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JULY 4, 2002
Greets and Huggers. Sitting here watching my America celebrate her birthday ..... on TV .... and listening to the fireworks, (the town of Holden, Missouri has a fireworks display :) As tight as money is.
In the KC Star .. today ... an article about the "freedoms" folks appreciate the most: the freedom to have a personal relationship with God ... or not. The freedom to hop on a plane and visit family .. without a permit. The freedom to keep a weapon in your home ...should you wish. The freedom to voice your opinion: to dissent .. if you wish. The freedom of not having your property snatched without "due process" of law .. a hearing ... hmmm ... now that one is somewhat problematic ... but we will set that right. The freedom of not having an agent of the State search your house without a warrant. The freedom ... the freedom ... geez .... what other nation ... on this earth ... has what we take for granted? I
am humbled by the thought ... of the shear number of folks who have given their all ... to preserve what we have ... and take for granted. The right to privacy ... the most fundamental of rights .. next to the
right of "equal protection" ... so fundamental ... our founding fathers did not include it in the body ... of the Contract we have with our elected representatives ...

I am getting ready to go to sleep next to my best friend, my lover, my  Lady ... with the right to "privacy" ensuring I need answer to no one ... how I slept.  I, like my America, am a work in progress .. we are both evolving ... a work in progress .... if my post offends: I
__________ Bless America, (I really am trying to get politically correct :)

Karl (the dumb ole country lawyer from Holden, Missouri)