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SEPTEMBER 19, 2003
Greets and Huggers.  Posted the evening of 9-19-03,  Would like to share with you what keeps me sane: Susan!!!, (what else could I possibly say!   :).  Although, I must admit ... the Damn Yorkies(2), the Damn Cats(5) and Daisy (one fat schnortzlehound) comes as part of the package. The Timmerman Family: http://www.chappysplace.net/sitemap.html
My faith, a belief that there is Order in our existence, with something in control ... like .... God ..... or providence ... or "the fates"  ... or be it whatever you choose to call it.  Can we agree there is order?  ....  or, if you do not believe there is "order" ... would you share with me the basis for your belief ?  Watched a special on Steven Hawkings last Sunday Night on PBS .... I am humbled by his intellect, what genius!!  What a remarkable human being.  Found the following quote particularly interesting:   "So long as the Universe has a beginning ..... there has to be a Creator".  Kinda what I thought. But then he continues and adds, "There may not be a beginning or end  .... the Universe just "is".  No "alpha" ... no "omega"? ..... (Ok, Ok .... I need to think about that.)
A belief that justice, ultimately, will triumph, over injustice, (history seems to bear this out  ... although it takes time).
Putting my life in perspective:  I am a very insignificant cog in the greater scheme of things but a POWERFUL force for making a difference/change one life at a time.  Waking up each day knowing, by the Grace of God,  I can do so.  I celibrate and give thanks for that.  Service .... is what makes a life worth living. Have a beginning and an end to each professional day.   Seems simple enough .. it isn't.  As lawyers, our day is a process ... we do not see a case beginning or ending in one day.... so when does a day end? It ends when you say/believe it does. Set the end of your professional day at 5:00 PM. .... the beginning at 9:00 am., Monday through Friday.  Course, there is "Night Court"  ....  traffic tickets ..... you damn well better charge a bunch, (I charge $200.00 for appearing and handling the ticket .... they are buying my time with Susan  ...   not that $200.00 is enough).   The rest of the week  ...  the rest of the time .... is yours, (THIS IS WHAT YOU WORK FOR!!!)  Take the time!  Use it to celibrate God's "tender mercies" .....  like your partner, your children, YOUR LIFE and the difference YOU make.  You DO make a difference!!  You do. No doubt! 'Nuff said :)

Governor Rod Blagojevich (Illinois) earlier this week announced that his State will consider buying prescription drugs from Canada, (one of the State's benefits is reduced cost pharmaceuticals).  Kansas and Missouri are also looking into it, even though it is a violation of Federal Law. A violation of Federal Law??  hmmmm ...... these are the same drugs, (hehehe ..... the same Viagra), manufactured in the US, under FDA supervision  ... which are then shipped and sold in Canada, (for less money, some, 80% less then what they sell for here, because their price is regulated by the Canadian version of our FDA).  Our Drug Industry argues that, reimporting these drugs would pose a health threat here, because the drugs may be outdated, spoiled or unsafe.   What an interesting argument:  doesn't it mean the Drug Companies are shipping outdated, spoiled or unsafe mediations to Canada? Guess ..... it could also mean Canadian pharmacists are morons.  As a practical matter, I don't think government employees should be able to buy discount Viagra ..... after all, don't they have enough of a hard-on for the general public as it is?

Burger King, (you know, the "Have it your way" folks),  announced they are adding three low-fat chicken sandwiches to their menu, (5 grams of fat, less then 360 calories  ... their Big Whopper has 770 calories and 45 grams of fat).  They are also adding a new burger meal:  it's called  ...  "Eat it our way or we'll kick your ass".  It has a "sour dough colon blow" bun, (posted the recipe earlier in the week) ... tofu patty .... and lettuce ..... lots and lots of lettuce. McDonald's responded by announcing a "Go Active " happy meal for adults, (salad, bottled water and a clip-on pedometer .... no kidding ... read it in the Kansas City Star this morning).  I'm sure the clip-on pedometer will do wonders for folks in the drive through.  Wonder what Hardees, Wendys and Sonics will come up with?  (Rumor has it Sonics will have a parking lot, two blocks away and make you walk to pick up your meal.) Interesting, isn't it  ....... the after effects of a lawsuit brought by some fat kids against McDonalds, (the suit was dismissed) ?

My dear friend Sherrie Hansen (
http://www.karltimmerman.com/sfigg-h.html ) has asked me to introduce her to the Missouri Supreme Court for her first "Oral Argument" on November 18, 2003.  What an honor!  I am humbled.  A special occasion for Sherrie:  and even more special for me  ......  (aside from the fact  .....  <smiling> .... (like Sally Fields) .... it means someone, (other than Susan, my Mom and Dad),  likes me :)   ......   I will have the privilege of witnessing a very good Solo and Small Firm lawyer, a member of this, my "family", pro bono, (the costs funded in part by members of this "family") argue a cause, before the highest Court in our State because it is the right thing to do.  Our men and women in uniform are fighting to preserve our way of life. They are heros.  Sherrie is also a hero.  She is fighting for our fundamental liberties, to ensure, that when they return ...... they will find the same America they left .... the same America they were/are willing to lay down their lives for.  For you and yours and for me and mine ..............  But then .... isn't that what we Solo and Small Firm lawyers do? WE MAKE THE DIFFERENCE!!  It is an honor and a privilege to stand shoulder to shoulder with you Sherrie, (leave the neutered goats home :)

Sitting here tonight at Ft Timmerman, sipping on an Orange Fruit2O, (with an ounce of rotgut Vodka) and editing these Ramblings.  Have dropped 13 pounds on the South Beach Diet.  After healing from her surgeries, Susan was a lot faster on her feet .... making her more difficult to catch .... I am happy to announce .... hehehe ... after dropping 13 pounds ... we are now pari materia  :)  Ho Che Minh 
http://www.infoplease.com/ce6/people/A0823874.html   opined that all you need to kill an elephant is a thousand small cuts. I read in the paper ....  small cuts being inflicted on our troops in Iraq every day.  Wonder what will happen when we hit a thousand?  'Nuff said.   All is well at Ft Timmerman. Been a hard work week ... but that's what keeps groceries on the table and treats for the critters.  The world is a dangerous place  ...  but here at Ft Timmerman we are safe.  I'm tired and look forward to curling around the most beautiful women I know and drift off to sleep ..... after saying a prayer for our men and women in uniform, Susan and I, for you and our America.  Ft Timmerman and you and I are safe because of the sacrifices made by those on watch  .....  keep them in your prayers/best wishes .... they have earned it.  Sleep and be well.

If my post offends, I apologize ...  that is not my intent.

A Warm Brotherly Hug

Karl (the dumb ole country lawyer from Holden, Missouri)