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OCTOBER 3, 2003
Greets and Huggers.  Posted the evening of October 3, 2003. Absent a medical condition, there is no excuse for being overweight, (unless you choose to be). Period.  Have never met a "fat" person older than 70. Took the "Wide Load Sign" off my ass this past weekend and slipped on a pair of size 38 jeans. Changed the way I look at food..... changed the way and what  I eat ... not a "diet" ....  a life style change. As a species, our diet changed from eating dead stuff we could find and rummaging for kibbles, twigs and berries   ...... to complex carbohydrates, grains .... only 5000 years age. Through natural selection, ( Darwin: http://www.literature.org/authors/darwin-charles/the-origin-of-species/ ) our bodies evolved to convert kibbles, twigs and berries ....  into fat.  Gave us time to find dead things to munch on, (protein). Since we now don't have to wait weeks before finding dead stuff to munch on .....  we do not need to store as much fat.  Genetically, we are programmed to run on protein, supplemented by complex carbohydrates .....  not the other way around, (we are omnivores http://www.vrg.org/nutshell/omni.htm ).  From the Wednesday Kansas City Star, "....  the New England Journal of Medicine ...  reported that people on the Atkins diet lost twice as much weight in six months as those on the standard low-fat diet ...... Industry watchers say between  20 -30 million people in the United States are on low-carb, high protein-diets.  Atkins provides research that says 25.4 million have tried or are currently on the Atkins plan").  You have a choice to make  .......  die young, heart attack, complications from diabetes etc  .... or take a long hard look at yourself:  are you self medicating with food. Why?  If not, what is the underlying medical problem that needs to be addressed?  You know it isn't food that makes your life worth living.  Take a look at the people that love you ...... like your children ...... like your significant other .....  the passions you have  ......  the things you want to do and share.  Wanna live? Change your way of eating.   Get trim. 'Nuff said.

Invited Les S to Ft Timmerman for his 40th birthday.  Your 40th birthday is a hallmark, a sobering reminder ..... that the road ahead is as long/short as the road behind.  Time to take stock.  Time to think about what you can do to make a difference, pay your dues, (at least, that's what I thought about .... 15 years ago).   Les and I have been chatting/emailing about "guy stuff" .... riding our bikes, (hehehe  ......  my bike is bigger than yours :), drinking BBB, our diet, our wives, "stuff" and getting a tattoo.  Getting a tattoo?, (Susan has 8 .... <smiling> .... my Lady is a customized model :)  What tattoo would/should I get?  Think about it  ....... <looking you in the eyes>  .......  if you wanted to put a mark on your body ....... something to remind you of something really important to you .......   something you would never want to forget:   what would it be?  To me, for me, my first thought .... a small waving POW Flag on my arm .........  representative of persons I want to remember and have no one forget  ..... persons not come home to their loved ones ........  persons, by any definition ..... heros ...  persons,  important enough for I/you to be reminded of, every time we look in the mirror ........  still dwelling on that thought.    (And no, Les  ..... "Property of Hells Angles" on my ass, is out of the question!!!)  Love to have Les and Linda, (Linda is Les's Lady ..... met her at our "Family Reunion" last June ..... lovely Lady and the mother of Nina,
http://www.karltimmerman.com/nina.html ...... kiss her feet, Les!!!!!),  visit Ft Timmerman.   hehehe ..... would be interesting for all 4 of us to go and get a tattoo together  :)

Read on Monday in the Kansas City Star, (FYI Section),  that some "older" Ladies prefer to "date/marry" younger men, (like Demi Moore  ...  et. al.).  hmmmm ..... some "older" men prefer to date/marry younger women, (Susan is 15 years younger than I).  Geez ... guess that only reinforces my belief  that there is no accounting for taste  :)     Also have good and bad news for those folks in our little "family" that have had breast implants:  the bad news, according to the latest study reported by the Food and Drug Administration, folks who have had breast implants are three times more likely to commit suicide as the general population  ..... the good news is, if you don't kill yourself .... you get to live as long as everybody else.  Wonder what the stats are for Lady Lawyers with boob jobs?

This past weekend, floated down the Missouri with 3 dear friends, Pete Schloss, Jim Fluker and Steve Crain. Jim and Steve are "Eagle Scouts", accomplished canoeists  ..... Pete is an accomplished sailor 
http://www.mdschool.com/Reports-2000/norf-usvi/norf-usv_2000_reports.htm   and me, Mrs. Timmerman's little boy.  Enjoyed the hell out of spending time with men, who are at the height of their profession, (accomplished lawyers and mediators) ..... and spending time with men who have a great deal to share about their life experiences, their values, what they hold dear ..... and what a life worth living is about.  I learned a lot.  I am grateful to them for sharing their time with Mrs. Timmerman's little boy ..... and most important to me ..... the privilege of calling them "friend".  Took 126 pictures, posted a few at http://www.karltimmerman.com/river.html

Sitting here tonight at Ft Timmerman, editing these Ramblings, sipping on a 15 year old single malt, (Glenfiddich)  and thinking ..... the Scotch is OK ... but would prefer BBB.  The "diet" is going well, (bought myself a set of 36 x 32 jeans this week ..... when I fit into them ..... I'll go to 70 carbs per day).  The "diet" isn't a diet .... it is changing the way you look at food .... being aware of what you eat ..... being aware, that if you don't .... there will be hell to pay further on down the road.  Tonight, David Ransin will become "Chairman" of the Solo and Small Firm Practice Committee  ..... I thank Paul Henry for the sacrifices he made and I applaud the job he did.  Well done, Paul .... and Thank You! :)  David, as Vice-Chair ..... hehehe .... I hope I'm not in charge of procuring "entertainment", (at least, that's what I told Susan!)  I stand shoulder to shoulder with you to "Make the Difference".  I look forward to going to sleep tonight, as every night, next to the most wonderful partner a man can have .... I also know, our men and women in uniform envy me for that privilege, they also wish to curl up next to their loved ones and assure them that all will be Ok.  They can't ..... but we can.  Support our men and women in uniform .... support their families .... "Make the Difference" in their lives. Say a prayer/send good wishes ..... we will sleep well tonight knowing the best there is, is one watch. We owe them for their sacrifice .... a prayer is a small payment.

If my post offends, I apologize ......  that is not my intent.

A Warm Brotherly Hug to you and yours.

Karl  (the dumb ole country lawyer from Holden, Missouri)