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AUGUST 22, 2003
Greets and Huggers.  Posted the evening of August 22, 2003.  Feel really stepped on!  Wanted to buy a still and make my own "wienbrandt", (distilled wine ... brandy) from the grapes and apples I grow at Ft. Timmerman.  It is against the law to own a still for the purpose of making your own "sipping" alcohol. Went to the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms web site http://www.atf.gov/alcohol/info/faq/newfaqbackup.htm#s10 and was dismayed to learn I can make 200 gallons of beer per year, (two adult household) and 200 gallons, (64 quarts per month) of wine per year, (two adult person household) ... but can not legally own a still, as noted by the ATF FAQ: "You cannot produce spirits for beverage purposes without paying taxes and without prior approval of paperwork to operate a distilled spirits plant.  [See 26 U.S.C. 5601 & 5602 for some of the criminal penalties.]  There are numerous requirements that must be met that make it impractical to produce spirits for personal or beverage use."  .....  geez .......  It is against the law to own a still?  Why?  Some folks who enjoy "wienbrandt" or a "single mash" and they can't make their own?  (Even if it's cheaper to go down to your local liquor store and buy a bottle .....  hehehe .... and as Susan points out ..... isn't it cheaper to buy a bottle of pickles than make your own?)  So, instead,  you can get on-line and buy a still or buy one locally for "water purification" or to produce a "fuel supplement" or just build one?  This is just plain stupid. So ... at a time where we live in fear of the next terrorist attack, (and there will be one), where we need to use scarce Federal resources keeping guns out of the hands of felons and enforce the stifling gun control laws we have in place .... we need to use Federal resources to investigate and prosecute some putze who is making his own "wienbrandt"?  Like you can't get just as fried drinking the 200 gallons of wine or beer you legally produced?  Times and technology have changed.  I would rather use Federal resources to provide a Federal Health Insurance Plan, mandatory,  with rates based on probability factors, like, how overweight you are, whether you choose to smoke, whether you choose to drink and whether you choose to marry, (irrespective of the sex of the parties) ..... based on the risks folks choose to take.  The "other side of the sword" of personal freedom is and remains "accountability":  you should be free to choose ..... and be held accountable and pay for your choices. On the issue of "home stills', doesn't it make more sense to a have a separate "home use" license, ($100.00 per year), for small non commercial stills? (like this one: http://www.revenoor.com/revenoor_003.htm ).  It would produce additional revenues and allow nut cases like me to play around with making our own "wienbrandt", legally.  Course, I could always buy a still, legally, to produce alcohol, as a fuel supplement for my 16 mile per gallon Durango or distill drinking water.  Stupid.  'Nuff said.

"The Smell of a Woman" .... Susan walked by me earlier in the evening ... noticed her smell ... her "scent" ... the "smell of a woman":  my Lady :)  My Lady sure does smell nice  .... sure makes the sap rise in this old Oak :)   .....   hehehe .......  In spite of 1 Corinthians 7: 1: " .... it is good for a man not to touch a women."   I look forward to touching my Lady :)   Course, it's not good for a man to touch anything in a "sexual" manner  .......  hehehe ..... including himself .....  wonder why so many men need to wear glasses these days?   Guess, in a Christian framework ....  sex is for procreation ... the only sex sanctioned by God:  the only sex permissible?  (Why would God even care about what we do with our plumbing  .....  provided we do not cause harm to another?)   Is there a difference between sex for procreation ... and sex as the ultimate form of intimate communication/sharing/expression of love between human beings?  Don't know.  But do know this:  we communicate in the form of a "public" persona, (how we want to be viewed by acquaintances, neighbors and associates), a private "persona", (how we want to be viewed by friends and family) and an "intimate" persona, (where, how we are viewed does not matter because we have been accepted  ....  we are, who and what we really are, stripped of all social pretenses, all niceties .... (display or make, disgusting biological noises ... skid marks in our shorts ... squeeze pimples ... [do you really need other examples?]  .... shared with our "life partners" and "soul mates").  If God's ultimate rules are:  "Love God above all else" ... and "love one another" ...... isn't sex between a committed couple the most intimate, ultimate communication/sharing/expression of love?  Ernest H said (paraphrased):  folks "quit looking" when they find what they want to find.  I haven't: guess I haven't figured out what I want to find.  Thank you for sharing your wisdom, Ernest  ....... hehehe ... now give me the answer ...   what is it that I'm looking for .....  what are we all looking for :)  'Nuff said.

My dear, dear friend Joyce K commented earlier in the week about my and the BDT's, (Bradley Dream Team's), part in helping change the law on the administrative modification of judicial orders: "Somehow, it seems that the path to righteousness is getting harder, steeper and longer these days.  But, there always have been and always will be those among us who take up the chalice and do not rest until they return with the golden fleece." Thank you for your kind words Joyce  :)    ..... but, like you and Matt, I'm the norm:  we fight the "good fight" every day.  Folks that do that are called "Solo and Small Firm Lawyers", folks like you and me.  Isn't that why,  we elected to become lawyers, like "Atticus Finch" in "To Kill a Mocking Bird" ....  because we can and do     .........    Make The Difference!?  :)

Wonder how many of our elders, who own their own home, living on a fixed income, have to choose between eating ..... and buying their meds?  Didn't they make a social contract with our government for  "Social Security"?  .....  they paid in their premiums,  all their working lives, (a forced choice ........... hmmmm   ....... except for Federal Employees  ... wonder why Federal Employees were exempted?)  ...  and our government promised to provide basic human needs, a safety net, some income when they retired.  Isn't life saving medication a "basic need"?   How is it possible, that the greatest, richest society/nation  ....  ever  .....  reneged on this promise?   Isn't a contract a contract?  Isn't a promise a promise?   Don't know:  but do know this, there are folks having to choose between eating and buying their medications, (at prices higher than any other nation on this earth  ......  some, even take bus tours to buy their meds in Canada!!!!)   .......  <shaking his head>  ......   Obscene!!!!

Had the privilege of giving my "sister", Anne Gardner a warm brotherly hug today, in Sedalia, (her picture in the SFIG Family Album,
http://www.karltimmerman.com/sfigg-h.html does not do her justice  .....  <smiling>  ..... such lovely eyes  .... and smile ......  and "perky"  ......  she is a lovely Lady, indeed) .... then spent the day with her brother Scott on a "road trip", doing some "checking" for my dear friend Fred Cruse.  Learned how to do a "title search" from Scott, met the Police Chief and some of the cops in Cole Camp, Missouri  ..... and frankly  ...... just, enjoyed the hell out of spending time with one outstanding young lawyer.  (To the older "FINS" out there  .......  rest assured  ..... the younger "FINS", behind us, will carry the "flag" well  ......  they will carry it very well indeed!)

Sitting here at Ft Timmerman, (munched on some "pickled herring" earlier ..... Susan is avoiding me ... for some strange "Southern" reason, she does not want to kiss me while I have "pickled herring breath" .....  go figure .....  I would still kiss her if she ate "grits" .... <shuddering> .... and had "grits breath" .... guess there is no accounting for taste.  Editing these Ramblings, checking links and trying to figure out how to change the law so I can legally make my own brandy.  Read the "Yiddish Dictionary" compiled by Les S., read the "Yiddish" jokes .... laughed my ass off and forwarded them to my brother-in-law, (Thank you, Les  ... hope I didn't step on Paul H's or David D's toes by assigning you a task  .....  which by the way, you completed very well, indeed .... I have printed out and sent to my Dad  ......  hehehe ... so he can communicate more effectively with my brother-in-law ..... hehehe .... a disappointment to his mother .... he's only a PhD ..... instead of an MD  :)   All is well at Ft Timmerman tonight.  The pickles are curing ... the old fashioned way ..... some of our men and women in uniform are coming home .... and I will curl up next to the most beautiful Lady I know ..... and while drifting off to sleep tonight, I will say a prayer for them, for my Lady, for me ......  and for you.  Be and sleep well ..... the best there is, is on watch.
Karl (the dumb ole country lawyer from Holden, Missouri)