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AUGUST 2, 2002
Greets and Huggers. Sitting here reading the comments about the formation of a village ... and the reference to "The Village People". I remember reading, that many of "The Village People" died of AIDS. Sad to realize ... twenty years down the road .... a quarter of the folks living in Africa will die of AIDS .... AIDS is reaching epidemic proportions in China .... <sigh> ..... Why? AIDS is a self limiting disease ... folks who get it die. You can only get AIDS by exchanging body fluids with someone who is infected .... so .... (ever read "The Scarlet Letter"?) ... wonder what our Founding Fathers would think about forcing folks who have tested "positive" for AIDS, have a red "A" tattooed on their fore heads? Certainly is a "compelling state interest" .... isn't it? Isn't it the duty of our government to protect us from our shortcomings? .... like doing drugs?, (smoking) ... like paying for a ladies pleasures? ..... hmmm ... er ... or a man's pleasures, (there are he-whores from what I'm told) ..... geez .... do men even have pleasures? At what point did we decide, as a society, that we will not hold folks responsible for their behaviors? Enjoy or suffer the consequences of the choices they elect to make? Don't know the answer.

When did it become necessary to have a village raise a child? Thought family did that.  The village of Israel still seems to think they can stop suicide bombers .... with a massive display of military force. Suppose if the Palestinian people had a massive army .... it would impress. Sure doesn't impress a 17 year old with five pounds of C4 strapped to her breast and the will to die as a martyr. What .... are .... they ...... thinking?

Susan had "pinstripes" painted on her "Cruiser" today. 
(http://www.karltimmerman.com/cruiser.html) Must admit .... it looks good!! (even if the "Cruiser" is a piece of sh*t Neon with 10K of extra sheet metal). As an aside ... the guy that did the work is an ARTIST!!!  "Eric .. 816-313-1648".

Can hardly wait for my Honda VTX1300. Jim Hoke rode his bike to Court today ... spent a few drooling over it!! ... Nice bike ... Jim is a really good guy ... a gentleman ... a young lawyer who has paid his dues .... period.

Susan is in her office, waiting for me to sign off .... and go to bed ... she is calling for me .... <taking a sip of BBB> ... what rational human being would not sign off and curl themselves around the best friend they ever had ... the sexiest Lady .... er ... hmmmm ... I'm outa here :)

Karl (dumb ole country lawyer from Holden, Misouri)