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SEPTEMBER 11, 2002
Greets and Huggers. The evening of 9/11/2002. Sorry, but rereading this post, guess my "rambling" is pretty rambling tonight. Was emotionally difficult to write: was having all these different thoughts
... and feelings. Would appreciate your feedback: affirmation that maybe I'm not the only one feeling the pain of .... ? Had a hard time going to work today. Sat here this morning ... at 6:30am ... read the paper and remembered.

It's been a year. I watched the videos, the pictures .... and heard survivors accounts. It made me cry ... to see the widows and widowers' talk about their loved ones ... the babies that have been born ... by Moms who have lost their partners ... babies who will never know their Dads. It makes me angry. It makes me question my faith. How could a Just God allow this to happen? How could an All Powerful and Just God allow the murder of over a million Jews, or a million Cambodians ... or ... or ... or .... how long is this list? How long do we have a written record?

I remember Susan and I ... watching ... in real time ... the rape of innocents: the rape of our innocence. We sat, like you .... and watched in horror, the second plane strike the tower. We watched folks like you and I
... react in horror ... and, with them, we felt the fear ... the pain. We marveled at the pure courage of our Police Officers and Firefighters and folks like you and I ..... becoming heroes ... not for fame ... not for
fortune ... but simply because it was the "right" thing to do. Not in defense of some great ideal ..... but simply ..... to help the person next to them. Remember the images of plain folks helping each other down the stairwells of The Towers? Remember the look on the face of the Firefighter ... who was fighting his way UP the stairwell: no fear. Remember the interview with his family. You and I cried and mourned with
them. And with that came the realization that the noblest part of our humanity ... is our God given ability ... to confront our baser instincts, our fears ... and do what we must ... not for ourselves ... but for those standing next to us. "No greater love ......"

Last night I watched "Dateline" and saw the stories of survivors, their courage ... and those that were lost ... the impact on their families. What an incredible waste. What a crime against humanity by persons who hoped to do what? Make Americans' sympathetic to their "cause". They did not, nor do they have a clue what America and Americans are really about. They did nothing but, as Admiral Yamamoto noted after "Pearl Harbor" ..... "awake a sleeping giant ". We argue and squabble among ourselves ... like the giant diverse family we are ... like the brothers and sisters we are .... BUT, attack me or my brother or sister and you will have the whole American family doing their best to "put a boot up your a*s," (in the words of Toby Keith) .... and we will. To the enemies of goodness, love and tolerance for the dignity of all persons, male or female .... <smiling> ..... I promise .... "Red, White and Blue" ... will have new meaning for you :)

On 9/11, "Let's Roll" became the anthem of common persons put in the position of confronting evil. They did ... and saved countless lives by sacrificing their own. Heroes! The phrase "Let's Roll" is painted on the bodies of our warplanes .... it has become the battle cry of a Nation committed to confronting evil and injustice. It has become a prayer. "Let's Roll!!!" This "sleeping giant" has rolled over the "Taliban" ...
this "sleeping giant" ... will confront and defeat the remaining vestiges of tyranny ... of intolerance ... and the enemies of human Free Expression. Justice and Goodness, ultimately, does prevail. The likes of
Hitler, Stalin, Tojo and Pol-Pot, et. al. and what they stood for, were ultimately damned to the dungheap of human disgust: their very names reviled ... defeated by ordinary, honorable persons, of good will: a
testament to the human spirit. You and I live in a society which is a synthesis of the very best that every society on this Earth has to offer. But ... as human beings ... we individually and as a society remain a work
in progress. We will evolve to fulfill our potential.

I looked at the flags flying everywhere today. The "Stars and Bars" ... the stars, initially for our Thirteen Colonies ... and now the 50 States. The 13 stripes for our Thirteen Colonies ... the Red Bar for the blood
that was shed .... the White Bar for our purity of purpose ... and the Blue Bar for the valor it took to make our Founding Father's dream ... a reality. I marvel at the number of persons who have followed "Old Glory" into battle to preserve the liberties, of their family, friends and neighbors. Isn't that what "Old Glory" symbolizes? Freedom? The willingness of ordinary persons, Americans, like you and I ... to stand
our ground against those that seek to enslave our "free will". Isn't "free will" ..... Gods' ultimate gift to us all?

Sitting here tonight ... so grateful to our men and women in uniform ... most citizen soldiers ..... folks, willing to die for their family, friends, community ... for our America ... willing to die for you and I.
I want to make sure ... when they ETS, (return home to their families and become civilians again after serving our country) ... they do not have some person walk up to them and say "Welcome home, BabyBurner". You and I will not let that happen, (as it did to some of us) .... this is a different time ... this is a different America. We have evolved and grown as a family.

I never read my "Friday Night Ramblings" to Susan, (hehehe ... she was really surprised at our family reunion at the Lodge ... when confronted with some of my "ramblings") ... but this "Ramblings" I wanted to share with her. (She just gave me a hug and a kiss and we just held each other for a while.) This "Ramblings", I want to share with you because you are the only folks, solo and small firm lawyers, who can ensure that the freedoms we enjoy ... are the freedoms our men and women in uniform return home to.

Tonight, I do not apologize if my "Ramblings" offend. This is what I believe. I respect and will defend your right to dissent.

I hope you will accept a Warm Brotherly Hug from Susan and I, from Ft.

Karl (the dumb ole country lawyer from Holden, Missouri).