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JULY 23, 2004

These are the Ramblings of a small town, (Holden, population 2,700), Missouri, country lawyer. They contain my random thoughts and observations on current events and my life and experiences in the Solo Practice of law.
Compiled here are the Ramblings for 2002 - 2004. 
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September 11, 2001
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Greets and Huggers.  Posted the evening of July 23, 2004. I need to quit smoking ... before I HAVE to. My father says it's easy, (he quit in his late 60's), "all you have to do is NOTHING".  Wouldn't it be great, if doing "nothing" is all it takes to solve a problem? (What do you think, "Just Say No" means?)  Sometimes,  that really is, all it takes. Think about it. "Nuff said.

Have been getting alot of mail about "Proposition 1", (an amendment to our Missouri Constitution), and seeing alot of TV advertising about a casino at Rockaway Beach, MO:  Proposition 1: "Shall the Missouri Constitution be amended to authorize floating gambling facilities on or adjacent to the White River in Rockaway Beach, Missouri, to be licensed and regulated consistent with all other floating facilities in the State of Missouri, with fifty percent of the state revenues generated in the current year to be used for uniform salary supplement grants to all high quality teachers employed in priority schools, and the remaining state revenues generated in the current year to be distributed to all priority school districts on a per pupil basis for capital improvements to education facilities?" Interesting,  Rockaway Beach has 577 residents.  "This constitutional amendment will generate annual direct gaming revenue ranging from $39.9 to $49.0 million for the state and $10.2 to $12.4 million for the local government, subject to local voter approval and licensing by the State Gaming Commission. The amount of indirect revenue or expense, if any, is unknown."  I think, maybe, this is not about the 577 residents of Rockaway Beach, (do you really think they have $39.9 to $49.0 million a year to spend?)  Doesn't it make you wonder, though, why the 577 folks living in Rockaway Beach need a "Constitutional Amendment" to allow these 577 folks, living in Rockaway Beach, the City Counsel of Rockaway Beach, to issue a permit or waiver, to open a new business, they believe, will benefit their community? Share with me how their potential wrong decision, (opening a Casino), will harm you and I, "we the people", any more than the Casino's already operating?  How will it harm the State of Missouri?  Let he who has never wagered cast the first dice ... <looking you square in the face> ... go ahead and tell me you have NEVER bet on something: "gambled"!! (Got news:  some believe, unless you repent ... you are going to "hell"!!) I remain of the opinion, legislating "morality", designating as criminal, behaviors,  whose only "victim" is the person engaging in that behavior, is arrogant, judgmental and immoral. How CAN "society" be a victim because of the personal choices of individual members of that society? Doesn't such legislation impose the "moral" views of the majority on the minority? Assuming that to be the case, share with me:  where is the line between "moral views" and "religious views"?  [See: "The (Im)moral Animal, A Quick & Dirty Guide to Evolutionary Psychology & the Nature of Human Nature", By Frank Miele]   As a mental exercise, suppose 51% of the folks living in your community, your State, are Fundamentalist Muslims, or "Fundamentalist Christians", as a result, your elected representatives are fundamentalist Muslim/Christians. They enact legislation consistent with their "moral/religious" construct.  What would your life, the lives of your children, look like?  Wait!!  That already happened!!   hmmm ... wasn't that what "Prohibition" was about?  :)   [For an interesting analysis of "Prohibion", see: "Alcohol Prohibition Was A Failure" by Mark Thornton, Mark Thornton is the O. P. Alford III Assistant Professor of Economics at Auburn University.]

The "Same Sex Marriage" debate continues.  It is puzzling to me.  Is the institution of marriage really that fragile? If we allow same sex marriages and the legal benefits inherent thereto, will your marriage fail?  Are you going to run out, dump your wife/husband and run off with Bruce or Brunhilda?  Do you really believe someone else's "sin" will condemn YOU to hell?  If God gives all of us "Freedom of Choice", who the hell are you to limit that choice? Seem to remember a phrase from "The Good Book" ... "Judge not, lest Ye be judged".  'Nuff said.

Pleases me to no end that I received a few private emails and phone calls about "
My Diet".   Some of you are getting motivated to get your weight under control.  A couple of you mentioned forming a support group to exchange ideas, recipes and most important ... encouragement. A good start.  "My Diet", isn't a "diet" ... it is about a change in the way you view food.  It is about raising your awareness about how and what you eat.  To quote my father:  "All beginnings are hard".  "My Diet" is not an exception.  The first two weeks are difficult:  The first two weeks are difficult:  difficult because you are weaning your body from quick and easy highly processed simple carbs, a "sugar high", that causes a blood sugar spike and resultant insulin spike ... to protein and complex carbs which are slowly converted into blood sugar.  50 years ago, as a nation, we were not overweight.  Just in your lifetime, as a society, we have changed from eating protein and complex carbs to eating highly processed foods.  As noted in my last Ramblings, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, by providing processed foods, is helping Native Americans eat themselves to death! On a side note:  I have purchased 3 pounds of Tepary Beans, (used to be part of the Native American diet, low carb, high fiber),  to develop recipes, (there are some cooking now:  a "Low Carb Baked Bean" recipe).   If you are interested in the recipes,  I will post them to the SFIG with * SBD * in the "subject line.  For that matter, maybe * SBD * can be a subject designator for those of use learning how to manage our weight with "family" support!!!  A way to share recipes, tips and reviews of weight reducing foods  :)

I dress my "Ladies" well ... well ... but not the Yorkies. Our dear Lady Friend, Pat Reynolds came out to Ft. Timmerman last year and showed Susan how to "fluff and buff" them.  My most favorite other "Lady",   "
Olga" has a new wood trim dashboard kit from Wood Dash Experts.  It was easy to install and looks great!! (Click "HERE" to see a picture.)  She continues to amaze me ... averages between 32 - 38 miles per gallon, (32 if you run the air conditioning) and is FUN to drive!!  Her only remaining "wardrobe" changes will be dual white racing strips, (AKA  Shelby  Cobra),  a rear spoiler and a Goodwin Racing air induction kit,  (will give her 10 additional horsepower and enhanced throttle response.)   She'll run like a "baby snake"!!! 

Sitting here editing these Ramblings, watching the news, (the smell of cooking beans in the air ... just tasted them ... Tepary Beans are about the size of
lentils ... and THEY ARE DELICIOUS!! ... geez, this is a good recipe!!!)  My dear Friend Gregg Larson and his son Chase stopped by Ft Timmerman today, on their way to the Lake ... he is a gentle man, very bright, a DAMN good lawyer and most important ... the "Daddy" of Chase, not just a father. Was heartwarming to see the two interact, (I dip my FIN to him ...  it is a privilege to call him "friend").  According to the evening news, today, we hit 901 Americans killed in Iraq.   I now read the names ... check to make sure Specialist Thorpe is not listed. (Please, please, please, God ... let them all come safe and soon!!)  I remain convinced, prayer works. Your prayers for Susan and I got us through a compression fracture of my heel, (Susan took such good care of me ... I think she loves me :) and her needle biopsy, (benign), a lumpectomy of three tumors, (also benign).   I am privileged to have the very best friend, partner, lover ... a "soul mate" a man can have:  tonight as I drift off to sleep, I will thank God for his gifts to me, to Susan, to you and our America.  I am thankful. Be and sleep well, be thankful and be aware that our men and women in uniform are keeping you and yours safe.  Thank them when you can!  I do.  If my post offends, I apologize ... it is not my intent to offend.  As always ...
A Warm Brotherly Hug
Karl (the dumb ole country lawyer from Holden, Missouri)