JULY 14, 2006

These are the Ramblings of a small town, (Holden, population 2,700), Missouri, country lawyer. They contain my random thoughts and observations on current events and my life and experiences in the Solo Practice of law.
Compiled here are the Ramblings for 2002 - 2006.

I have decided to finish my legal career serving the citizens of Johnson County, Missouri as their Associate Circuit Judge.  I ask for your support. 


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September 11, 2001

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Greets and Huggers. Posted the evening of July 14, 2006. Seems the time I have is "campaign" driven. Less than 4 weeks remaining until "The Primary". The political process continues to amaze me. I have chatted with many "main stream" Republicans and Democrats over the past few months. Each declares themselves to be either a Republican or a Democrat, yet all profess to "vote for or against an issue" ... and "for or against a person" ... and if unsure ... the "party line". Most amazing? I hear Republicans talking about increasing funding for social programs ... and Democrats talking about decreasing the size of government. Doesn't that mean there is no philosophical difference any more, between main stream, middle of the road, Republicans and Democrats? That raises an interesting question, doesn't it? Suppose you have a fringe and mainstream Democrat/Republican facing off in a primary. Suppose your party does not have a primary. Why would you not cross over and vote for the mainstream candidate, (assuming there is no difference between mainstream Republicans and Democrats?) Isn't that a win/win for all, (except the fringe element nutcases in both parties?) Perhaps, it is time to re-think the way we view our current partisan process .... <whispering> .... when the fringe elements of both parties run our America ... because they are so far apart . .. there is no room for compromise .... and they wind up spending two weeks debating a same sex marriage amendment ... and two weeks debating a flag burning amendment ... deadlocked on immigration reform .... and no debate on finding a way for 42 MILLION middle class Americans to afford health insurance. So share with me ... when did being a politician became a "profession" ... instead of an opportunity to serve?  And in related news: WASHINGTON (AP) -- AP Poll: Republicans in danger of losing Congress. "Republicans are in jeopardy of losing their grip on Congress in November. With less than four months to the midterm elections, the latest Associated Press-Ipsos poll found that Americans by an almost 3-to-1 margin hold the GOP-controlled Congress in low regard and profess a desire to see Democrats wrest control after a dozen years of Republican rule." So then we have more fringe members on the other side of the political curve. I really don't see how that will change anything. Change for the better can only come about, when our elected representatives represent the majority of their constituents, instead of the folks who made the largest political contributions.

Food for thought: One of the measures of a person .... is not his self confidence ... but his self doubts. Self doubt causes change ... self confidence causes arrogance.

NEW YORK (Reuters) -- Short legs related to excess weight and diabetes. "Being short and especially having short legs appear to increase the risk being overweight and developing type 2 diabetes in middle age, new research shows." Somehow that is counter-intuitive. If you have short legs ... doesn't that mean you have to move them more often to cover the same amount of ground, than a long legged person? Wouldn't that result in burning more calories? ... and wouldn't burning more calories result in weight loss? Guess that could only mean short legged persons park themselves by the fridge ... or their legs are so short, they don't walk: they roll to where they want to go!!

(AP) -- Video-sharing sites raise concerns over crude clips. "As if porn sites and pedophiles in chat rooms weren't frustrating enough for parents whose children use the Internet, now online postings of amateur video featuring skin and violence are raising concerns. The explosion in on-line video-sharing sites, where clips of any nature can be easily uploaded for the world to see, has become the latest challenge for parents trying to protect their children and for Web sites coping with obscene submittals." Doesn't this prove there is no substitute for parental oversight? And then, on the other side of the spectrum .... (AP) -- Parents can ease the transition for college freshmen. "After problems getting to class on time and difficulties with a roommate, Bobby Gwizdz told his parents he had enough. The freshman at Michigan State University wanted to quit college and come home. Life at a big university just wasn't for him. Psychologists call this the "dump call," a normal reaction to college life for some freshmen. Bobby's mother, Judy Putnam, who works near the campus and calls herself a "swoop in and save mom," admits she may have contributed to her son's difficulties in his first weeks at college. She drove him to class occasionally and intervened in the roommate crisis." If you have ever checked the derriere of most birds, you would find the claw print of their parents foot ... the physical result of have their butts kicked out of the nest. When I was a senior in high school, my father asked me one day. "Do you believe in God?"   I replied, "Of course, Dad!" .... "Good", he relied ... "Because when you graduate from high school ... that's who will take care of you." A short time later, with psychotic youthful bravado, (isn't that why we used to draft teenagers?),  I told him I was going to pack up my stuff and move out on my own. He smiled, looked at me and asked, "Close your eyes. What do you see?" ... "Nothing", I replied. "Good", he said, "That's what YOU own. It won't take you long to pack. Let me know if you need help." I didn't move out. There is an old saying, "Spare the rod. Spoil the child". I can honestly share ... my parents, didn't spoil me.

There was a debate this week on the SFIG about the appropriateness of "Maintenance", (what was formerly known as "Alimony"). There are good arguments pro and con. The fact remains, (in Missouri), "statutory" maintenance, (an open ended, modifiable, sum of money paid to a former spouse, terminateable only upon a showing that it is not necessary any more, death or remarriage), is seldom, if ever, awarded any more. The legal test being, the reasonable need of the getting spouse, (taking into account her portion of the marital estate and ability to become self sufficient) ... and the ability of the paying spouse, (after taking into account his reasonable needs and awarded marital debt load), to pay. Slightly more likely is an award of "rehabilitative maintenance", a sum of money, awarded for a short period of time, to grant a spouse the means to retrain and thereby become self sufficient. As a practical matter, both are disfavored. The good news: judges still have the ability to fashion a remedy based on the specific facts of each case and the specific "equitable" needs of the parties. Our courts, (given "Black Letter Law"), may not be able to dispense justice ... but they still retain the power to dispense "equity".

In the "Les Steinburg wants one" category: ( PopSci .com ) -- German designers unveil mutant motorbike. "You may not have room in your garage (or budget) for a dirt bike and a snowmobile and a four-wheeler. But what if one vehicle could take the place of all three? That's the idea behind the Hyanide. The Hyanide is a wild concept vehicle created by German designers Oliver Keller and Tillman Schlootz for the 2006 Michelin Challenge Design. This year's competition showcased vehicles made especially for California's diverse and often rugged topography ... the Hyanide is designed to run on a flexible rubber tread that spans the machine's entire underside. So if any part of the bottom is touching the ground, the Hyanide should be able to move, no matter how deep the quagmire, no matter how rough the terrain."   I will buy one once they offer a chain-gun option.

MONTREAL (AP) -- CouchSurfing.com wipes out. "For the last three years, thousands of travelers around the globe have used a Web site called CouchSurfing.com to find like-minded folks who would let them sleep on a couch or in a spare room so they wouldn't have to stay in a hotel when they traveled ... But the CouchSurfing.com Web site crashed in late June, and most of the data and user profiles were lost ... Supporters responded by creating temporary alternative Web pages, blogs and other online forums." So you get on-line and find some person ... in a galaxy far, far away ... who is willing to let you crash on their couch?  Maybe, if this were the 60's, when it was relatively safe to "hitch hike", "Free Love" ... actually was "Free", (not $29.95 at Walmart and not an odds on favorite for acquiring a fatal STD),  I'd think about it .... but today? ... <whispering> .... to all you "Intelligent Design" folks .... this is called "Natural Selection"!!!

Sitting here editing these Ramblings after a full day of trial, (contested modification), in front of the Honorable Judge Olsen, in Cass County. Dan was appointed earlier this year to fill a new slot. Even though the position was open, (it is an elected position), I can only surmise, as a sign of respect, no-one filed against him. Aside from being an old friend, Dan is a really good judge, having been a small firm guy all of his professional life. It was an absolute pleasure to try a case in front of him. I hope I can be half as good. On the evening news, in spite of unilaterally withdrawing from Lebanon and the Gaza Strip, (to show "good faith" in a search for peace), in spite of recognizing a Palestinian Homeland, in spite of, in spite of, in spite of ... every effort made ... Israel remains under attack. Iran continues to build a nuclear weapon and fund Islamic Fundamentalists. Syria, (and Iran), continue to support insurgents in Iraq. Islamic fundamentalists set off bombs in India, killing hundreds ... done by suicide bombers, folks seeking paradise. I have no problem with folks seeking paradise ... don't we all? I suppose my problem is with the way they choose to drag folks along, who are not quite ready to go. I have a modest proposal. How about we help them get there the easy way? Every organized religion, being the way they are, has a road map. How about we publish our own? An instruction book. Fill in the blanks: " Dude don't buy into this Alfa and Omega crap. There is no beginning and there is no end. I Am GOD, I always have been and always will be. Hawkings is a nice kid, very bright, (I made him, didn't I :) ... but only human. I will share the big picture with him soon ... BTW: have you considered the possibility that being created in my image ... you are all just a part of ME? Think about it!. You are. On a different note, _________, this is God. You have expressed a desire to get to paradise, (by the way ... stop the whining prayers ... I like the praising prayers better!!! I have done some really, really great stuff!! Made you, didn't I?) ... and screw around with a bunch of virgins. I hate to tell you this, all kidding aside .... Virgins are not that great. Mary, (the Mother of MY SON), can be a real pain in the ass. Keeps asking Me do do this and that, help so and so, change this and that. She means well, but doesn't understand MY plan. My SON does .... HE is ME. Hehehe ... try to make sense of that! Got news, dude. I AM the one and ONLY God, every one else is a franchise or running a scam. Mohamed, Budda were both nice kids. I revealed MYSELF to them. They saw me differently. So did a bunch of other folks I shared MYSELF with. Go figure. I need to rethink this ... freedom of choice thing. I will. Maybe I'll just clean this slate and start afresh. Did it once before. Any way, _________ you want paradise? Just snuff yourself and get in line ... BTW: the folks you kill are ahead of you. I'm having a problem with creating Virgins .... seems, most don't like being so and waiting around. Since they are also created in my image ... they are demanding the same treatment as males. Pain in my ass!! Never have understood nor cared about this "sex" thing! Just love ME as much as I love you.

Have had a very limited time to write the Ramblings. My opponent in a straw poll shows 15% me, and 35% her. Been working harder. I'm not a politician. Just a dumb old country lawyer. A legal alien ... wanting to make a difference. My Lady is here with me, supporting me .... and You, my Dear Friends. Thank you. Pray for our men and women in uniform ... I don't matter, they do.

As Always ...

A Warm Brotherly Hug

Karl (the dumb ole country lawyer from Holden, Missouri)

"Timmerman for Judge Campaign Committee": http://www.timmermanforjudge.com/

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Karl H. Timmerman M.A. J.D. 2006
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