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Greets and Huggers.  Posted the evening of September 5, 2003.  Spent the week, (after watching the "XY Factor" on the "History Channel" on Sunday Night),  trying to understand the social dynamics of "sex"  ...... <sigh> ....... an incredibly complex subject. No doubt, we all know the plumbing .... but have you ever taken the time to think or see how other folks view it? .....  Watched my Mom turn off a movie, on DVD,  because she felt "embarrassed", uncomfortable, watching the sexual content ..... of "Shakespeare in Love" .... 7 Academy Awards ...... yet, my Mom turned it off  ... refused to watch it.  Same for "Chicago".  Why?  "Karl-Heinzi ... it is embarrassing for me to watch."  .... "Mom .... its a great movie .... 7 Academy Awards"  .....  "Karl-Heinzi,  I don't want to watch it."  ....  "Ok, Mom". So share with me .... do you ask your Mom to explain why?  ....  <sigh> ......  Not this chicken!  I'm 55 years old, pretty "weathered" but still can not picture my Mom and Dad having ......... you know ..........  sex.  (My hang up, no doubt!!)

On Tuesday evening I watched a "Nova" on PBS about biological weapons. Frightening!  Trying to understand a mind that would unleash something like anthrax or small pox.  Could kill millions indiscriminantly, unchecked.  There are folks out there that can develop synthetic DNA, genetically engineer new germs .... designed for only one purpose .... kill.  There are folks are out there trying to do it.  They have the funds and the time.  It will happen:  the only thing that keeps me from p*ssing on my socks is the realization that I'm old ... and probably won't see it.  But must admit, I'm frightened. 'Nuff said.

Read the "Atkins" posts with interest.  Seems, like me, some in our "family" have found it necessary to deal with increased weight, (I added overload springs to our bed and toilet  ......  <smiling> ..... nothing worse than sitting down and blowing a "wax ring"  ...... or collapsing slats!!)   Really appreciated the feedback, both public and private but must admit ..... the penalty for living past 21 is a bitch!!  Guess there comes a time when you evaluate your life style .... realize that the road ahead is shorter than the road behind.  We all get there.  Seems, as time goes by .... you give up all those wonderful vices you gained access to when you turned 21  ... until there are none left ..... none left.  Wonder  ...... what does the "quality of life" look like with no vices?  Guess .... it's like eating lunch at the Holden Community Center .... food with no salt ... no spices ..... nutritious ..... sustains life ...... and really, really bland.  Wonder, is there a point when you sit down and choose between life the way you want to live it ...... and life?  Wonder, do you even get to make a choice   ......  taking into account, the only ..... the only bottom line choice in life is:   to live or not.

Tried a case day before yesterday, (under advisement) .... helped my client negotiate a "Co-Parenting Plan" that both Mom and Dad felt comfortable with ..... then Mom's attorney raised the issue of "child support" and "attorney's fees".  In the early 90's, Dad (my client), was a shit .... got hooked on Cocaine .... lost everything ..... went to jail.  Mom divorced him, (default ... hard to go to court if you are in jail .....  was ordered to pay $1k per month in child support, (while in prison)   ..... decree modified while Dad was in jail  .... no contact with children).  Dad was released in 1997 ... rehabilitated, (drop tests and psych eval at Mom's request) ... and filed a pro se motion .... to visit with his children.    Mom filed an ex parte ..... it was dismissed.  I filed my entry in 1998.  When Dad got out of jail and got a job, he started  paying child support again, (reduced his child support arrearage from $40K + to less than $14K).  From 1997 to 2001, Mom made demands, psych eval, drop tests etc. ... Dad complied, (at his own cost) ... and .... still no contact with his kids).  In 2001, after finally getting before a judge, (after many "Motions for Trial Setting" .... a set aside default .... and bunches of other crap) .... the Court Ordered Mom, Dad and children into integration counselling.  Now, Dad is back in his kids lives.  Most important to me:  these kids have a Dad back in their lives.  So share with me, (I understand there is no legal correlation between a Dad spending time with his kids .... and the obligation for Dad to provide financial support) ...does a dad being Ordered to pay child support while being refused any access to his children make sense?  Does it make sense for a Dad to be forced to fund a college education, while the recipient of this benevolence refuses to have any contact with him?  Missouri is the only State in the Union that guarantees a college education for the children of divorced parents ....... go figure ....... <shaking his head>  ...  still trying to understand Justice Limbaugh's opinion in Kohring v. Snodgrass  999 S.W. 2d 228 (En Banc 1999).  'Nuff said.

Watched the "Latin Grammys" on Wednesday night.  Had this overwhelming desire to learn how to speak Spanish.  The commercials were in Spanish  ..... got this craving for salsa .... and chips. Love the music .... love the culture, (other than the macho sh*t!) .... love the food .... and admire the Latin commitment to family.... "La Familia". Latino's are now the largest minority in my America ..... <smiling> ...... I welcome their input  ..... we, and my America will grow and be enriched.  Another wave of immigrants ... my America will continue to grow in it's cultural diversity  ..... <smiling> ...... the best there is, is here, making my America better :)  Relax .... integration takes time ... takes understanding .... takes acceptance and appreciation of the diverse way we view this reality.  Our reality  :)

A hand gun is a poor choice for home defense.  They are relatively silent, difficult to handle, difficult to aim, the round can penetrate walls and frankly, you are much more likely to harm yourself with it than an intruder.  A better choice is a slide action shotgun like the Mossberg "Cruiser #50450",
http://www.mossberg.com/pcatalog/Specpurp.htm 20 gauge, 18 1/2 inch barrel, pistol grip instead of a stock, six rounds, when chambering a round, it makes a sound that is universally recognized ......  and on a still night .... carries for miles  :)   If necessary, you can also use it as a club.  Course, like my dear friend Pat Reynolds .... you could maintain a pack of vicious, ankle gnawing, miniature wolves, (they think they are), wearing Yorkie suits.

Sitting here sipping on some BBB, editing these Ramblings, glaring at the "South Beach Diet" book I bought at SAM'S today and thinking about the "Capital Punishment" posts.   In January I wrote: "I personally find the taking of human life morally offensive:  yet there are times when it is "justifiable". Not "right",  not "moral" but "justifiable".  "Justifiable" in the sense that there are times when you must take life,  in order to preserve life."  My opinion remains unchanged: [
http://www.karltimmerman.com/R011703.html ]  ...  given a flawed system that can not guarantee guilt, I have not seen nor do I see a valid argument that justifies the taking of a human life in a "Capital Punishment" context. Susan has been dancing around the house .... a bag full of grins ..... and pointing out  ....  the "Football Season" starts Sunday.  Watching football, for me, is about as exciting as sitting around watching flies screw. But must admit, (bought Susan the NFL package on DirecTV), watching Susan watch Football, makes my heart sing.  ......  hehehe .... guess I'll have one singing heart on Sunday!!!!!   All is well at Ft Timmerman tonight, (still debating buying a still ...er ...... to make a "fuel supplement" :)   ..... pickles, "Kosher Dills",  are fermenting, (the few folks I have given samples to rave about how good they are and how much they taste just like the dills they used to get at "The New York Deli" here in Kansas City ..... if you want the recipe, no cooking, no canning, just plain old "Kosher Dills" in 5 days .... email me).  Will drift off to sleep tonight, curled around the most beautiful .... hehehe ..... "spousal unit" ..... a man can have ..... hell ..... the most beautiful woman a man can have!  I will say a prayer for our America, for our men and women in uniform, (for their safe and quick return), for your well being and a prayer of thanks for Susan being a part of  .... THE most important part of .... my life.  Be and sleep well, the best there is, is on watch tonight.
If my post offends, I apologize .... that is not my intent.
A Warm Brotherly Hug
Karl  (the dumb ole country lawyer from Holden, Missouri)