NOVEMBER 5, 2004

These are the Ramblings of a small town, (Holden, population 2,700), Missouri, country lawyer. They contain my random thoughts and observations on current events and my life and experiences in the Solo Practice of law.
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Greets and Huggers.  Posted the evening of November 5, 2004. The election is over. For the past two months, I, like you, sat back and tolerated the debate about who should lead us in this war, lead our America.  So many impassioned posts, by persons who have never shed blood ... have never faced death, (except my Dear Friend, Phillip B).  After reading the post election posts, this week, I was struck by how differently folks viewed the election results.  Some projecting doom and gloom, the complete loss of civil liberties, concentration camps, perpetual war, the decline of our America. Why would they believe 120,000,000 of us would stand idly by and let it happen, (aren't our judges already dismantling the Patriot Act,  a section at a time?) [I remember folks talking about how we will be wiped off the face of the earth in a nuclear war, when Reagan was elected. It didn't happen.  With the American people much more resilient, informed and opinionated than in the early 80's,  it won't happen now, either]  Others just accepted the election ...  and smiled. My Dear Friend Mark R wrote: "I think it's time to take the debate to a higher level -- or rather a productive level."  I would have to respectfully concur. The electorate has spoken:  according to the news, Bush has won both the popular vote and the electoral college vote. I don't believe he got a "mandate", the election was that close, (perhaps a time for him to reflect about changes that should be made, even though the Republican Party won more seats in both houses.)  Many folks expressed dismay at the stupidity of the folks who voted for the Righteous Chimp:  perhaps, instead of asking "how come the folks who voted against their position don't get it" ... it is time for some soul searching ... perhaps to ask themselves why "they" don't get it, see what others see, that they don't, (for whatever reason).  After much cognitive dissidence, I voted for the Righteous Chimp even though I do not agree with almost all of his stances on issues I find important: global warming, preparation for the impending viral pandemic, stem cell research, the environment, importing drugs, civil unions, etc. I voted to send a message to those who doubt my America's resolve on the war on terrorism and I voted for the devil in place rather than replacing him with an unknown devil. Perhaps not the best reasons to vote, but one I am comfortable with. We remain one America, we remain one giant diverse family:  the election is over ... <whispering>  ... look around ... and BTW, we will survive the next one as well.  One person has clearly won and the other, with much grace, has conceded defeat:  isn't it time to put away our differences and focus on our common goals, campaign for our positions on important issues and most important, continue to campaign for a strong, safe, America, "with justice and liberty for all".  "Nuff said.

 Mondays Kansas City Star reported that: " It's not high intensity and it doesn't burn mega-calories, but a gentle yoga routine blasts fat as effectively as weight lifting does, says new research presented at the American College of Sports Medicine's 2004 conference ... the yoga devotees dropped an average of 27 pounds, strength trainers whittled away 23 and the walking only group lost 20"   The article doesn't mention what form of yoga routine, (there are 8 main yoga forms), the devotees engaged in.   Tantric Yoga, would be my guess:
"The Tantrics maintain that there is an enormous energy locked into sexuality, which, if released from the lower end of the spine, can flow up the spinal column to bring divine illumination to the brain."  I can see how stimulating the lower end of your spine could burn alot of calories ... but I suspect it depends on whether you are the stimulator or the stimulatee.  This, of course, explains why some of the females of our species have greater insight:  they can have multiple "divine illuminations". Guess that means the dumb ones are faking it.  [As an aside, I was quite surprised that the number of calories burned ... er ... engaging in the marital appurtenances , (click on link for a table), ... varies greatly, as a function of size, position and location ... and to be honest ... I have never considered a telephone booth exercise equipment or a marital aid.]

An article in Prevention Magazine, reported chewing gum can speed your recovery after a C-section, hysterectomy or other gynecological surgery, (apparently, this type of surgery can be very constipating) :  "In a study of 64 patients at Long Island College Hospital in Brooklyn, NY, post-op gum chewers passed gas, proof of restored bowel function, 11 hours earlier than non-chewers." Apparently chewing gum increases saliva production which triggers gastrointestinal reactions, which in turn, help the bowels heal faster.  I was surprised by the result:  according to Susan, only the males of our species pass gas and make disgusting biological noises.  I have no idea, how she formed such an opinion.

Last week, on Wednesday and Thursday, I took portrait shots of 174 members of the Clay County Bar Association, next Tuesday I will take an additional 80 - 120.  I also took formal individual portraits of the judges and an en banc shot.  Although I used my Nikon D1X, I continue to use the Panasonic FZ20 as my "walking around" camera.  For those interested in buying a digital camera, I highly recommend the FZ10 or 20.  To print your pictures:  for up to 8.5" x  44" prints, the Epson R300, for 13" x 44" prints, the Epson 1280 for 13" x  44"  archive" prints, (prints rated colorfast for 100 + years), the Epson 2200.  My father took alot of slides, (this is one of me, home on leave, after Basic Training), as I was growing up, (I'm in the process of digitizing them).  Please, if you have children, take lots of pictures ... looking at the slides my Dad took as I was growing up, brings back memories long forgotten.  Giving a memory, as a gift, is priceless.

[Received my award Wednesday evening.]  Sitting here now, editing these Ramblings, sipping on some Port and listening to the evening news.   Arafat is in a coma:  since he must be buried within 24 hours of death, there is speculation that they are keeping him alive until arrangements can be made with Israel for his burial  ... <whispering to Israel> ... Dudes!  Put him in the ground!  Put him in the ground.  Militant Palestinians will kill each other off trying to be his successor!  There are 10,000 American and a large number of Iraqi troops, around Fallujah, training for an assault, getting ready to move on the city.  I suppose waiting may have been a good tactical move:  all the nutcases in the region, (an estimated 5,000), have moved in to "defend" the city, while most of the regular citizens have moved out.  The bad news:  the senior leaders have left Fallujah and the remaining nutcases have had time to fortify the city and set up fire zones and tank traps.  I fear, this will be the most costly, (in life and limb), offensive of the war. In other news, 11 States had anti-gay marriage initiatives on their ballots:  all 11 passed.  The Democratic party, a/k/a ClintoKennedycrats got creamed: gay activists weren't politically active enough, (BTW: no pun intended).  On the local news, one of our good Catholic parents, (mother of six),  is up in arms because her daughter's Girl Scout troop had an education program dealing with abortion and birth control, (put on by folks from "Planned Parenthood").  She wants the Catholic Church to stop supporting Girl Scouts. [hmmm  ... she must have had multiple "divine illuminations",  at least 6 ... course, she could also be one of the ones faking it ... hard for us unenlightened males to figure out, while our lower spinal chords are stimulated].  Tonight, I'll try to keep my lower spinal chord limber, while holding the most beautiful woman I know.  I will pray,  to have my male lesbian thoughts healed, held in check and I will pray for our men and women in uniform, (lower spinal chords are probably not something they are thinking about:  more likely, they are thinking about staying alive)  ...  <whispering> ... Please, Please, Please, Lord, let them come home safe and soon.   Be and sleep well, please whisper a prayer for those who allow you to do so.  If my post offends, I apologize ... not my intent, (my lower spinal chord made me do it  ... <whispering>  ...  to my Dear Friend Bret Rich ... Dude, think this may be a new criminal defense???).  As Always ...
A Warm Brotherly Hug
Karl (the dumb ole country lawyer from Holden, Missouri ... and my lower spinal chord made me approve this message)

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