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OCTOBER 10, 2003
Greets and Huggers.  Posted the evening of October 10, 2003.  The Thursday Kansas City Star reported a Journal of the American Medical Association study ......  which found that 1 in 3 Americans born this year will develop diabetes from inactivity and obesity. Last Friday I got in your face about being overweight.  You can choose to get "trim" or not. You can choose to live or not.  You can die an inch at a time .....  or not, (death by diabetes  ....  is death an inch at a time).   I won't mention it again. 'Nuff said.

A dear friend wrote:  "That other Austrian built freeways, factories, developed the Volkswagen the national pride, the enthusiasm of the youth, and the economy.  Patriotism uber alles (above all else)." Over the years, I have heard this statement many times, spoken by educated, caring and compassionate people. My dear friend David B wrote, "....... it [the above statement] was declared politically incorrect ..... "    There is a reason this statement was declared "politically incorrect".  Think about the statement.   "[Hitler]  ...  built freeways, factories, developed the Volkswagen ... ", a true statement.  However, the freeways and factories were built by slave labor and funded initially, by resources stolen from the German Jewish middle and upper classes:  abolishing all labor unions also helped. And then there's the Volkswagen.  Developed by Ferdinand Porsche (1875-1951) 
http://w1.856.comhem.se/~u85618910/ferdinand_sr.htm , the first prototype developed in 1935  .... and put into production in 1938   .......  in the same factory producing Panzers .... using slave labor.   http://mondediplo.com/1998/01/11volkswag "National pride" ..... based on "Mein Kampf" http://www.stormfront.org/crusader/texts/mk/ ... (actually ..... interesting reading) .... was based on complete individual submission to the State. No individual values, just submission to and adoption of State values .... the values of Mr. Hitler ... and  ... enthusiastically taught in the "Hitler Youth", http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/GERyouth.htm .  In 1936 membership in the "Hitler Youth" was made compulsory for all boys aged 15 through 18:  pre-military bootcamp.  Patriotism above all else? ....  http://www.museumofpatriotism.org/ ....   As many of my dear friends on this list will attest ..... there is a difference between supporting our men and women in uniform and blindly following and endorsing the policies set by our elected representatives .... a fine line at times .... a fine line indeed. A line defined by support for our troops and support or non support of the folks that put them in harms way.  I don't see how an honorable person can protest the wars we are engaged in, (Afghanistan and Iraq)  without denigrating our troops and the sacrifices they are making, (although I can see a protest against "war" in general).  Instead, honorable persons organize, protest and oppose the re-election of folks that put our men and women in uniform,  in harms way.  'Nuff said for now    .......   FOR NOW.

I'm a white, Anglo-Saxon kind of guy. Meat and potatoes. Been on the  *** SBD ***, (South Beach Diet) for 5 weeks.  Dropped a bunch of weight and inches. (Dropped my "Trial Suit" off at "Michaels" to have tailored, cut down, on the 23rd of September ...... went to pick it up today .....  didn't fit:  too large  :)    Don't have "wet dreams" about bread anymore, (found a low carb substitute for bread). Have found NO substitute for potatoes.  French fries, baked potato, potato salad  ...   the stuff of dreams   .......  so,  share with me  ...... after stepping on the moon .... and all our accomplishments .... we, as a species can not come up with a viable substitute for potatoes??   No money for research?   Ok ... Ok ..... I support our men and women in uniform ..... NASA should receive funding .... cancer and AIDS should be funded and defeated, (they will be) ....   but we need to fund research for a viable potato substitute.  I think the future of our species hinges on it!!!!

<chuckling> .....  Susan is in re-nesting mode ..... you know .... that strange state of mind the female of our species gets into, (after watching hours and hours of "Changing Places" ...  and "Queer Eye for a Strait Guy" ...  modern environmental factors that seem to trigger some kind of genetic "re-modeling" response/instinct) ......  hehehe ... she is in the bedroom now,  painting our bedroom ..... she keeps asking me what color I like?  Talk about a "loaded" question!  I'm smart enough to know ...... there is no "right" answer .... so, I just smile and say ..... "Lover  ..... whatever color pleases you :)  .......  in my mind, I have this picture of God asking Adam how he's getting along with Eve .... Adam looks at God and says ... "Fine, Lord ..... but she's costing me an arm and a leg"  ...... <smiling> ..... God replies ..... "Adam,  she only cost you a rib and a short one at that  .....  keep perspective"  .......  I'm keeping perspective :)

Siting here editing these Ramblings ..... enjoying the smell of latex paint, cut by the sweet fumes of BBB.  Have Paul Stookey, "The Wedding Song"  playing in the background   ...  "the union of your spirits here has caused Him the remain  ....  for,  whenever two or more of you are gathered in His name .... there is love .... there is love."   Enjoying the smell because re-nesting  seems to make Susan happy.  It makes my heart sing to see her smile  ....  the sound of her humming along to "George Strait" while she paints  .....  is music to my ears.   It really doesn't matter to me what color our bedroom is   .....  could care less about the furniture:  the decor.  What matters is how good it makes me feel to see her happy   ......  is hearing her heart beating next to mine as we drift off to sleep  ..... my arms curled around her  .....  the smell of her hair   ......  how warm she feels   ........   <smiling>  .....  I'm keeping perspective :)

Be and sleep well, (the best there is, is on watch):  say a prayer/send good wishes to and for our men and women in uniform, our America and for each other  ......  <smiling> ......  and .......  hehehe ....... KEEP  PERSPECTIVE!  :)  If my post offends, I apologize  ....  that is not my intent.

Karl (the dumb ole country lawyer from Holden, Missouri)