen runs from police, dies after jumping off bridge. "A 16-year-old boy in handcuffs escaped Saturday from a police cruiser parked on a bridge, then jumped over a concrete barrier, plunged into a river and drowned, authorities said ... Rodger Rodriguez, of Woodbridge, was pulled over about 3:20 a.m. for speeding, Licklider said. A police officer determined the boy had been drinking and arrested him for drunken driving and driving without a license." Have you considered the possibility that ... there is a reason we used to draft teenagers?

TOKYO, Japan (AP) -- Space sushi not on the menu -- yet. "Japan's space agency plans to cook up Japanese "space cuisine" for hungry astronauts at the international space station, but the country's best-known dish is unlikely to make the menu ... With help from companies such as Nissin Food Products, JAXA has developed space rice balls, space seaweed soup, and space green tea, said agency official Yoshinori Miyazawa. It is also experimenting with Japanese beef curry, mackerel in miso sauce, and red bean cakes." Personally, I think oriental food would be a poor choice on the space station. Think about it. You pig out ... and an hour later you're hungry again.

NEW YORK (Reuters) -- Men's baby bag made from tires. "A U.S. handbag manufacturer is trying to make changing diapers a bit more macho -- with a baby bag made from truck and tractor tire inner tubes. Richmond, Virginia, based Passchal has designed a "Dad's baby bag" made from recycled inner tubes, trimmed with hemp, and fitted with a battery operated light to help locate that soother somewhere at the bottom of the bag." Sheesh!! Talk about "where the rubber meets the road!!" I suppose the "hemp" would come in handy ... you could light it up while you change the diaper ... for those "soothing" vapors! ... <whispering> .... I would add rubber gloves and a gas mask, (just in case you run out of hemp.) And in related news: WASHINGTON (CNN) -- High court takes 'Bong Hits for Jesus' case. "The Supreme Court entered into a free-speech dispute Friday involving a high school student suspended over a "Bong Hits 4 Jesus" banner ... Frederick was suspended in 2002 after he unfurled the 14-foot-long banner -- a reference to marijuana use -- just outside school grounds as the Olympic torch relay moved through the Alaskan capital headed for the Winter Games in Salt Lake City, Utah." Frederick is a member of a little know Church of Christ splinter group which has misinterpreted the scriptural mandate to "Praise God on High".

ROME (Dec. 1) AOL NEWS -- Experts Reconstruct Leonardo da Vinci's Fingerprint. "Anthropologists said they have pieced together Leonardo da Vinci's left index fingerprint -- a discovery that could help provide information on such matters as the food the artist ate and whether his mother was of Arabic origin ... The research was based on a first core of photographs of about 200 fingerprints - most of them partial - taken from about 52 papers handled by Leonardo during his lifetime." Ok ... Leonardo was Italian and lived in Italy. So share with me ... how much money do you want to spend verifying ... he ate Italian food, (pasta, bread and wine)? He probably didn't order in Chinese. Pizza, perhaps ... from the Vatican carryout ... <whispering> ... take a close look at what food is on the table at " The Last Supper".

LONDON, England (Reuters) -- Researchers batty over winged mammal's long tongue. "Bats use the earth's magnetic field to navigate and one species has a huge tongue that is longer than its entire body, researchers said on Wednesday ... Richard Holland of Princeton University in New Jersey showed the homing devices of big brown bats can be altered by artificially shifting the Earth's magnetic field, indicating the animals depend on a magnetic compass to travel. "This finding adds to the impressive array of sensory abilities possessed by this animal for navigation in the dark," Holland and his team said in the Nature study ... In another study Nathan Muchhala, of the University of Miami, Coral Gables, taught the nectar bat Anoura fistulata to drink from a modified straw to measure its 3.4 inch tongue, which is 1.5 times longer than its body." Wow! A bat, (affectionately nicknamed the "Gene Simmons Bat"), with a tongue 1.5 times longer than it's entire body? How does it fly? Do they "french kiss" when they mate?

Sitting here editing these Ramblings, sipping on some Port and thinking about a lesson I learned this week as part of my campaign post mortum. I have had 4 weeks and several counseling sessions to think about my life. With that, came the realization that I have been burned out for at least the past two - three years. It dawned on me that I made it through each day by looking forward to the next holiday. Worked my butt off for clients ... but my life revolved around looking forward to not having to deal with them and their problems. The next holiday meant time off. The next holiday, 3 day weekend, had became the focal point in my life. A chance to get away. Put down what I do. Put down who I am professionally and just be Susan's husband, lover and best friend. I had failed to follow the very advice I give to puppy sharks: "Take Time Off For Yourself!!" I did so today. As Freud taught, each life must have "Arbeit und Liebe" ... purpose and passion. I realized today, I have both. My purpose remains making the practice of law easier for Solo and Small Firm Lawyers ... and I have two passions: Susan and digital imaging. A very Dear Friend criticized me, after all the fund raising efforts in my campaign, as tight as money is for Susan and I, for buying a Nikon D220 after I lost the election. I suppose my Dear Friend didn't realize I will sell my FZ30 and Nikon D1X to pay for it. More important, my Dear Friend, didn't understand my passion for digital photography. Susan does ... and for me, that really is all that matters. As for being burned out? ... <smiling> ... Mrs. Timmerman's little boy is back ... sitting tall in the saddle and carrying a saddlebag full of whop-ass :) I am so grateful for my life: I create or record beauty I can share .... I have the very best partner a man can have ... I have friends who love me ... and I have a job that not only allows me to help people ... but make a damn good living doing so. Each day is a blessing ... each day has it's own rewards. Holidays are just icing on the cake. As a drift off to sleep tonight, hold my first and most important passion, I will say a prayer of thanks ... and a prayer for the safe return of our men and women in uniform, (care to join me in a prayer for their safe return?) Be and sleep well. KNOW each day has it's own rewards ... think about the rewards/tender mercies you enjoyed today and celebrate them tonight, when you drift off to sleep. There is NO guarantee you will wake up in the morning. If my post offends, I apologize ... that is not my intent. As always ....

A Warm Brotherly Hug

Karl (the dumb ole country lawyer from Holden, Missouri)


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