These are the Ramblings of a small town, (Holden, population 2,700), Missouri, country lawyer. They contain my random thoughts and observations on current events and my life and experiences in the Solo Practice of law.
Compiled here are the Ramblings for 2002 - 2006.

I have decided to finish my legal career serving the citizens of Johnson County, Missouri as their Associate Circuit Judge.  I ask for your support. 


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September 11, 2001

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Greets and Huggers. Posted the evening of September 8, 2006. I guess it's an ongoing debate between health advocates who want to disseminate as much information about human sexuality, (even to our children), as possible and social conservatives who want our/their children protected from them doing so. GRIFFITH, INDIANA (AP) -- Cervical cancer vaccine changes 'the talk' for many parents. "What they thought would be a routine physical for her volleyball team found 14-year-old Amanda Zaborowski and her mom facing a big question: Did they want Amanda to get a new vaccine that would protect her against the common and serious sexually transmitted disease HPV, or human papillomavirus? ... Some parents, particularly those with preteen girls, are wondering just how much information to share. Do they simply say it's a vaccine against cancer and leave it at that? Or should they also explain that HPV is a sexually transmitted disease that, among other symptoms, causes genital warts?" Here in our America, invasive cervical cancer will kill 3,700 of the 9,700 women diagnosed this year ... and an additional 40,000 women will be diagnosed with non-invasive cervical cancer. Even more will have positive PAP Tests and have pre-cancerous cells surgically removed. Prior to 1955, cervical cancer was the most common cause of cancer death in women ... but with the introduction of the PAP Test in 1955, cervical cancer fatalities have decreased by 74%. Human papillomavirus can only be transmitted sexually and therein lies the conflict "between health advocates who want to use the shots aggressively to prevent thousands of malignancies and social conservatives who say immunizing teenagers could encourage sexual activity." I have no doubt it is a tough call for some parents and an easy call for others .... but I don't understand why? There is a vaccine that will protect and prevent your kid from coming down with cervical cancer and/or genital warts, should your kid chose to have sexual relations. Why would getting the vaccination be a factor, in your kid making that decision? Like your daughter will be "making out" with her boyfriend, (you know, the one you want to kill) ... and she is thinking ... "well, I can't come down with vaginal warts or cervical cancer, so I might as well do it?" Wouldn't a greater factor in making that decision be the moral character of the child? Something you, as their parent, have spent the past XX years nurturing? Wouldn't the children of social conservatives, (God fearing, church going, family values centered, home schooling Moms and Dads), be less likely to decide to engage in premarital sexual relations? Or would they? BRATTLEBORO, VERMONT (AP) -- Teen nudity exposes town's bare-bone rules. "Public nudity isn't new to this bastion of bohemia, but it usually bares itself in more subtle places than the downtown parking lot. This summer, a group of teenagers has disrobed near restaurants, bookstores and the town's many galleries, igniting a debate about whether Brattleboro should ban a practice long tolerated until now ... A music festival promoting nudity and rebelliousness set up in May in a downtown parking lot attracted nude hula hoopers ... "It's just an act of freedom," said 19-year-old Adhi Palar. "We're just doing so because we can." And they do. Then factor in:   NEW YORK (Reuters Health) -- Teens often skip condom use. "Many teenagers and young adults fail to use condoms consistently, regardless of whether they have sex with a serious or a "casual" partner, a new study suggests. Researchers found that among more than 1,300 15- to 21-year-olds, those with casual sex partners had unprotected sex just as often as those in serious relationships -- about 20 times over the previous three months, on average."   Given a simple risk analysis,   share with me any logical reason for NOT immunizing your daughter?  Is there one?

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (CNN) -- American al Qaeda: U.S. should convert to Islam. "A new videotape has surfaced featuring Osama bin Laden's second-in-command, Ayman al-Zawahiri, and an American member of al Qaeda wanted by the FBI, according to a counterterrorism expert. The tape, called "Invitation to Islam," runs 48 minutes, expert Laura Mansfield said. Al-Zawahiri speaks for about 4 minutes on the tape, and the American narrates the rest. ... "We invite all Americans and believers to Islam, whatever their role and status in Bush and Blair's world order," Gadahn says. "Decide today, because today could be your last day." In response, radical American Christian Fundamentalists issued their own invitation: convert and accept Jesus as your personal Savior,   (even if you are an al Qaeda member),   before that 2,000 pound, bunker buster bomb, hits your cave,  and by the way,  "Jesus Loves You."

And then the next "superfood"? .... BBC NEWS -- "Fruit Viagra" "The goji berry is the latest so-called super-food name to trip off the tongue and into the mouths of health-food evangelists. Small, red, dried, and a bit like a savoury cranberry, the nutritionally-rich fruit is making the leap from specialist store to supermarket. Pronounced "go-gee" , they're supposed to contain, weight for weight, more: vitamin C than oranges; beta-carotene than carrots: iron than steak. But there's no messy peel, and the berries are so light that a "daily serving" is just 10-30 grams." 10 - 30 grams is about a handful. If you do a "google" for "Goji" or "Wolfberries", you will find that munching them will cure your cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, psoriasis, grow hair ... ad nauseam ... <whispering> .... Ok, Ok, Ok ... so I ordered some.

BBC NEWS - 'Virtually untreatable' TB found. "A "virtually untreatable" form of TB has emerged, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Extreme drug resistant TB (XDR TB) has been seen worldwide, including in the US, Eastern Europe and Africa, although Western Europe has had no cases ... A recent survey of 18,000 TB samples by the US-based Centers for Disease Control and the WHO between November 2004 and November 2005 found 20% of them were multi-drug resistant and a further 2% were extreme drug resistant". [Note: most cases are still in India, the former Soviet Union and China]. The list of bacterium resistant to current antibiotics is growing at an alarming rate, ("Natural Selection" at work ... or if you believe in "Creation Science", the Creator is hacked off at us! ). We now have antibiotic resistant STD's ... and common bugs, like Staff have evolved into flesh eating bacteria ... for us to deal with ... again. And we have Avian Flu on the horizon. Things are not looking good, absent a concerted effort on our part, to circle the wagons ... and make some changes in how we view these tools. We can not continue to use antibiotics as a shotgun solution.  They are tools, not solutions.  Our bodies immune system remains the first line of defense.  Has been since we made it as a species. Unfortunately, somewhere along the line, we started relying on external enhancements,  (antibiotics),  to have individuals survive ... abusing antibiotics has resulted in mutated bugs and has, perhaps, resulted in weakening our collective immune systems. We can not as a species defeat natural laws, "natural selection" remains one. Sorry.

My Dear Friend Jeff L wrote, "It's a very interesting problem this thing we call euthanasia. A woman can abort her fetus (because she has control over her body which is constitutionally protected), but that same control will not allow her to prematurely end her terminal condition. The best she can do is say, "Don't feed or hydrate me." So as long as the terminally ill aren't proactive in ending their life, it is okay." A painful and difficult issue. In Gonzales v. Oregon, (a 2006 test of Oregon's "Death With Dignity Act"), our Supreme Court found, "The CSA, (Controlled Substances Act), does not allow the Attorney General to prohibit doctors from prescribing regulated drugs for use in physician-assisted suicide under state law permitting the procedure." In the rest of our American, a terminally ill patient can only refuse food and water, (see the CRUZAN case, holding there is no "Right to Die".) In my May 28, 2004 Ramblings,  I wrote: "Yesterday, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals slapped down Attorney General Ashcroft: he can not hold doctors criminally liable for prescribing lethal doses under Oregon's "Death With Dignity Act",   (see WASHINGTON et al. v. GLUCKSBERG  et al).  In Oregon, if you have a fatal disease, six months or less to live, (independently verified by two separate physicians and after a psychological examination to determine competency), upon your request, your doctor can prescribe medications which allow you to choose your time of death. God gave you FREE WILL, to make individual choices about your life ... about your body ... the most fundamental of which being your right, when the time comes, to choose how to die. What right does ANY person have to take that choice away?  The voters in Oregon have twice chosen not to do so  ... " My opinion has not changed.

And for the person looking for a new pickup truck: the Ford F650.  With a Caterpillar C7 ACERT 7.2L Diesel engine and an incredible 13 mpg, at 70 miles per hour ... it is guaranteed to draw attention away from your inadequacies/shortcomings.  Feel secure in the knowledge, that no HUMMER driving bully ... will kick sand on you again! And in an example of bureaucratic craziness:   BEIJING (China Daily) -- China orders epidemics to be reported within 2 hours. "Doctors and grass-roots health organizations in China are required to report epidemics within two hours of their discovery, according to a newly revised regulation released by the Ministry of Health (MOH). The revised regulation states that medical organizations at county level, including private clinics, are responsible for reporting epidemics to the local health department." So share with me ... how do you recognize an "epidemic" .... so that you can report it within the 2 hour time limit/frame? And the best legal defense of the week:   BBC NEWS -- "'Goat-free roads made me speed' "A Swiss man caught speeding on a Canadian highway has blamed his actions on the absence of goats on the roads. The man was caught driving at 161 km/h (100mph) in a 100 km/h (60mph) zone. A traffic officer's notes said the Swiss driver had said he was taking advantage "of the ability to go faster without risking hitting a goat".  Boy, the Swiss are an inventive people, aren't they!!  Imagine ... they use goats as speed bumps.  How clever is that?!!  Sure would make me watch my speed, (not to mention, all the money they are saving by not having to mow the roadsides!!) And finally:    PORTLAND, Oregon (AP) -- Police: Nurse, 51, kills intruder with bare hands. "A nurse returning from work discovered an intruder armed with a hammer in her home and strangled him with her bare hands, police said. Susan Kuhnhausen, 51, ran to a neighbor's house after the confrontation Wednesday night.  Police found the body of Edward Dalton Haffey 59,  a convicted felon with a long police record." Ms. Kuhnhausen  is 5' - 7" tall and weighs 260 pounds.  Mr. Haffey was 5' - 9" tall and weighed in at 180 pounds.  He had numerous convictions,  including conspiracy to commit aggravated murder, robbery, drug charges and possession of burglary tools. The loss of a human life is always tragic ... but some is less tragic than others.  Rumor has it, they will perform an autopsy ... to determine if Mr. Hatley was straggled or smothered ... <whispering> ... if I were a betting man ... I'd bet on smothered.

Sitting here editing these Ramblings, sipping on some Port and watching the evening news.  Have a full weekend of campaigning planned, (including the "Celebrity Waiter Dinner" for Johnson County United Way, tomorrow night), then the Johnson County Rodeo afterward. Had the Chillhowie Fair Parade last Saturday. My Dear Friend Rabbi Cukiekorn came out from Kansas City with his two daughters and walked in the parade with me. If a persons wealth is measured by the fidelity of his friends, I am indeed a wealthy man. I am so grateful to all of you, who contributed to my campaign. Money is tight for everyone, especially for those of us who are Solo "trench lawyers", representing the "little guys".  I am well aware,  the contribution you made,  is a sacrifice.  Susan and I thank you from our hearts.

What really makes me wealthy, is the love of my Lady ... Susan.  She has been shoulder to shoulder with me, an equal partner, during this whole campaign. I could not ask for a better partner, lover and most important: Best Friend. Our Dear Friend Corinne C commented once ... "If Karl cuts his finger, Susan bleeds.." She would. Tonight as I go to sleep curled around my Lady, I will give a prayer of thanks for being able to do so ... and a prayer for the safe return of our men and women in uniform, (care to join me?) .... <whispering> .... Please, Please, Please, God ... let them come home safe and soon! Be and sleep well ... the best there is, is on watch so you and your family can. If my post offends, I apologize ... that is not my intent. My intent remains what it has always been: some comments/ramblings on the human condition to, perhaps, make you think and chuckle. As always ...

A Warm Brotherly Hug

Karl (the dumb ole country lawyer from Holden, Missouri)

"Timmerman for Judge Campaign Committee": http://www.timmermanforjudge.com/

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