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JUNE 29, 2002
Greets and Huggers. Gary B: as always, well done! (nothing more needs to be said ... er ... other than, after having read the "biker" posts ... dressing this worthless piece of sh*t .... in a "Little Bo Peep" outfit and introducing him to a 1%' er Pedophile Motorcycle Gang .... hmmmm .... can you picture what a 1%'er Pedophile Motorcycle Gang Member would look like ........ <shuddering> ......  ( How's that for "lawyer rage" :)  My "H. Freely Bear" is grinning at me ... frankly ... I'm getting worried about that.

Pat is absolutely right ... you really cannot gauge the "worth" or "threat" of a person by appearance ... <chuckling> ... watched a fellow .. about 5' 7", (a Seal) clean out a certain drinking establishment, (full
of Green Berets) .. in 1968 ...... the French Vietnamese Ladies I was/were with, convinced me ... that "love", (or "lust") was indeed better than "war" :) ...course at that age, I must admit, ... I could not tell the difference between the two. But then ... most folks don't know the difference between the two until they hit their 40's ..and by then ... it is too late. Only goes to show ... life has a learning curve.

"Lawyer Rage"? Do you really think that rage over injustice, real or perceived .. is limited to lawyers? Ask Irish Catholics .. or Irish Protestants ..or Jewish folks or Palestinian folks ... and folks in the Balkans? Angola? South Africa? ... the list goes on ... ad nausium. Persons of good will embrace goodness .. embrace their humanity ... and embrace those that empower their ability to embrace their humanity .... hmmmm ... makes me want to send some rubber gloves to Bill Clinton and some Dr. Suess Books to George W. Here is the reality: German folks in 1933 were/are no different than you and I. Their mind set was/is on their individual reality: their family ... their community ... loved ones and friends. That is what makes this group/family so invaluable ... we are not isolated ... we have access to what is happening beyond our circle of friends ... we have access to what is happening all over ... we have access to eachother ... a communal consciousness. We know what is right ... and what is wrong. That makes
me smile ... because it means .... ignorance, intolerance ... misinformation ... all of the tools of the darkside ... are rendered ineffective!! :)

A good friend, someone I respect and hold dear .. mentioned .. that I should not make comments about watching MY Susan's breasts rise and fall as she slept ... the pleasure and privilege I felt watching that ... the LOVE I feel for my Lady, my Best Friend, my Partner ... the person who makes my life worth living ...... well ... don't and didn't know how to respond to that .... but ... do know this: ... Plan on spending the rest of my life, curled around her, smelling her hair while I sleep, feeling her body next to mine ... grabbing a .... er ... hmmmm ... whatever .. and waking up next to the Lady , that for some strange reason likes Yorkies ... er ... not you Pat! .. no offense. :)

Karl (the dumb ole country lawyer from Holden, Missouri).