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AUGUST 29, 2003
Greets and Huggers.  Posted the evening of August 29, 2003.   Sat here last Saturday night and watched "Cops", (Susan was watching the "Chiefs").   Had a segment where they were arresting Lady folks for "offering to perform crimes against nature:  $100.00".   Interesting.  Just what is a "crime against nature"?  Who is the complaining witness?  Who is the "victim"?  hehehe .... have this picture in my head ..... Mother Nature on the witness stand .... pointing at the defendant  ..... "Yes ... that's her!!  She was going to perform a crime against me for $100.00!!"   ......  Defence attorney: " Ma'am, what crime did the defendant threaten you with for $100.00?" .... "Well, she was going to perform an un natural act" ..... "An unnatural act"?   ....   "Yes, she didn't get to do anything  .....  but I was told she was going to allow him to &%^$^ her *&^&^% with his ^&%& while ....  while she hummed "God Bless America" and that's unnatural!"  .......  "Ma'am ... er .... humming "God Bless America" is unnatural?"   .....  " No ... No ... it's humming "God Bless America" WHILE doing the other stuff ... that's disgusting and un natural!"  .... <chuckling>   ......  hehehe ... was going to give some graphic examples of disgusting behaviors  .....  but deleted them .....   Point being ... if honorable people can disagree about what is normal, isn't it just as likely that honorable people can disagree about what is natural?   Doesn't that give 51% of us the ability to criminalize actions that the other 49% of us may find "normal" or "natural"?  ......  <smiling> ..... isn't that the state of the law?   Isn't it time to celibate the inherent diversity of our humanity by celebrating the fact that my natural or your normal may be different?  :)

The garden at Ft Timmerman is doing really well.  Tried something new this year:  mixed some Viagra in with my Miracle Grow, (for fertilizer). Have had mixed results.  The tomato plants are growing strait and stiff:  all without a basket.  My cucumber vines are climbing right up and over the wall.  The cucumbers themselves seem to be coming in much larger and longer than normal, (little concerned about how well they will pickle:  they are so damn hard).  My garden hose has gotten so stiff, I can no longer roll it up .......  and it is disconcerting to see how "hung" some of the bugs in my garden have become, (frankly   .....  it's making me homophobic  .....  you have any idea how dangerous a mosquito with a "woodie" can be?)  I think next year, I may include an estrogen supplement.

Why is it that we, as a species, at some point evolved a drive, a need to "understand":  a need to find meaning in chaos. A need to find patterns in random chance.  How is it that we as a species seem to be unique in this regard?  May very well be, that we, as a species, over time, became so successful as omnivores,  we actually earned the luxury of seeking meaning:  at some point we did not have to spent every waking hour finding food and shelter.  We evolved to procreate, "out of season", engaging in sexual relations as a communal binding process. Yet, the increased complexity of social behaviors required increased rearing/learning time:  required the commitment of both parents and the support of extended family/clan,  to ensure survival.  At some point our species became aware enough to seek meaning for it's place in the several hundred miles that comprised the universe:  an explanation for the difference between a living thing and something that was not.  As our universe expanded, our species created Gods to explain the difference between things that were alive and things that were not.  To seek permission and appease the spirit of that, which was killed for food.  Wonder what God was doing while we evolved ?  We evolved, and at some point, after declaring that we were created by God,  in His image,  we started killing in His name  .......  not only food  .....  but each other, systematically.  Interesting that males of the most defenseless species engage in mortal combat, kill,  for access to food/ shelter/ females, while males of species which can kill with a bite or the slash of a claw, engage in ritualized combat  ......  sad, but as a species, we have become lethal enough to necessitate ritualized combat in order to survive, as a species.  Where do we evolve from here?

On August 28, 1963, 40 years ago, Dr Martin Luther King made his "I have a dream speech"  http://www.mecca.org/~crights/dream.html Watched a special on ABC last night about Dr. Martin Luther King  ....  what a remarkable man.  What else can or need be said.  Justice is justice, then and now.  Injustice can only prevail when ordinary people do nothing: refuse to act.  When ordinary people turn a blind eye.  When, for example, ordinary people stand by and watch the parental rights of neighbors terminated by agents of our state, based upon the capricious and arbitrary judgment of a social worker or a system insensitive to the plight of poor parents.  Injustice will prevail when solo and small firm lawyers, stop doing what they do:  represent ordinary people, stand as a shield and bring the actions, provide the defense, fight the good fight, like Atticus Finch in "To Kill a Mocking Bird",  
http://www.lausd.k12.ca.us/Belmont_HS/tkm or my dear friend Sherrie Hansen, http://www.karltimmerman.com/sfigg-h.html   ........  Sherrie, fighting DFS,  pro bono.  Made my heart sing to see this, our "family" join together, once again  ..... and support one of our own: one of us fighting for social justice.  Sherrie, there are over 430 "family" members, standing shoulder to shoulder with you   ..... <smiling>  ..... and one dumb ole country lawyer  ..... with his arm around you for support, (should you need it).   'Nuff said .... let's dance!

Sitting here tonight at Ft Timmerman Tech Support, sipping on some BBB and editing these Ramblings after spending the afternoon working on my Dad's computer.  (Received a call at 6:30 pm. last night  .... "Bubula .... my computer is not working !"  ....  7:30 this morning ... my Mom and Dad are standing on the doorstep of Ft Timmerman Tech Support).   The computer is fixed.  My Mom had a chance to taste the "Timmer Pickles" ..... cooking in the 8 gallon crock ..... she approves.  Used Kosher salt for the brine .... and prayed over them ...... so the "Timmer Pickles" are about as Kosher as they are going to get, (my dear friend David L. had a sample yesterday .... his advice ..... "Stop praying over them ..... won't make them any more Kosher").  Got an email this week suggesting I'm too explicit in my descriptions about the love I have for my Lady, my Susan .... <smiling>   ...  Dude,  read "The Song of Solomon",
http://www.fourmilab.ch/etexts/www/Bible/Song_of_Solomon.html .....  add a little spice to your life  :)   Have my Mom and Dad here tonight at Ft Timmerman  .... so grateful to them for the sacrifices they have made for me and my brother and sisters.  Will have a hard time filling their space ..... when the time comes.  In the mean time, I will just go to sleep next to the most wonderful Lady a man can have .... say a prayer for our men and women in uniform, for my parents, (a prayer of thanksgiving), for you and for Susan and I.  Be and sleep well ..... the best there is, is on watch ..... and soon .... soon, I pray they will have someone else watching over them, while they drop off to sleep next to the one they love.
If my post offends, I apologize .... that is not my intent.
Karl  (the dumb ole country lawyer from Holden, Missouri).