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NOVEMBER 1, 2002
Greets and Huggers.  Evening of November 1, 2002.  Hard to believe it's November 1, 2002.  Seems life is flying by.  Where does the time go?  It's November 1st ... and it snowed yesterday.  Seems the older I get ... the faster time goes.

Ms Trimble, (the Yorkie Susan bought for her step-Mom),  is recovering quite well after having her "landing lights" removed, (Susan believes in spaying).  Wonder why Ms Trimble looks like she is going to bite me ... if I pet her  ... Susan made the appointment with the vet  .. all I did was drop her off?  Some would consider "spaying" animal abuse. Course ..... corporate America does unspeakable things to animals ...... in the name of  "science"  ... and some folks consider that  "OK".  Yet, some putz boinking his mare, (wonder if she even knows he's there?) ...  is subject to a felony?  Guess, we as a society are enlightened.  Tolerant.  Have no problems with heterosexual males in the "Girl Scouts" or "Campfire Girls" ....  but have a problem with  "homosexual" males in the "Boy Scouts" .  (Read this week that some kid, after doing all the work, could not get his "Eagle" Rank because he was an atheist.  You cannot discriminate against your employees on the basis of religion:  but you can discriminate against non employee members?.  How does that make sense?)  Folks must have a problem with the "gay lifestyle"  ...  don't have a clue what that means, "gay lifestyle".  Do you?  Think, maybe, it means hanging out, hoping to find a person who will help you feel  ... like you are not alone.  Before Susan, I was also alone  ..... spent many nights doing the same thing  ... hanging out ... wanting and hoping to find someone to share my life with.  Wonder why, as a society, we have such a hangup about "sex", (the moral/religious issues are self evident)?  Is there really a legitimate State interest in the behaviors, consenting adults, in the privacy of their bedrooms, (hehehe ... or their barns), engage in?  Felonies? Having oral sex with your wife is a crime in Missouri   ...   (hmmm ... wonder how the divorce rate in Missouri compares to other States?)   The "will of the people" have made it so, (51%).  Ever wonder why our Founding Fathers enacted the "Bill of Rights"? Maybe they were the other 49%:   a bunch of sex crazed atheist heathens chasing after their slaves and ... er ... hehehe  ......   mares.  Don't know.

Went to a college football game last Saturday: Homecoming ....  MU vs. KU in Columbia:
http://www.karltimmerman.com/mizzou.html.  Never been to one.  Was surprised .... the damn field is so much smaller than what you see on TV. Also ... froze my *ss off!!!  Had dinner with my friend David and his Dad afterward .... during which .... we started talking about age ... I shared I was going to be 55 ... and the only good thing about becoming 55 ...  was 50 year old women looked good.  Hal, (Dr. Lurie ... 80 years old) ... chuckled ....   looked at me ... and said  ...   "when you hit 80 ....  ALL women look good".  Guess that's one of  them "Life Lessons"  :)   <chuckling>

Found a webpage impugning my reputation.  Thank you, for the phone calls, personal and public emails and the wit of "the Bollinger".  Was really surprised by the number of friends I have here.  Can't really do anything about the webpage  ...  but did email the webmaster as follows:
"Was shocked to see my name on your list:  especially since I have a reputation for being a staunch defender of our Constitution.  You asked for information about me.  Here it is: 
I have practiced "family" law for the past 20 years.  I have had 3 "bar complaints"  ...  each of which were dismissed as being unfounded. I can guarantee that in each case I handle, 50% of the folks involved, don't like me.  I find you putting my name on your webpage in the context you have, offensive. I will, however,  continue to fight for your right to do so."
And I will  .......  "free" speech isn't free  ...  it has been dearly paid for.  Should have added ... hehehehe .....  having only 3 unfounded bar complaints in twenty years of practicing "family" law should make me eligible for an "ethics" award!

Ms Trimble, Justy and Belle, (the damn, Yorkies :) ), are asleep.  The fireplace is going ... cranking out heat   ...  and all is warm. cozy and safe at Ft. Timmerman tonight.  Know there are American men and women in uniform, in harms way, making this possible.  They remain in my thoughts and prayers, just as  .... 35 years ago .....   I'm sure  .....  Mrs. Timmerman's little boy  ... was in someone's thoughts and prayers. I pray they make it home safely as well.  As always, if my rambling offend  ...   I apologize ... I have no desire to do so.

Karl (the dumb ole country lawyer from Holden, Missouri)