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JULY 12, 2002
Greets and Huggers. I have the privilege of sitting here tonight ... enjoying the company ... of a good friend ... Gary .. (the virtual) Bollinger ... and a good snifter of BBB,  ( which I might add, has been amply shared)
http://www.karltimmerman.com/gary.html.   We decided to do a  "Ramblings" together ... the "ground rules being" ... I "ramble" ... he "rambles" ... :) Neither to comment or amend on the "ramblings" of the "other".

I was lured here by the promise of BBB.     I can assure you there has been no fraud in this regard. Karl is the only person in Holden Missouri to have liquor drop-shipped frm Baltimore.        [It was worth it]

Been a hard week. Argued Bradley attorney's fees, (had members of THE TEAM there ... Thank You .... and thank you all for the e-mails of encouragement!!) Guess THE FAT LADY has sung ... guess the outcome will
be the outcome ... and justice and goodness will triumph. It always does ... may take some time ... but I really believe it always does. You, (the members of the team), have made a difference ... in protecting the VERY
fundamental rights we enjoy .... in our America. For that ... you should be proud; wear your T-Shirts ... place your BDT Certificates .. where you can see them and remember ... you ARE part of a team of lawyers ... that
stood/stand up for what is right ... what is just ... and what makes our America ... worth dying for.

It was not the BBB that I came here for.  I came here to learn more of a man who reaches into the passionate core of his being and finds principles worth fighting for, in the court or on the field of battles too painful to remember, but with lessons that must never be forgotten. For injustice will not triumph if good persons act on their convictions. Karl is one example, the members of the Bradley Dream Team are another.

Read with interest the discussion about the word "niggardly". geez ... I was kidding about the "oath" ... I was kidding ... er ... but also think that "words" evolve. Does anyone really believe I'm the "Grand Schmeckle" of the KCK ... er ... that there even is a KCK? Does anyone really believe the "English" language NEEDS defending? (hehehehe ... other than the French?) .... Why would it? If the use of a word, or phrase, offends the listener at a "knee jerk" level ... why use it? What benefit is there in using it ... other than to offend? Would like to think we are all sensitive enough to the ancestral suffering of our brothers and sisters .. to not use phrases like ... "well, I Jewed him down" ... or ... hmmm ... don't even want to use any more examples. Wonder, is respect for our fellow beings a learned trait ... or .... something we need to work on ... on a day by day basis?

I feel oddly voyeuristic watching Karl work.   He pauses, head bowed in thought, seeking the right phrase, looking inward. An inspiration strikes him. He straightens, and, begins typing.   He is not a touch typist and the phrases come slowly with forefinger working hard and quickly. Words grow to phrases, then sentences       But the process is slow, and the Rambles of Friday night. like the Mill of Justice grinds on slowly. May the results of each be exceedingly fine.     

Susan is in the other room ... her office ... Gary and I ... sip on some BBB ... he types ... I type .. we have an agreement .. neither will comment on what the other types. Gary will go to sleep tonight ... in Fort Timmerman ... a wonderful friend: safe. I will go to sleep tonight ... next to the most wonderful Lady I know ... my Susan.

If my ramblings offend ... I apologize ... have no desire to make anyone feel bad.

On the morrow he may slay a dragon, But tonight his damsel waits...  http://www.karltimmerman.com/faith.html

Karl (dumb ole lawyer from Holden, Missouri)