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OCTOBER 11, 2002
Greets and Huggers.  Evening of October 11, 2002.  Pleases me to no end to read the "Ramblings" of THE Bollinger  ...  and written without mood altering BBB ....   no less :)

Saw on the News this evening that former President Carter was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize.  Without a doubt  ...  he has led a life worth living.  Don't agree with some of his views  ... but sure do respect his commitment to what he believes.  We are all "biased".   We all view the world tainted by our prior life experiences.  That is not a bad or good thing .... it just is ... the way it is.  Acceptance and recognition of our  "biases"  .... my acceptance of your  "biases"  ... is the seminal step in appreciating and accepting our common humanity.  It is the seminal step in me accepting my shortcomings.  Would really like to know how Jimmie worked through ...   hehehe ...  "lusting in his heart" :)  .....   hmmmm .... really makes me wonder about my use of the word "seminal"   .....  or "heartfelt" ....

Read little brother Karl D's post about the family law lawyer  ... who allowed a judgment entry to be executed with terms not acceptable to her client ... and then demanded  .... that she be paid all sums due and owing ... and additional sums ....  before filing a Coram Nobis  ... or Motion to Set Aside ... before the trial court lost jurisdiction.  hmmm ... wonder why lay folks consider lawyers blood sucking leech bastards?   The fact that she went to court without her fees being caught up .... is HER shortcoming  .... does the phrase "Motion to Withdraw" ring a bell?  Then refusing to protect her client's interests until paid .... hehehe .... her malpractice carrier  ... must be doing a line dance in it's sleep.

Susan had a bad week.  Her sugar was off scale  ... after a shot of insulin in the morning and at night ... and before each meal ... it was still running in the 300's ....  she is so brittle  ... she can actually hold a conversation with her blood sugars being 17!!  ...  was there when she did it!!  Worries me to death.  Diabetes kills you an inch at a time .... <sigh> .... but ... this is my best friend, my lover, my Lady ...  I would crawl over broken beer bottles on my bare stomach,  to see her smile. She makes life worth living for me.  Hope I pass before she does  ...  I cannot picture waking up in the morning  ...  with my nose in her hair  ... my arms around her ...  feeling her warmth ... and her looking at me ... smiling ... and saying  ... Justy and Belle, (the damn Yorkies) ... need to go out  .....  and after letting them out  .... she comes back to bed  ... and curls herself around me  ... and   .... I have thought to myself:  is this worth dying for?  What do you think?

Isn't this what our men and women in uniform dream about  ... as they drop off to sleep.  Isn't this what our America is about? Plain folks like you and I  ... living our lives ...  FREE ... from governmental intervention .... protected by our Constitution; the Bill of Rights?  And aren't you and I the folks  .... the foot soldiers of the Judicial Branch  ... that allow our Judges to do their jobs?   ENFORCE OUR CONSTITUTION?

Will have a freeze tomorrow night  ... time to crank up the fireplace  ... all, (including the damn Yorkies),  will be warm and safe at Ft. Timmerman. 

Wonder if anyone takes the time to read my ramblings  ... if you do ... I have no desire to offend  ... just a desire to share some thoughts  ... about how wonderful it is to be an American  ... a member of the SFIG  ... and a member of a group of folks, "trench lawyers", that help folks and help to keep our America,  "Free" .

Susan calls  :)

Karl (the dumb ole country lawyer from Holden, Missouri).