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NOVEMBER 15, 2002
Greets and Huggers.  Posted the evening of November 15, 2002.  If you wonder  ... these ramblings are notes I jot down during the week.  A diary of sorts,   I guess.   Just me ... sharing my views: my biases.  Nothing more .... nothing less.  To those of you taking the time to read them .... Thank You for letting me share my thoughts with you.  Would appreciate any "feedback" you want to share.

Ever wonder what makes you what you are?  Why you see the world the way you do?  Bias. Not a bad thing ... nor a good thing.  A "bias" is just the way you see the world as a function of your life experiences.  I do a lot of "family" mediations.  Never ceases to amaze me  ... how two people can share a life ... and from their respective viewpoints ... such a different life. You can have them sit in a room ... and if you ask them ... what the room looks like .... two different rooms. Point being, our clients pay us to see their "room" and accept it.  You cannot effectively represent your client unless you see his/her room AND have the personal insight to share with them, that there are other "rooms" every bit as valid and as worthwhile.   It is not our job to tell a client what to do:   our job is to the share with the client what his/her options are and the probable outcomes. For me, taking the moral high ground is always the first and only option.  If the clients wishes to take something less  ....  I seek leave to withdraw.  I cannot do something on behalf of a client  ... that I would feel ashamed to do for me.  My father gave me a good name  ...   I will not give my son less.

Veteran's Day was hard for me.  I 'm trying to understand why.  Guess I feel guilty.  Why am I here, when such better persons than I .... are not.  Our America  ... the freedoms that you and I enjoy ...  have been paid for by the BLOOD ... the sacrifice ... of persons ... I hope someday ... to be worthy of standing next to ... as, (hopefully),  an equal. Our Freedoms are not free: they have been dearly paid for.

If you have any doubts about the creative genius of our species  ....   check out: http://www.dpreview.com/forums/forum.asp?forum=1005
The page contains posts from amateur photogs the world over.  These are folks sharing their visions of their world, as they see it.  I think,  I take good photographs, (some are even great) .... but the work shared by some of these folks   ......   is humbling.

The SFIG, (Small Firm Internet Group) was Poppa David Browning's idea.  It started out as an email list  .. can still remember Dave saying ...   "Give me your email address". (Keep in mind ... that "email" was "state of the art technology" then).   After the first "Solo and Small Firm Conference", ( I did not attend),  I gave Dave my email address ... and here we are.  The "format" has been the same  ...   just emails between friends, readable by all. In 97' or 98'  ...  David Ransin complained about "hundreds" of posts  ... that he didn't want to read  ...   I suggested the  *** NLS ***  header.  It became the "Ransin Rule".  See no need to change the format. Listening, (and sharing), to what folks have to say was the purpose of the SFIG.  Will there be dissenting voices?  God, I hope so!!!  Isn't it dissenting voices that cause us to look at what our position is ... and if necessary ... defend that position or change it?  Isn't that how we grow as human beings?  Improve it:  Yes. Change the format: No.  Not my place to say ...  just my opinion   ....  Nuff said.

Spent the day with Shelley Bishop, (we did a presentation in Columbia for a school of Puppy Sharks).  Learned a bunch from her about how to use WestLaw, (hope to be as a good a public speaker as she is). While there, also had the privilege of giving Tom Glick a warm brotherly hug, (Tom is a great guy ... proud to call him "friend").  The best part was the drive there and back: Shelley is a lovely Lady, a warm, caring human being and a great traveling companion.

<chuckling>  ... Susan trimmed my eye brows tonight.  Why is it that the hairs in my ears .. and eye brows grow faster than the hair on my head?  Why does hair grow in places that ...   er ... hmmmm ...  never mind, (I KNOW Susan loves me  ... she trims them hairs too!).  Never been this old before  ...  anyone have an "owners manual" they would be willing to share ..... I didn't come with one .....  hmmmm   ...   didn't get a warrantee either.

Tonight ... as every night  ...  Susan and I's prayers will go out to and for our men and women in uniform.  We sleep together like a pair of stacked spoons  ... er .... with Susan draining every bit of heat I have to offer  ...  don't tell her I said it .... but this woman ...   hehehe ......  can have some REALLY COLD FEET!!!!     :)   Sometimes  .....  while drifting off to sleep, we pray   ...  I thank God for having such a wonderful Lady laying next to me   .....   <laughing> ..... sometimes I think   ....  she thanks God that I'm so warm  :).

As always, I have no desire to offend  ... and if this post does  ...  I apologize.

Karl (the dumb ole country lawyer from Holden, Missouri)