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NOVEMBER 14, 2003

The "Ramblings" are a series of emails sent, for the most part, on Friday night, to the Solo and Small Firm Internet Group, (SFIG),  Listserve.  Compiled here are the Ramblings for 2002 - 2003.  They contain my random thoughts and observations on current events and the posts made to the SFIG during that week. They are the Ramblings of a small town, (Holden, population 2,700), Missouri, country lawyer.
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In Memorium:
September 11, 2001
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Greets and Huggers.  Posted the evening of November 14, 2003. On the way home from Columbia last Saturday,  I heard the tail end of a song on the radio:  I had to pull to the side of the road.  The lyrics do not do the "singing" of the song justice. 
"Back when I was a child
Before life removed all the innocence
My father would lift me high and dance
With my mother and me and then
Spin me around 'till I fell asleep
Then up the stairs he would carry me
And I knew for sure I was loved.


If I could get another dance, another walk,
Another dance with him
I'd play a song that would never, ever end
How I'd love, love, love
To dance with my father again."

[The song goes on.]

"Dance With My Father", Luther Vandross, from the Album of the same name. You can download a copy of the song from
http://www.apple.com/itunes/store/ for $.99.  I did, rather than buy the whole album.

The song touched my heart.   Strange isn't it  ....  the ability we have as human beings to express our feelings ..... with poetry  .....  with song?  Our capacity to ....... love.  Our capacity to do "good"  .......  and ........  <sigh> .......... our capacity to inflict hurt/harm.   Doesn't it make you wonder why some of us need to dredge up childhood memories just to believe "I knew for sure I was loved"?  Even pay a therapist to guide us through the process?    What is it in our nature  ... what is it about our lives  ...  what is it about the things we do ......  that makes us blind to the obvious? We all have love in our lives  .... why don't some of us see it?  Don't know.  Do know this  ....  I promise you, love flows all around us ... the vast majority of us are the product of love. Those of us, who are the product of love, KNOW we are loved.  How could we not? Today,  6 out of 10 marriages since 1994 end in divorce.  Only 67% of our children live in 2 parent homes.
http://marriage.rutgers.edu/  Perhaps, maybe ...  there are children out there who are waiting not to dance with their father "again" ...... but for the first dance ..... I weep for them.  Some things you can change .... some you can not.  'Nuff said.

Read in the Thursday, K. C. Star,  Girl Scouts, "Troop 34, Anchorage, Alaska are learning to trap and skin beavers ..... Last spring, about 10 members of the ....  troop and their families helped catch two beavers using snares and lethal traps. ...... Working under close supervision, the girls used knives to skin the beavers  .....  [they] .. plan to make hats and mittens once a dozen hides are collected .... "  Interesting.  "We think it sends a very, very bad message ..... said Stephanie Boyles of "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals [PETA]".  Indeed.  How sexist!  Boy Scouts would never be encouraged to hunt/trap beaver. 

Had lunch with a dear friend yesterday ..... he had an interesting observation about the massive number of emails on the SFIG: a problem .....  "like everything else on this list  .....  is self regulating   ..... folks who don't want to take the time to learn how to set up filters and folders ....  drop off the list.  When enough do ....  problem solved."  It is an interesting observation because it's true. There is no way of limiting posts unless you limit the number of "family" members or limit the number of posts "family" members can make.  Neither is an option. 

Chief Justice Roy Moore 
http://www.alalinc.net/appellate/supreme/judge.cfm?Moore=Judge  was removed as  a judge because ... bottom line ...  he refused to abide by a court order.  This comment is not about the merits of the opposing arguments.  It is about character.  Honorable, reasonable persons can and do disagree on separation of church and state issues:   in this case, whether displaying the "Ten Commandments" is merely a display about the origin of our laws ..... or a religious symbol.  Without a doubt ... it is both.  Justice Moore is entitled to his beliefs, no less than you and I ..... I admire and respect his staunch defense of his beliefs .... I abhor and condemn his refusal to abide by a court order while Chief Justice for the State of Alabama.  An honorable person can not swear,  he/she will defend/enforce the rule of law .... while refusing to abide by it.  Some issues are simple.   'Nuff said.

Sitting here as Vice-Chairman of the Solo and Small Firm Practice Committee, (my dear, dear friend David R and I had a long chat last night), sipping some BBB and editing these Ramblings.  Really look forward to giving Linda O a warm brotherly hug at the committee meeting next week.  Susan got her $6,000.00 insulin pump this week, (way cool .... she tests her sugar ... and because the blood sugar monitor is radio linked to the pump, the pump slowly drips insulin as needed :)   .....  <whispering> ..... still have not figured out how the tubing will affect the marital appurtenances ...... I'll let you know :)   Was really encouraged that Dale Doerhoff requested feedback from our "family" about the Bar sanctioned real estate form:  Solo and Small Firm lawyers comprise 70% of our Bar  ....   our little "family" is a damn good cross section ... wanna know what 70% of the Bar is thinking .... ask us :)  We are as yet, a small  voice ..... but ..... we are learning that together ..... we can make a difference with our Bar ......  we are learning that we have a voice   .....  it will get louder!!  4 more lives lost today. According to the powers that are .... in Iraq,  5,000 folks out of 22 million mean us harm.  This is not Vietnam.  This war is different.  Here, as honorable persons, we can not bag up and go home.  I mourn the loss of life ..... saw on the evening News, for the first time .... a Flag draped casket  ... the look on the faces of loved ones  .... grieving.  I wept with them ... no life lost in war is worth it to the folks that grieve.  I wonder/doubt if any loss is worth it.  I also know, such doubt is all it takes for evil to triumph. As I curl up next to the most wonderful partner a man can have .... and drift off to sleep ..... I will say a prayer for the souls lost today, their families, for my America, for you .... and for Susan, (and .....  hehehe .... that her insulin pump works as advertised) .... and for me.  Be and sleep well .... the best there is, is on watch. I have no desire to offend ... if my observations have ..... I apologize .... that is not my intent.
Karl  (the dumb ole country lawyer from Holden, Missouri)

My father, ktimmsr_13144@msn.com  wrote ....  "I read with interest your posting  [the Friday Night Ramblings]  to Mom. You do us proud."    ......  Aside from the love my Lady [Susan] has for me .....  aside from the Damn Cats ... aside from the Damn Yorkies ..... aside from any other accolades I have received   ....   strange isn't it .....   that I value more than anything else  ....   more, than anything else .....  the simple acknowledgment of/from the person  I respect and admire most:  My Dad  ......  (Hermann ... can you relate?).  I know I am loved. 'Nuff said.
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