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OCTOBER 25, 2002
Greets and Huggers. Evening of October 25, 2002.  The leaves are changing ... amazingly beautiful ... even in the light of the gloomy grays of a rainy fall day ... the reds of dying Sumac  ... a changing of green to the very many colors of Fall.  All these bright colors  ... a reminder, that, although Winter is coming and there will be a time of only Black and White  .... the many colors of Fall  ... are God's, (or insert what ever label you wish),  promise there will be a tomorrow: Spring.   You and I are a VERY small cog in the machine of reality.  I think, I am aware ... and therefore ... I am.  :)

My heart goes out to those that think about "balancing"  between feeding their babies  ...   and taking the moral "high ground".  Tough choice  ....  between what you know in your heart to be "right" ... and doing whatever is necessary to survive  .... especially, if you know there is NO substitute for taking the moral high ground.  Especially, if you know there is NO excuse for NOT  taking the moral high ground in the practice of law, (isn't that after all, just, good business?) ......     and wanting more for your babies?  Tough choice  ....   but a choice every single person makes on a day to day basis. What would I do to get enough money to buy Susan insulin?  Don't know.

Guess the DC Snipers have been caught.  According to the evening news, neither have said anything.  Miranda is alive and well. Had a friend share with me that the greatest homage we can pay the victims  ...  is to ensure these sick *(&^*^&^y get the protections afforded by our Bill of Rights.  I respectfully concur.

Thank you for the feedback on "Companionship"  .... lot'sa private emails and a few public comments.  No closer to an answer.  Seems the answer is more complex than I thought.  Will go with a good friend to watch the MU, KU game tomorrow  .....   <chuckling> ....  look forward to spending time with my friend  ...   but must admit  ...  would rather stay home with Susan.  :)

The fireplace is cranking  ... Ft Timmerman is warm, safe and secure  ... hehehe ... all the critters are in the livingroom ... sucking heat from the fireplace.  Know ... in a little while  ... my Lady will be curled up next to me ...  know, we will drift off to sleep together.  Also know, one of our men or women in uniform is away from what they hold dear  ...  maybe, dreaming about holding their loved one. I am so grateful for their sacrifice.  Aren't we all?  We owe them the same America they left.

Just some rambling thoughts: have no desire to offend.
Karl (the dumb ole country lawyer from Holden, Missouri).