JUNE 23, 2006

These are the Ramblings of a small town, (Holden, population 2,700), Missouri, country lawyer. They contain my random thoughts and observations on current events and my life and experiences in the Solo Practice of law.
Compiled here are the Ramblings for 2002 - 2006.

I have decided to finish my legal career serving the citizens of Johnson County, Missouri as their Associate Circuit Judge.  I ask for your support. 


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September 11, 2001

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Greets and Huggers. Posted the evening of June 23, 2006. I feel sick. Two of our soldiers were slaughtered after being captured and tortured, in Iraq. The persons responsible are animals. It is way too easy, for reasonable, honorable persons, to resort to the same tactics. The temptation is there, isn't it? Doesn't history teach, many have? However, the taking of a human life remains immoral. At best, it is only justifiable ... justifiable to preserve and/or protect, human life. Isn't that the moral dilemma faced by any society contemplating war? What, short of protecting or preserving human life, justifies the taking of life? Is there a moral difference between willing to die for "our way of life" and killing to preserve that "way of life"? No question in my mind, killing an armed intruder in your home, is justifiable, if you have a reasonable belief, he is intent on doing you or yours harm. But is it justifiable, should your sister live next door, to kill an armed intruder in her house? What about a neighbor 10 houses down? Doesn't it become more difficult to justify ... the further down the block you go? What makes it more difficult, when protecting/preserving human life is an absolute, (after all ... isn't that the crux of the abortion debate?)  Just food for thought.

A "Brother" in my "Blue Lodge" died last Friday. On Tuesday morning, I attended his wake ... and the Masonic Ritual afterward. Have never attended one. Those of us who are Master Masons know our America was founded on Masonic Tenants, the most basic of which being ... an absolute belief in God. Last night, I participated in the giving of a "Third Degree" ... and was reminded of a moral code not based on specific religious beliefs, but a belief in the brotherhood of all persons striving to work their way through the 3 "degrees" of life: Entered Apprentice, (our youth, learning how to live life), Fellowcraft, (living life and honing our skills as human beings) ... and a Master Mason, (in old age, teaching the "craft" of life ... to Apprentices, helping Fellowcraft and assuming an "obligation" to help all brothers in need, should we be able). I remain proud to call myself a "Mason" and as a "Shriner", supporting our "Shriner's Hospitals".

FRIGATE BAY, St. Kitts (AP) -- Small nations lead vote to resume commercial whaling. "A slim majority of nations on the International Whaling Commission joined a resolution Sunday supporting a resumption of commercial whaling, but pro-whaling nations still lack the 75 percent majority needed to overturn the world's 20-year ban ... The IWC was thrown into chaos after the vote on the resolution authored by six Caribbean nations ... Caribbean leaders said a return to whaling would help them maintain food security by protecting fisheries from whales." Yup, Grenada and the Virgin Islands have major fishing industries. The only thing they fish for is tourist dollars. The real power behind pushing the resumption of commercial whaling, is Japan . Iceland, Norway and Japan still engage in whaling for "scientific purposes", under a "scientific research" loophole in a 1986 ban imposed by the International Whaling Commission, (Iceland and Japan each, will slaughter 2,000 whales for "scientific purposes in 2006 ... with the meat sold). They argue full scale commercial whaling should resume because whales are depleting fish stocks. Great argument .. isn't it? Sorta like Walmart arguing they should be able to freeze out Mom AND Pop shops, because they are depleting customers for Walmart. So share with me ..... as a species ... are we depleting resources out of need ... or out of greed?

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- More than 14 percent lack health insurance in U.S. "More than 14 percent of Americans lacked health insurance last year, a slightly lower share than 2004, according to federal statistics published on Wednesday. The survey, by the National Center for Health Statistics, also found that 8.9 percent of U.S. children were not covered by health insurance ... The center's report says that in 2005, 41.2 million Americans, or 14.2 percent of the population, were uninsured when its survey was conducted. It said 51.3 million had been uninsured for at least part of the prior year and 29.2 million, or 10 percent, had been uninsured for more than a year." It is all about money, isn't it? Just where do 41.2 million Americans go for medical assistance, if they have no health insurance? DUH!! How about the "emergency room" at their local hospital. I suppose 14.2 % of Americans should be grateful. After all, avoiding doctors ensures they will not be one of the 80 - 90 THOUSAND persons killed each year, by their doctor/medical facility! How's that for a successful survival strategy? Perhaps, that's the real insidious underlying plot to redistribute wealth? ... Think about it. Rich people have health insurance, so they can see a doctor. Getting killed by their doctor or their way over priced medical facility, within itself, is a significant health risk. Applying the laws of "Natural Selection", over time, wouldn't all rich people eventually die off?

ATLANTA -- Infections are linked to illegal tattoos. "A worrisome superbug seen in prisoners and athletes is also showing up in people who get illegal tattoos, federal health officials said yesterday. Article Tools Forty-four tattoo customers in Ohio, Kentucky, and Vermont developed skin infections caused by methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The infections occurred in 2004 and 2005, and were traced to 13 unlicensed tattoo artists, according to an article in the CDC's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report." MRSA, is a "Skin eating bacteria". This may very well be the first self removing tattoo, (course, it removes everything else as well).

NEW YORK (AP) -- Cher backs effort to modify soldiers' helmets. "Cher, who opposes the war in Iraq but supports the troops, says using her celebrity to promote effective helmets for U.S. soldiers is rewarding -- and "the right thing to do." ... Cher says it makes her angry "when people say that if you're not for the war, you don't support the troops. And I'm not for the war. And I really support the troops." .... Last week, she attended a hearing in Washington on whether to modify helmets for soldiers in Iraq. The entertainer has donated more than $130,000 to the group Operation Helmet, which pays about $100 to modify the inside of soldiers' helmets to make them better able to absorb shock from a bomb blast." Share with me ... do you want your kid wearing a helmet designed by folks who don't wear one and produced by the lowest bidder? The helmets used by our men and women in uniform are designed to withstand small arms fire ... they do so .... they are not designed to withstand roadside bombs. The " upgrade" Cher is paying for does ... At the hearing Cher attended, the Marine Cretin in charge said: "Maj. Gen. William Catto of the Marine Corps System Command told Weldon he would not "go ahead and authorize the use of those pads unilaterally until I have the data that says what the right decision is." Catto added that he would not ban Marines from wearing the pads, called Ballistic Liner Suspension Systems. "But the issue we've talked about here has been primarily comfort or a better protection against crash." Well, I'm sure getting killed in a car wreck in Baghdad and wearing an uncomfortable helmet, is a concern to folks who have their candy ass sitting behind a desk in the Pentagon ... but if our troops in the field are begging family and friends to pay for and send, the helmet upgrade .... does our military really need to form a committee to research the issue? How about we give our men and women in uniform the equipment, they have tested in the field, proven under fire ... and then asked for? Don't we now have armored Humvees ? My way outdated military experience suggests, support general staff, is comprised of individuals promoted on the "Peter Principal ".

Sitting here editing these Ramblings and getting ready to head out the door to campaign. Running for office has been an incredible learning experience. Over the past few months, I have talked to a bag full of "mainstream" Republicans" and "Democrats". Both, although classifying themselves as "Republican" or "Democrat", profess to vote independently for individuals and on issues. More interesting, frankly, there doesn't appear to be much difference between them. I have an overwhelming sense that both parties are run by their "hard core" members ... those that vote a strait party line. I think the number of "hard core" members for each party, has steadily declined over the past few years ... such that perhaps they only comprise 5 - 10% of each parties membership. The net effect is a legislative system comprised of members so diametrically opposed .... compromise is impossible ... and nothing can be accomplished, (other than furthering the goals of each respective fringe element). Would certainly explain the congressional fixation on a "Flag Burning" amendment", or an amendment defining "Marriage" ... instead of fixing a collapsing medical system, a convoluted nonsensical energy policy ... and defining the parameters on our "War on Terror".

I'm out the door ... tonight when I return, I will share my "adventures" with my Lady ... curl myself around her as I go to sleep ... and say a prayer of thanks for being able to do so. I will say a prayer for the safe return of our men and women in uniform ... it is their sacrifice that allows me to walk door to door and campaign for office. It is their sacrifice that allows you to sleep safe and secure, (curled around your loved ones), in your beds tonight ... (care to join me?) ..... <whispering> .... Please, Please, Please, God, let them come home safe and soon!! If my post offends, I apologize .... that is not my intent. As always ....

A Warm Brotherly Hug

Karl (the dumb ole country lawyer, from Holden, Missouri)

"Timmerman for Judge Campaign Committee": http://www.timmermanforjudge.com/

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