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SEPTEMBER 13, 2002
Greets and Huggers.  Finally received a case of BBB in ... was back ordered ... no one had any.  Guess the folks in Poland were on vacation. Nice to sit here, take a sip of BBB  ... and  relive the week.  Les .... I read your post .. went to the webpage  .... and almost had what little hearing I have left destroyed!  So, Les ... when you read this ... look out your window:   all those guys on rice burners, looking like "The Village People"  ....  <smiling> ....  I gave them your address and suggested you would like to ride them ... er ... ride WITH them ... ride WITH them.   Enjoy!!

Had the pleasure of giving Paul Henry and "Cousin" Rusty a hug today at the Fall Bar Meeting.  Rusty, Paul ... thank you for letting a fat old guy give you a hug .... in public  :)  Paul .... you are doing one hell of a good job as the Solo and Small Firm Committee Chair  ... but then you have tough shoes to fill:  Rusty is a hard act to follow  :)

To the folks on this list who represent "the will of the people"   ....    I'm not politically active ... frankly, have no desire to be  .... hehehe .... probably would piss everyone off.  Guess I have a tendency to say what I think. Who in their right mind would vote for someone like that!!!  Guess I'll resign myself to the fact that I'm diplomatically challenged.   (My father's definition of diplomacy is:  The art of kissing *ss without getting your nose brown.")  

Was sitting here thinking about the difference between "The Bar" meeting and our family gathering. Guess 90% of "THE MONEY" is represented at the bar meeting, (by the 10% doing the work)  .... 90% of the "Real Bar" ... solo and small firm guys like you and I, are represented at the reunion, (100% of the folks doing the work.)  Walked around at the "Bar Meeting" ... saw the judges visiting with each other ... paid my respects to the ones I knew  ... was somewhat surprised by those that knew me, (had a name tag  .... but, why would they know me??) ... and concluded  ....  we need to make some changes. The elected officials of our Bar Association should be folks who represent  US!! .... not "The Money".   You and I represent real people in real time ...  we are the back bone of the bar  ....  we are the foot soldiers of the Judicial Branch.  We are the folks that give our Judges the opportunity to do their most important job: .... enforce the contract we have with our elected officials.   It seems to me  ... the trend seems to be, (look at the new Johnson County Courthouse) ... for Judges to isolate themselves from the local bar  ... to become politically correct  ... to follow "The Money".  That frightens me.  Course, I'm just a dumb ole country lawyer from Holden, Missouri.  What do I know.

Still trying to sort out my feelings about 9/11. Nuff said.  I weep.

Susan is trying to figure out why I'm so angry tonight.  Don't know if it was Les's dumb ass post  ... the frustration of attending The Bar Association Meeting  ...  being 4 weeks behind in my workload, (taking two weeks off to attend my parents 55th wedding anniversary was a killer ... and coming back to the office computers being fried ... a lightning strike).  Just trying to catch up.


Think I will park myself behind the most wonderful Lady I know ... er ... grab a ...   hmmmm   ..  never mind ... and just go to sleep.

If my post offends, I apologize.

Karl (the dumb ole country lawyer from Holden, Missouri