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OCTOBER 18, 2002
Greets and Huggers. Evening of September 18th, 2002. Rode Zelda, (http://www.karltimmerman.com/bike.html) to Jeff City today for the Solo and Small Firm Conference Planning Committee Meeting.  All week long, read the weather forecasts:  was supposed to be a warm and sunny day, (maybe the last for this year). Bought myself a set of  riding boots, (steel toes and heavy ankle support), "chaps", (leather leg covers) and a set of winter riding gloves. Put on my boots, heavy leather jacket, chaps, gloves and riding glasses and headed out  .... the sun was low on the horizon giving everything that early morning "golden" sheen  ... the air was crisp and you could smell fireplaces:  a hint of burning wood.  The transition of another night .... into day. You reach a point in life when you notice such things:  the simple beauty of "morning".  The sights, smells and sounds of being alive. "Can't see the forest because of the trees" ..... hmmmmm  .....   think .... maybe  ... at times we can't see the forest because we are sitting on a twig, on some branch, in some tree, with leaves shoved up or nose.  Hard to find "arbiet und liebe", (what Freud considered essential for a life worth living)  ...  if all you see is green pieces of leaf, (no offense to Kermit).

Count on having a great "family reunion" next June.  Better make your reservations at the Lodge early :)   There will be a price break if you register for the conference early. 

Left early when I noticed it had started raining, (so much for the forecasts).   "Zelda" is a Clydesdale on steroids:  she is big, heavy and powerful  ....  withunbelievable torque.  As big and heavy as she is, (she has more heuvos than a high school football team) .... about peed on myself several times coming home when her rear hoofie hit a slick spot and slid.  But made it home safely to Susan, (and the damn Yorkies) .....  all three of whom .... slipped me the tongue  .... er ..... gave me a warm welcome home kiss. (think Susan needs to feed the Yorkies breath mints  ... cause I think they may have found her anchovies stash!).

Read Pat Reynolds post with interest:

90.2% of fathers with joint custody pay all the support due
79.1% of fathers with visitation privileges pay all the support due
44.5% of fathers with no visitation pay all the support due
37.9% of fathers are denied any visitation
66.0% of all support not paid by noncustodial fathers is due to inability to pay

Interesting statistics.  Assuming these statistics are accurate, (they are after all compiled by the same folks who mandate State child support collection efforts)  ....  wouldn't there be a greater State interest in ensuring that non custodial parents are a part of their babies lives  ... when doing so ... ensures 90.2% compliance with support orders?  Hate to sound like a conspiracy nutcase, but:  what if the game plan was for the Feds to collect all support, (child and alimony)  .... wonder how much interest the support money collected in every State, would earn, within a ten day "float"?

Watched the Bali bombing on the news.  Guess Australians were targeted THIS time, (Bali is a big time Australian holiday get away). Saw Jerry Fallwell call Mohammed a terrorist. Saw a French Oil tanker burning after a terrorist attack. Wondered why Monday Night Football was not interrupted for a speech by our President, (about attacking Iraq).  Read in the paper that North Korea was actively making a nuclear weapon, (they already have a missile delivery system).  Heard Harry Bellifonte accuse Colin Powell ... of "selling out"  ..... been an interesting week in the News. Hard to make sense of.  Think I may be coming down with  "make sense of" overload.  Have this strange desire to hop on Zelda ... (with Susan's boobs pressed against my back)  ... and ride into the sunset.   Keep hearing Toby Keith's  ... "Should've Been a Cowboy" .... and  ... "Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue".  Also keep wondering why "Country Western" music makes sense to me.  Frightening.

Momma O  ... Paul, (Henry)  ... MLM ... Tim (Mellitz)  .... Alan (Gallas)  ...  et. al.  ...   enjoyed giving you a hug ... enjoyed visiting with you today.   We really are "family".

Susan calls  :)   .............   (geez ... and do I listen!!!!)

As always, I have no desire to offend. 

Karl  (the dumb ole country lawyer from Holden, Missouri)