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NOVEMBER 8, 2002
Greets and Huggers. Evening of November 8, 2002.  Never ceases to amaze me ... how good it feels to state the obvious ... like ....  I have the privilege of being a Citizen of, a part of,  the greatest Nation on this Earth.  Course, with that comes the responsibility of ensuring ... that my children will inherit the same "rights, privileges and immunities" I enjoy.  Taking the "moral high ground" ... in life ... and the practice of law  ....  is difficult at times ... geez ... if it were easy ... wouldn't everybody do it all the time? But must say  ...  when you do .... when I do ...  sure feels good!  :)

Attended a "Mediation Training" today, taught by Pete Schloss, (
http://www.karltimmerman.com/pete.html) and Hugh O'Donnell, (http://www.karltimmerman.com/hugh.html).  Aside from being VERY good lawyers and mediators  ... they are also insightful, caring, human beings.  Proud to call them friends.  Had a chance to give ElGene a hug  ...   but more important, (even after several hundred mediations under my belt)  ... learned a few things.  The "training" reinforced what I had suspected  ....   each of the folks there are great mediators ...  not because they have learned a few "tricks" ....  but because they genuinely  "care".  It dawned on me ....  that the really great lawyers I know   ...  are great and successful .... because THEY ALSO CARE.  Being a lawyer isn't just a job  ...  a way to make a buck  ...   it is WHO and WHAT you and I are  ...  not just what we do.  Why do you practice law?

Monday is Veterans Day  ...  a time to reflect.  A time to remember. Those that have given their all did so in defense of our America. "Voting" was and is a small tribute to pay  ...  a small token of respect for and to those that gave their all, for you and I to engage in an activity envied by many the world over: we can select the persons who will act in our collective names.  Did you vote?

I am a Christian.  My good friend David is a Jew.  My little brother Karl D is an atheist.  Does a belief in a "supreme being"  ..  or the lack thereof make any of us more or less "morally strait" than the other?  Does our belief in a "supreme being" or the lack thereof, have anything to do with country, our America?  Our Family?  Our Friends?  Each other?  or  .... our worth as a human being?  hehehehe ...... or camping?

Susan ... with Yorkies under arm  .... is calling :)   All is well at Ft Timmerman tonight.  My thoughts and prayers for and to ... our men and women in uniform  .... and also to their loved ones ... who wait for their safe return.

As always, I have no desire to offend  ....  and if I have .... I apologize.
Karl (the dumb ole country lawyer from Holden, Missouri).