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Greets and Huggers. Tried a custody case in the "new" Johnson County, Missouri, Court House yesterday. The "old" Court House has some miles on it .... but ... it was intimate: you could stick your head into theJudge's Chambers and visit ... the Circuit Clerk .. was "right there" ... the "attorney's lounge/bar library" was right next door to the JudgesChambers/Office ... and coffee was always brewing ... and you could always find folks sitting around talking ... about a case ... about the law ... local politics ... touching each other's lives and hearts. The jury room was old ... you could almost hear the echoes ... of twelve
persons ... "tried and true" ... arguing about the guilt or innocence of a defendant. Guess times are a'changing:
www.karltimmerman.com/jury.html. Just a thought .... maybe ... when "new" court houses are being planned ... perhaps ... members of the local bar, (trench lawyers), could participate? The trend seems to be ... for whatever reason ... to isolate our Judges from the most important tie to professional reality they have: the solo and small firm guys representing real people in real time.

Read my little brothers' post and responses, (Karl D is one of the most gifted lawyers I know ... know him personally having spent some time ttogether ... in the "Shark World" .... a "Great White"!! :) ... but was somewhat perplexed. Is there an obligation to make your opponent's case? .... geez ... of course not. Is there an obligation to not mislead ... opposing counsel ... by representing that your client will be there ...
and then hiding him/her? <shaking his head> ... Does anyone have a doubt about the answer? If you do ... please call me .... and make some time to spend at Ft. Timmerman. May save your career.  Susan hopped on "Zelda" today ... took a ride ... hehehe ... Susan was not impressed ... hmmm ... don't have a clue about what "Zelda" felt.  A motorcycle is like a "general aviation aircraft" ... no room for error. Unlike a "general aviation aircraft" ... if you make a mistake ... you can still be an organ donor.

We are getting close to 9/11. Cannot believe a year has gone by. We are still at war and will be for a while longer. Guess there are still folks out there that want to kill you and I. Still don't know why.  But do know this: all of my fellow Americans, serving you and I, in uniform, will not return home to an America that has less civil liberties, less personal freedoms than what they left and what they are willing to die for. I know you and I will ensure that. You and I have that obligation, that duty, to our men and women in uniform. They will not have tonight ... what you and I have ... the pleasure of holding and snuggling up to the thing we hold most dear ... our partner, best friend and lover.

If my post offends, as always, I apologize

Karl (the dumb ole country lawyer from Holden, Missouri.)