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JULY 25, 2003
Greets and Huggers.  Partially posted the evening of July 25, 2003 and completed on the evening of July 29, 2003.  My Dad is my best critic.  In response to the last "Friday Night Ramblings", he wrote:

"Followers cannot "rock the boat" The world is full of those. Only a few are born leaders. Those are the ones that make the world work. The followers only fill in the blank spots." 

Want to be a "leader" or fill in the "blank spots"?  The Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel needs volunteers to serve on the committee that hears Bar Complaints:  a jury of one's peers, so to speak. There are several committees around the State.  From what I understand, it is a commitment requiring a couple of hours per month, at most.  Odds are you will not even be asked to serve.  ........ <Looking you square in the eyes>  ...  you will have a Bar Complaint at some time in your career:   you will be accused of violating some provision of our disciplinary code.    Do you want to be judged by one of the "silks"  ...  or by a fellow solo and/or small firm guy  .......  like you   ......  who knows what the practice of law is really about?  I have shared with you some changes that are necessary for our mental health, (notice, that a Bar Complaint has been filed against you, whether it's investigated or not and a statute of limitations for Bar Complaints).  Some of you have publicly "signed on" .... some of you have signed on privately  ..... some of you want to but don't want to rock the boat.  Maybe you just don't care .... or think you do not have the time  ......  or you believe you could never have a Bar Complaint.  I have had Bar Complaints, (all dismissed).  What makes you think you will not?  You may not agree about the particulars of an SOL ... we are still debating the pro's and con's  ......  but you have to agree, that, when that Bar Complaint is filed against you, you would rather be judged by a peer.   I would.  You want to stand with me, shoulder to shoulder and make a change?  Then volunteer to serve on this committee:  flood the OCDC with your applications. Prepare a short resume/vitae and send a short letter of interest to:
Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel, ATTN:  Ms. Maridee Edwards, 3335 American Ave., Jefferson City, MO 65109. Share with me what you have to loose  ...... <smiling> .... and think of what we all have to gain.

Read the "What Women Want" thread with interest.  Was going to make some comments about Freud's "Penis Envy" theory, but decided not to  ..... dawns on me that women don't have penis envy.  Think about it,  men only have one ...... women can have as many as they want ....... why would they be envious?  : )   In the late 70's, there was an on going debate about "nature" vs. "nurture":  that the differences between female and male persons were learned.  There was no physiological nor genetic component to behavior, (based on a series of identical twins studies  ....  identical biology, different life experiences  =  vastly different persons).  At the time, I was convinced that biology and socialization were interactive and person specific. Since then, studies have shown that male and female persons, (aside from having wonderfully different plumbing), also have brains that are plumbed differently.  Since then, studies have shown that male and female persons perceive given events differently, almost as if both see half of a given reality.  Yet, when both share what they see, with each other, together, they see the whole.  Ever wonder why the world looks so much better, brighter, more colorful and worthwhile when shared through the eyes of your significant other?   Guess it affirms what folks have known for thousands of years: seeing all of reality requires both male and female eyes.  Could it be that those who have had the greatest vision, Ghandi, Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, et al. viewed reality with eyes not blinded by corporal bias?  How else?

Don't know how to tell you this ..... but, how you are perceived by others, does not define who you are as a person. Whether you have in "innee" or an "outee", (male or female), the power to define who you are as a person  .....  is yours alone  .....  unless you choose to give it away or sell it.  My services, my labor is for sale ...  on my terms.  Me, myself and I .....  am not.

Read a post about declining to vote in the Board of Governors Election. Not enough information about the candidates.  Guess it boils down to "give me what information I want" or "I won't play".  I vote in every election, sometimes for a person, sometimes against ..... but I vote  ....  even when I don't have all the information I want.  I vote because I can see .... in my minds eye  ....  the faces of persons who have given their lives to ensure I can.  I mean no disrespect to those who choose otherwise  ........  but I will not denigrate the sacrifices made by better persons than I,  by engaging in some intellectual exercise I have not fully earned the right to engage in.   I vote.  'Nuff said.

This is the "homestead" of our "family".  This is where we meet to visit, ask questions, share information, frustrations, victories, defeats, sorrows and fears.  We have shared in the birth of new "family" members, (t
he New Dirkhaus) and have mourned the passing of others.  Any of our 429 resident "family" members can post what they will: voice any opinion, uncensored, subject only, to a post unanswered/ignored. Our format has remained unchanged: could we change the format to meet the needs of individual members without impinging on the needs of others?   I don't know. Do know this:  MoBar has listservs for just about all areas of practice, Family Law, Probate, Elder Law, Criminal,  ad nausium  ...... yet this "homestead" has more traffic, more residents, than the rest combined, obviously not because of the format  ......  but  ........  because of the contributions of the folks who make up this "Family".

Sitting here now editing the Ramblings but was out in the garden earlier watering the tomatoes
http://www.karltimmerman.com/t072603.html , cucumbers http://www.karltimmerman.com/c072603.html , grapes http://www.karltimmerman.com/g072603.html  and the apple trees http://www.karltimmerman.com/a072603.html .  Can't put my hand on it, but for me, there is a certain satisfaction in growing some of the food Susan and I eat .....  hehehe .... wish I could make my own BBB!!!  Walked Zelda http://www.karltimmerman.com/bike.html to Lexington earlier in the week, than strolled home on Highway 224 along the Missouri River.  Was listening to the "Eagles", "Hotel California" ...  had to stop and take these pictures: ........ part of the houses that were lost during the last flood:
All is well at Ft Timmerman tonight .... Tuesday evening .... my DSL is back up ... my webpage is back up .... Susan is calling from the bedroom :) .... (no comment about me being up :) ..... and the best there is, is on watch.  I pray for them ... and you. Be and sleep well.  If my post offends, I apologize ... that is not my intent.
Karl (the dumb ole country lawyer from Holden, Missouri)