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AUGUST 15, 2003
Greets an Huggers.  Posted the evening of 8-15-03.  Been using Eudora, http://www.eudora.com/ for a week now ..... (and EarthLink IM) .... after dumping AOL.  Love it:  better than anything AOL or MS Outlook has to offer. Only reason I get on AOL now is to delete the 15 -20 spam emails I get.  Will keep my AOL account if only to use it when Susan and I travel, ($9.98 per month).  Dump AOL and Outlook and get an email client that works, (will cost you $39.00 if you do not wish to look at advertisements  .... I don't). Period.

My dear friend Ernest Henning wrote, : " Seek and you will find. What do you find? Exactly what it is you are seeking. . . be it loopholes, contradictions, excuses etc. If you sincerely seek spiritual truth, you will find it. It was promised.   When we find what we think we want, we stop looking. . . the old trick question "why is it that whatever I'm looking for is always in the last place I look?" . . duh. . . that's when you quit looking. Sometimes we quit looking too soon."  I write these Ramblings to share my thoughts on various topics,  I have not "quit looking" ...... and hopefully cause the 16 - 20 folks that read these Ramblings to examine what they believe to be true.  Truly enjoyed reading my dear, dear friend Shelley B posts on "soul":  "I would respectfully suggest that it isn't the "soul" that obtains immortality in Christian theology,  it is the person.  What I mean to say is that the Bible promises resurrection of the dead on the day of reckoning."  So, is it possible to have a "soul" without a resurrected body, (just what are you while you are waiting to be resurrected?)   .....  Is it possible to have a resurrected body without a "soul"?   ..... <smiling> .... aren't the answers self evident?  BTW:  Gender may not have any meaning on "the day of reckoning", a resurrected body may not have any gender plumbing, Mark12, 24 - 27.  If so why should our "plumbing" matter now?  :)

"As to your suggestion that an all loving God could not possibly reject homosexuals because they are two soul mates - I suggest you read your Bible more carefully - There are many examples of God's wrath being brought down on many - including his chosen people - as a result of their actions." I have. Indeed, an angry and punishing God, under the old covenant .... but what about His promise to Noah? Share with me examples of God's wrath in the New Testament?  So God gives us freedom of choice but turns us into "pillars of stone" if we don't choose right? So a person that engages in "fornication", (sex between unmarried individuals and some sexual acts between married couples), is doomed to hell?  (I'm one dead SOB!!  .... was somewhat of a rascal in my youth).  Does that really make sense to you, (not me being a rascal in my youth)?  Share with me which portions of God's "old" law were rescinded by the "New Testament" ...... hehehe ........... or the "Book of Mormon" .. or any of the dozen or so versions of the Bible floating around?  My point being, we all have equal value in God's eyes, (perhaps repentant sinners more so) ... we are unique .... we are created in His image  ...  we are all part of His plan.  Perhaps a gay Bishop is part of His Plan? Wonder  .... if that which animates physical being, that which you call "soul" ...... isn't it in all living things/beings?  If the criteria for having a soul is being created in His image, does the female of our species have a soul? (A question often posed by my male divorce clients!)

"I disagree with you.  The portions of the old law that were set aside when the veil was rent in the temple were those that led to atonement - because Jesus became the final and ultimate sacrifice."  Atonement?  Does that mean we can break all the other Laws because we are forgiven?  Ok, but must admit, I love a good honey cured ham and lobster.  Don't you? All that stuff about menstruating women .... women after child birth .... food preparation .....  (Leviticus makes interesting reading)  ......  Is that part of "atonement"?  When a dear friend asked if "Anglicans" believed in the "Ten Commandments" I was puzzled.  Aren't they the corner stones of the Christian, Jewish and Muslim religions? They are and will remain so:  we can not change history.  These issues are a question of "faith" and "belief" ..... honorable persons can differ, (except Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses and ... and .... <fill in which ever Christian Sect you don't agree with> ...... are obviously wrong ) ......   and I adamantly state, Shelly B,  is my friend, a person I admire, respect and hold in the highest esteem, (not to mention, she does some mean "fried chicken" and "deviled eggs"!!!  :).  And we both agree on this: "Salvation is personal between each person and God". I don't believe either of us has "quit looking".

Pleases me to no end, that my dear friend David Ransin has been appointed the new chair of the Solo and Small Firm Practice Committee, (Lord knows I do not have the time ... nor the desire).  Paul Henry carried the flag honorably and well, I dip my FIN to him:  a job well done, Paul!  Thank you, Paul  .... I give you a Warm Brotherly Hug!, (would give you a "schnortzle"  ..... but only the French do that to other men!  :)  David, I consider you a dear friend, an honorable person and capable of taking and knowing you will take, the concerns of 70% of our Bar to heart: the Solo and Small Firm Lawyers .... and  .....  <smiling> ... the SFIG ... our little "family". I would stand shoulder to shoulder with you any time. 'Nuff said :)

Read the "little injustices" posts with interest.  Cops illegally parking in front of the Court House.  Questioning,  whether Cops who park illegally will, perhaps have, a greater probability of perjuring themselves.  Cops breaking "the Law".  Is it wrong?  Yes.  So how many of you drive 55 mph all the time?  How many of you leave the labels on your mattresses? How many of you .... geez ..... releave yourself in public places?  Think about all the "ordinances" you break on a daily basis.  Then share with me if that makes you more likely to lie under oath? Character remains character: there are some lines honorable persons do not cross, (a good thing  .... er ..... have some reservations about p*ssing on the tulips ..... nice thing about BBB ..... unlike beer ..... you own it: not rent it :)   Been looking for a "single malt" to try and enjoy  .....  will let you know what I think after sucking on one.  Folks like me, at our age, live in a world of lighter shades of gray .... we come into this reality seeing "black and white",  .... we hit puberty and everything turns into some shade of gray  ...... as we age ... at some point ... everything turns back to "black and white", (and it is time to check out).

Decided "A Warm Brotherly Hug" does not convey a sufficient feeling of warmth, closeness and sense of "family" .... so .....  I invented a word "schnortzle".  defined as a warm hug with a "peck" on the cheek. Use it or not :) 

Watched "Queer Eye For a Strait Guy" on NBC last night.  Interesting, (must admit, I laughed my ass off). Susan watched "Football", you know .... the game, loosely modeled after "war", (there is NOTHING endearing about "war") ..... where a bunch of really big guys jump on each other ... and grab each others ass afterward, while folks watching, drink beer, eat hot dogs and cheer.  Susan is really looking forward to watching the up coming games.  I look forward to watching Susan.  hmmmm ..... maybe if they served BBB at the games  ....... 

All is well at Ft Timmerman tonight.  Sitting here in air conditioned comfort, sipping on some BBB and editing these Ramblings.  Corinne C sent me a copy of her mother's old cook book with a good pickle recipe, (Thank you, Corinne :)    Pat R. gave me her mothers old pickle crock, (try finding one!!!) and there are pickles cooking in the crock, (found an old cold pickle recipe), pickles should be ready to eat in about 4 - 6 weeks.  Susan is updating her "Meeting at the Rainbow Bridge" web page  .....
http://www.chappysplace.net/bridgefriends.html ... contains pictures and stories sent to her by folks who have lost their pet companions:  I can hear her sniffling in her office.  Lisa, send Susan a picture of Shelby.  Susan is, without a doubt, the most gentle soul I know. I would crawl over broken beer bottles, on my bare stomach ..... just for the privilege of holding her as I went to sleep, (and tonight, as I drift off to sleep, I will pray,  I may do so the rest of my life)    I will pray for the soldiers and their families  lost this week.  I will pray for my America .... and you.  Be and sleep well knowing "We, (Solo and Small Firm Lawyers) Make the Difference"   ....... and knowing the best there is, is on watch.  If my post offends, I apologize .... that is not my intent.
Karl (the dumb ole country lawyer from Holden, Missouri)