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NOVEMBER 22, 2002
Greets and Huggers.  Posted the evening of November 22, 2002.   Attended the Solo and Small Firm Committee meeting in Jeff City today  ....   hehehehe .... discovered,  I was "Vice-Chair" of the committee.  So .. share with me ... how I explain to my Susan ... that the "Vice"-Chair is not in charge of "entertainment!"  :)
Had a chance to "hug" many of our "family":  Momma O, Poppa Dave, (
http://www.karltimmerman.com/david.html) .. cousin "Rusty", (http://www.karltimmerman.com/rusty.html), ElGene, the Ransin, cousin Paul (Henry), Sarah (the deer hunting) Rittman ... et. al.  ....   (forgive me if I do not mention all I hugged today   ... it's a long list  :).  Interesting  ... most of the folks attending are members of the SFIG  ...  seems perhaps  ... hehehe .... the tail is starting to wagging the dog  :)  As usual, Momma O and Paul had done their homework  ... (must say  ... Linda, Paul ... you are doing one hell of a good job!!!)  ... our "family" reunion next June will be OUTSTANDING!!!  Better register early.

Need your help.  "Nettiquet"(sp)  ... Paul suggested .. and I concur  ... that we post, at the beginning of each month  ... a brief post, suggesting appropriate posting manners  ...  like   ...  putting the "real" topic of your post in the "topic" line  .... like ... not posting  "me too" ... or ... "I agree"  ... or ...  "Your mother wears summer clothes ... some of his and some of mine"  ...   hehehe ...  point being:  "Free Speech" is not free ... it has been dearly paid for ... and some more "payments"  may be due.  You must, should, and will be held accountable for what you say and what you do: the down side of being an adult.  This "house" WILL remain uncensored, unmoderated and will continue to encourage discussion of controversial issues:  we will disagree as honorable persons of good will ......  and we will both grow from that exchange  .....   but I/we want to do it  ... without ad hominem attacks. Persons can, should and will disagree ... but I/we want to do it without becoming disagreeable.  We will not ... nor can we  ... "enforce" violations of a "Play Nice Rule"  ... but instead, set out some guide lines for playing nice.  Accordingly  ... please post your suggestions for inclusion in the "Play Nice" post :)

Saw on CNN that the national average salary for graduating Puppy Sharks was $90,000 in the private sector ...  $32,000 in the public sector   ....  and puppy sharks have an average of  $84,000 in school loans to pay off.  $90,000 sure isn't an average salary in Holden, Missouri.  Have done Wills for commodities,  like fresh eggs, bacon, deer sausage  .... did a divorce for a half a hog a few years back.  Geez ... talk about bringing home the bacon!!  :)  Wonder if the Bank will accept "chicken teeth" as payment for a loan?  Few Puppy Sharks can afford to be Solo guys  ... or band together to make a Small Firm.  Wonder if Solo and Small Firm Lawyers will go the way of the family farm?  Certainly hope not!  Who would step in and defend "the little guy"?  Who would step in and fight the just fight?  Who would step in and defend our Constitution?  I am worried.

Susan is a type one diabetic, (she became a diabetic at age 13).  Brittle as hell, (watched her go from 17 to 690 in a few hours ... a few months ago). My mother is a type two, (late onset).  Sat here and tested my sugar. Got home:  86.  Had supper and a snifter of BBB: 156.  Tested later, two snifters later, (10:14 p.m.): 138.  Interesting. Below 70 ... you are hypoglycemic  ... above 140 ... body parts die ... or so is the common perception.  HeA1c, (hemoglobin A, 1, C .. is a test for long term blood sugar average).  Think I may fail the test.  Think, I am in denial.

Susan said I have a hearing loss:  I keep the volume on our TV too loud ... I don't listen to her.   Had a hearing test this week:  I have a hearing loss consistent with "gunfire" exposure.  Feel really good about that  .... the "gunfire exposure" ... didn't prove fatal.  I can live with a hearing loss.  The Doc said I cannot hear the difference between, for example, "shore" and "chore"  ....  and female voices will be more difficult to hear.  His solution:  sit closer to the TV  ....  and ask Susan to speak louder. Hehehe .... now,   let me ask any married male reading this  .... is this a perfect "out" or what  :)

Guess the UN inspectors are in Iraq. Truly hope they get to do their job.  Doubt they will.  Chamberlain ... in 1938 ... assured us of "Peace in our time"  .... he was wrong: there is no negotiating with "evil".  You confront and defeat it.  Was watching the History Channel last Sunday night  .... learned there are cemeteries containing American soldiers ... on islands all over the pacific  ... in Europe  .... China .... Burma  .... North Africa ... India.   At the time, we couldn't bring all of our fallen home. Wonder how the surviving veterans of W.W.II feel about that.  (True hero's, each and every one  ...  sad  ....  that most will not see the monument our grateful Nation is building to honor their sacrifice).  We could and did bring our buddies home from Nam and we fly a flag for and to remember those who remain missing.  We will find them ... and bring them home.  We will find them and bring them home because it is the right thing to do. After 9/11 I/we are much more aware ......   or   .....  have been reminded what "sacrifice" is and what it really means, ("Let's Roll!!!!").   Saddam  ... hate to say this ... give it up .... or ... we WILL clean your plow.  We will confront evil .... and    .....  we will defeat it.  We have learned  the hard lessons of inaction.

Susan and I read Pat's post  ... "Boo" passed on.   Wonder why Susan and I  ... stood there weeping with Pat when we received her email:  I never met "Boo".  Guess it is because we both have been there  ... have felt the incredible loss  ...  loss of unconditional love.  Accordingly the the KC Star, dogs domesticated us about 15,000 years ago  ... may be an ongoing project for them.

A fire is cranking in the fireplace at Ft. Timmerman,  every one is well  ... it is warm and cozy here.   My Lady and best friend is answering her email  ... she is in her PJ's ....   I know the difference between "love" and "lust"  ... but must admit  .... this old man  ... looking at my Lady .... IS LUSTING!!!  Friends, be and sleep well!!

As always,  if my post offends  ... I apologize.

Karl (the dumb ole country lawyer from Holden, Missouri)