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OCTOBER 17, 2003
Greets and Huggers.  Posted the evening of 10-17-03.  Was somewhat surprised at the venom in the Rush Limbaugh posts.  Don't care to listen to the nut cases on the left or the right.  Guess I'm not hard up for entertainment.   So when a right wing nut case, a very judgmental one, takes a hit for being addicted to pain killers .... left wing nut case folks rejoice?  Like there is something to be joyful about .... some poor SOB taking unauthorized meds to deal with his physical pain, (unauthorized because his fellow right wing or left wing nut cases want to protect him, and those like him, from becoming "addicted" to pain killers?) Sorry, if you are in pain to a point where you can not function and there is a pill which will alleviate the pain ....  take as many as you need.  Susan takes 4 insulin shots a day ..... is she addicted/life dependant on insulin?  Yup.  Does it keep her alive?  Yup.   Share with me the difference between shooting insulin and shooting oxycodone, oxycontin, (or mood elevators, anti-depressants, Ritalin, Zolof, Zanax, ad nauseam), to make it through the day?   On the issue of chemically enhancing "Quality of Life"  .....  where do you draw the line?  Is there one, when we are prescribing these meds for our children?

Said, I wouldn't say any more about being overweight. Too important an issue to put down.  Too life threatening. I have been a "Fat Boy" all my life ... my parents said "Big Boned".  Not anymore, my bones have shrunk .....  <smiling> ..... some bones seem to have remained the same size ...... with my weight loss ..... hehehe ... I can see  .......  them  ......  my big toes!  When one out of three children, born this year, (when 1 out of 2 children of color, born this year ) will die from inactivity and obesity ... would you expect anyone, let alone me to remain silent?  In court today, I noticed more than half of the lawyers present were "obviously" over weight ... one was morbidly overweight, (she had difficulty fitting in her seat). Because of the shear number of customers, (65% of Americans), "Corporate America" is now catering to "big" folks, (check out the "Emil the Tentmaker" portion of the "Sears", "Cabelas"  or "Lands End" Catalogues). As a society,  we are becoming increasingly overweight.  Wonder why health insurance costs are rising?  Gee  .....  could it be .....  more people are suffering from the side effects of inactivity and obesity?  Worse, on TV, I see the beginnings of a change in "mind set"  ...  a  movement ....  "I'm grossly overweight and that's Ok".  Isn't that just another move AWAY from asking folks to accept responsibility for the choices they make?  Maybe we need a "Dram Shop" law for our fast food joints  ....  a "Pork Chop" law?  Picture it: an obviously overweight 12 year old goes up to the counter at Wendy's and is told  ... "Dude .... you've had enough!".   A low carb life style change "diet?" works for me:  
http://www.karltimmerman.com/kht101403.html For me it is easy to follow :  I count carbs and stay away from "processed" carbs, like sugar, non-whole grain bread, potatoes, pasta and processed rice .  For the first 3 weeks I limited my daily intake to 10 carbs and lost alot of weight VERY quickly.  I don't recommend doing that:  it does not give your body time to adjust, (loose skin).  How many carbs do YOU need each day?.  Go to the University of Maryland [School of] Medicine website http://www.healthcalculators.org/calculators/carbohydrate.asp answer the questions and find out. (I require 300 +/-).   I now limit my daily carbs to 40 +/-  If I pig out one day, I limit my carbs for the next couple of days afterward.  Whatever method you use, get trim, (if not for you ..... for the people that love you).

Was watching the History Channel last night ..... Japan's biological weapons program during WW II.  Unspeakable horror perpetrated by the Japanese on the Chinese, (and that's just the biological weapons used and tested on the Chinese  .... won't even go into what the Japanese did in Nanking:
http://www.tribo.org/nanking/index.html#toc  ).   Korea was a similar scenario.  Korean women conscripted as "Comfort Girls", (prostitutes for the troops),  http://www.kimsoft.com/kr-japan.htm Was amazed at the number of Japanese folks, STILL ALIVE, NOT TRIED AS WAR CRIMINALS, talking about what they did. No apologies.  No remorse. Just following orders.  Now, old men, just talking about the horror, the pain, they inflicted.  I fail to understand, how they could possibly live with themselves ....  but they are .... and they do. The Germans killed millions of innocents   ....  they had the numbers .... and as a Society and State have tried to make amends ..... the Japanese ....  have lessor numbers ... but inflicted  horror by actually producing and using biological weapons  ...  and deny they did anything wrong.  Have this vision of driving a Mitsubishi Trooper, (manufactured by the folks that brought you the "Zero", using slave labor)  up some Japanese tourist's *ss.  Not a healthy reaction on my part but having seen the documented horror ..... perhaps justifiable.  Ask the surviving Chinese folks who remember ....  <smiling> ......  while they count the number of "nukes" in their inventory   ....  while they watch their first astronaut safely return to Earth, (in a delivery vehicle capable of delivering multiple "nukes" to Tokyo).  North Koreans remember as well.  Aren't they getting ready to test one of their "nukes", (they already have a delivery system)?   If I were Japanese ...... think I would not sleep well.  Think, for some damn good reasons,  I would be exploring how to "apologize"  ....  make amends.  I would do what it takes because the North Koreans and Chinese may very well believe that the sins of some Japanese fathers HAVE to be paid by their children?  'Nuff said.

Sitting here tonight editing these Ramblings, sipping on some BBB and listening to Susan sing along to George Strait's "Milk Cow Blues",  while painting her office, (she painted our bedroom last weekend  ....   you know ..... I'm actually beginning to like George Strait  :)    <Chuckling> ..... tried on the 36" x 32" "trophy jeans" a little bit ago ..... good news and bad news  .....  the good news:  I could actually get into them!!!!  The bad news: the jeans need bigger pockets to pack the loose skin hanging over the belt,  into!!!  Four Americans were killed in Iraq today .... 3,  in a 12 hour gun fight with some local "religious leader's" bodyguards.  Conceptually, is there a difference between the Vatican Guard and body guards in the employ of some Iotola?  (Still wonder to myself ..... if Sadam killed off the best and the brightest Iraqis, for 3 generations .... just, who/what's left?)  The solution is obvious but politically incorrect.  a)  Pull our troops to the borders of Iraq .... and wait for whomever winds up taking control ..... (they would have to be the worst of the worst)  b)  go in and shoot them  .....  repeat a) and b) until only good Southern Baptists are left  .....  then shoot them.  When done, move all Israelis to Iraq, which would solve the Palestinian problem and stabilize the region. Course, we would still have to worry about Southern Baptists here  :)

Susan is about done painting ..... for this evening.  Just got done downloading the "Who's" "Happy Jack" from KaZaa, (use the "lite" version of KaZaa to avoid picking up "stuff"  .....  
http://kazaalite.tk/ don't have the song and have not found it on any of the CD's I have or currently available ..... if I find it .... I'll buy it)  .... geez, I love that HumVee 2 commercial :)   Winding down the day and looking forward to going to sleep next to the most wonderful partner a man can have ..... Belle, (one of the "Damn Yorkies" is asleep next to my keyboard) .... and thinking to myself, that I will need to say an extra prayer for the families of the men lost today.  I will do so.  I will also say a prayer of "Thanks" for our men and women in uniform, our America, for Susan and I ....... and for you.  May even say a prayer for our Kansas City Chiefs, (that they kick some Raider *ss on Sunday  ....  funny  .... would never have had such thoughts if my dear, dear friends Bill and LouAnn Cownie didn't take Susan and I to the Bronco game last Sunday).  Sleep and be safe and well.  The best there is, is on watch tonight.  If my post offends, I apologize ..... that is not my intent  .....  poke some irreverent fun, maybe ....  but not offend.

Karl (the dumb ole country lawyer, from Holden, Missouri)