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AUGUST 1, 2003
Greets and Huggers.  Posted the evening of August 1, 2003.   Read the posts for the week .....    hehehe ... enjoyed the "Whiskey" posts ").  Must admit, the posts about "Single Malt Scotch Whiskey" peaked my interest.  Spent an evening reading http://www.dcs.ed.ac.uk/home/jhb/whisky/index.html http://www.charm.net/~kmarsh/scotch.html .... and http://www.scotch-whisky.org.uk/.  Interesting:  was not aware that the Highland Scots migrated from Ireland.  Was not aware that there is a difference between "Highland Scots" and "Lowland Scots", just as there is between the "Highland Germans", Bavarians, (Catholic Southern Europeans) and the "Lowland Germans", Prussians, (Protestant Anglo Saxons).    I always thought the "Highland Scotts" .....  wearing them "kilts"  ...  were just  "Irish" transvestites, (what do they wear under their "kilts"?  .....  hehehe  .... boxer shorts ...  http://www.scotchcorner.com/)  Guess if you were of the female persuasion .... you'd look for the guy with the longest hem on his "kilt" :)  BTW:  a quality "kilt" is made out of 8 yards of 13oz Braeriach tartan and is held up by a belt. A "sporran" is the leather pouch and the Agian Dhub is the black dagger.

Have had "Scotch on the Rocks":  didn't realize that a "true" scotch drinker would never have "Scotch on the Rocks"   .....  a single malt should be sucked down like a "weinbrandt"  .... a or "Calvados"  ...... no ice .... a dribble of water ....   (seems the older I get ... the dumber I become because I become aware of how little I know.)   I love BBB ... over crushed ice ..... you sip a little into your mouth, with a piece of crushed ice ... and let both melt in your mouth.  Discovered that for true "Scotch" drinkers, sipping Scotch is a religious experience!!  Oh .. and TCF:  there are three Campbell Clans, the Campbell Clan,
http://www.scotchcorner.com/clan-crest/campbell.html , the Campbell of Breadalbane Clan http://www.scotchcorner.com/clan-crest/campbell-beadalbane.html and the Campbell of Cawdor Clan, http://www.scotchcorner.com/clan-crest/campbell-cawdor.html (all have a different crest  ......  hehehe  ..... two have a boars head and the third has a duck  ..... <smiling>  ..... must be the "Low Land" Campbell's!  :)

I know Les Steinberg is going to be envious .....  I now have a couple of "Biker Bitches" :)

Was unable to post the Ramblings last Friday night, (it is available at
http://www.karltimmerman.com/R072503.html ) ... my DSL Modem went down.  Spent a couple of hours on the phone talking to EarthLink Tech Support ..... until they found out I was a Sprint customer .... they then transferred me to Sprint .... then spent a couple hours on the phone with Sprint Support.  They informed me my modem was down.  Duh!!!  Concurrently, my webpage server went down.  'Twas a long weekend!! It amazes me how dependent Susan and I have become on email contacts, with family and friends. Wonder how someone who is computer illiterate can survive?

Sitting here sipping on a BBB and thinking about how similar the Scottish and Germans are. Both have their respective "Highland" and "Lowland" cultures:  the "Highland" Germans wear "lederhosen"
http://www.lederhosenmuseum.de/GBhomepage.htm (leather knickers), and the "Highland Scottish" wear "kilts".  I could go on talking about what my father considers "waldheini's", (I know Hermann's father will chuckle and agree) .... but would rather point out how fortunate we are to live in a Country where we only have to deal with "Southerners" ..... hehehe ..... and "grits" ...... <shuddering>  ...... (Susan loves them ....blech!!!)  .....  <sigh> ...... but then I love Susan .... endlessly.  Guess "grits", 3 dogs and 5 cats are part of the package.  I can live with that :)   As I drift off to sleep tonight, I will hold the most beautiful Lady a man can have, (even if she is "Southern" and eats "grits"), say a prayer for the safe return of our men and women in uniform, for my America, for you and for Susan and I.  Be and sleep well knowing that the best there is, is on watch.  If my post offends, I apologize .... that is not my intent.  As an afterthought ......  hehehehe  ....think I'll pass on "lederhosen" and kilts :)
Karl (the dumb ole country lawyer from Holden, Missouri)