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AUGUST 10, 2002
Greets and Huggers. "Tim" Mellitz is a guest at Ft. Timmerman tonight .... sipping some BBB and comparing and sharing some "history" ..... (can almost hear "Old Blue Eyes" crooning "When I was 17 ... it was a very good year ... it was a very good year ... for small town girls and soft summer nights ... we'd hide from the light ... on the village green ... when I was 17 ....."). Guess that ages me ...a tad ...... <smiling> .... but some great memories.. <chuckling> ...... geez .... hard to remember being 17 ... was 1965. Same year I became a naturalized citizen ... of our America. Two years later I was invited to join the United States Army. I stayed in an extra year ... and in 1970 ... turned 40. It's not the years that age .... it's the mileage.

Was really glad to see my good friend ... "THE Bollinger" ... receive recognition for being the poet he is. [<handing Gary a snifter of virtual BBB> .... I consider and am proud to call you my friend.] Enjoyed sharing some of my views in the "Puppy Shark" thread, (will post some more thoughts). There are so many members of this "family" that have such great wisdom to share .... hehehe ... and there are so many "puppy sharks" .... that have so much to learn, if they are to flex their FINs and survive. Thrilled me to see "Poppa Browning" chime back in :)

Bought a motorcycle yesterday:
took stock and decided I better do and enjoy, while I am still young enough to do so, (all these 60 and 70 year old folks keep telling me 55 is young. Guess it's relative). "It's not the years that age ... it's the
mileage" .... I've got a few miles.

Tim has headed off to bed .... Susan has completed her evening chores, (cleaning litterboxes) .... and the Yorkies are roaming around looking for an ankle to attack .... and I'm just sitting here visiting with you.
Thanking God for his "tender mercies" ... and being so very grateful to live in our America .... to have and be able to share with such great friends .... my small world ... and to have the most wonderful Lady to curl myself around and drift off to sleep. All is well in Holden tonight.

I wish the same for you.

Karl (the dumb ole country lawyer from Holden, Missouri).