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JUNE 21, 2002
In a message dated 6/21/2002 11:05:40 AM Central Daylight Time,
bryan@scheiderer.com writes:

On my own now, no one around to help if I screw up. I'm now entirely responsible for what I do and what happens next ...

Greets and Huggers. What a great post!!! Thank you Bryan ... (and must say ... I appreciate your service to the BDT ... and more important, enjoyed meeting you in person at our "Family Gathering" ..... only regret I did not get to spend more time with you and meet your Lady :)

Found myself thinking about the differences between "learning to fly" ..... and ..... "learning to live". Both are "on the job training" ..... Both are done by "trial and error" .... and both at times cause a
certain muscle to "pucker". Both have a flight instructor, (with life ... your parents and/or mentors). But they are different. You cannot practice learning life ... you just do it. There is no "owners manual" for your body. There is no school you can attend to learn how to live. There is no school you can attend that teaches what makes a life worth living ....... hmmmm ....... I take that back. Guess there is no school but there are a lot of books that share what the author believes ... is a "life worth living" .... the Q'uran, the Bible ... the Veda's ... et al. But, all in all .... somewhat subjective. Still trying to figure that issue out. Arn't you?

My dumb ole country lawyer opinion ... remains the same. In my life, life is worth living ... if I can help a client through their worst nightmare ... if I can help the law evolve to meet current realities ... if I can
defend our Constitution .... and most important to me .... if I can wake up in the middle of the night and watch my Susan's breasts rise and fall .. the smile on her lips ... the warmth of her body next to mine ...
and to know ... she likes me.

As always ... if my ramblings offend ... I apologize.

Karl, (the dumb ole country lawyer from Holden, Missouri)