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JUNE 20, 2003
Greets and Huggers.  Posted the evening of June 20, 2003.   Still waiting for  GWB's "weapons of mass destruction" to be found. Was our invasion of Iraq a good thing?  Yes.  Did the loss of life result in the saving of life?   Yes.   Are the persons remaining after 3 generations of Sadam killing off the best and brightest worth saving?  Hope so.  Is doing wrong, (the conscious misrepresentation of facts), to achieve a greater good, (the overthrow of a repressive regime), justifiable:  Put another way ... do the ends justify the means?  No.  Sorry.  They never have.  They never will.  They don't.   Period.

Interesting question.  Why is "prostitution" illegal?  From a moral stand point, everyone says, no doubt, it should be .... hmmmmm .... why?  Certainly have no desire to offend .... but ..... isn't this the "oldest profession"?  Exploitation is the issue, isn't it? The exploitation of some persons body/physical abilities?   But what if the person wants to sell the use of their body? Like the high school basketball player recruited by the NBA?  Or the professional football player  .... (who is being killed an inch at a time)?  Boxing?  Hockey? Aren't they all selling their bodies for our entertainment? So what's the difference?

Watched "60 Minutes", a couple of weeks ago:  haunts me ..... an interview with Nancy Reagan. Alzheimer's is known as the "Long Good-bye".  I weep for her   ........  because it is indeed a "long Good-bye".  How do you love .....  a memory ..... no doubt you can  .... but what if the person you love is still there physically ....... but gone.  I don't know and have no desire to find out.  'Nuff said.

On June 30th, DCSE's legal side will be gone:  the functions taken over by the AG's office.  Bob Moss will no longer be available to us .... as a bastion of reasonableness within "the Dark Side".  I for one will miss his insights, sense of humor and his knowledge of the law, (his change of venue to Cole County defense is brilliant). Bob and I may have had differing views but I know we have mutual respect, admiration and an appreciation of the strengths and shortcomings of the administrative process. Missouri's governmental stupidity is such, that I cannot in good conscience support our Governor  ..... but then, after the "Tort Reform" debacle, I can not support our cretin Republican, elected representatives, either. Maybe you and I need to think about running for office.  Running for office is expensive:  only those that can raise the "funds" have a chance.  Sad.  I think you and I could make a difference ....  but could never raise the funds for a successful campaign.  Don't know how to change that.

A very dear friend wrote: "My paternal grandfather was a very staunch Hindu, and well, his bias's towards the Islamic faith have, although regrettably, made me a bit sensitive when the two are intertwined without distinction."  Interesting. When did acknowledging the existence of .....  or worshipping God,  require a distinction?  Isn't the ultimate truth   .....   truth? Isn't God ..... God?  Is there a difference between the God that Hindus or Muslims and/or Christians worship?  Don't know.  Guess I'll ask God when the time comes.

Read the "Large Firm" posts with interest.  Someone posted, (who is obviously a T.S. Eliot freak .... since he/she does not use capital letters :)     "i'm curious-- how does being active in the bar and community activities impact judges, create contact with judges or get the attention of judges?  i'm not sure i understand why these two functions garner attention, let alone preference from judges.  i've always considered judges to be fairly private and i rarely hear of them at bar and community activities."   How many of you have been to a Bar Meeting?    ..... THE opportunity for Senior Partners to compare notes and schmooze with the Judges, (who are there in droves!!!).  The schmoozing makes a difference. I've been to the last two.  In my opinion, you missed nothing ... doubt anyone would have recognized you, (the Solo or Small Firm Guy).  We comprise 70% of the Bar ...... yet seems to me, the remaining 30% seem to call the shots.  Guess money talks.  Share with me:  isn't it time to limit the number of hours indentured puppy sharks work: some hourly billing limit per week?   How about a Civil Rule that allows the filing of a "vacation" affidavit: a two week period of time, once a year, filed 60 days in advance, to allow you to take time off with your family and not have to worry about some putz taking a default against your client?  Isn't it time?  If not, when?

Sitting here tonight at Ft Timmerman with my Dad  ....
http://www.karltimmerman.com/dad.html sipping some BBB and finishing off the Ramblings, (my Dad's computer went down ... so he and Mom drove 867 miles, one way, from Whittier, North Carolina, their summer home, for tech support!!!).  He doesn't understand why I write the Ramblings .... but then .... neither do I  :)    Thinking that my Dad and Hermann E's Dad have a lot in common ..... tough old Germans: for them, everything is black and white, either right or wrong.  Nothing in between.  Isn't that how life is, though?  You come into this life seeing everything in black and white .... then around 13 or so ..... everything becomes a shade of gray and over time, everything becomes black and white again.  Interesting.   All is well at Ft Timmerman ..... so grateful to have both my Mom and Dad here, to enjoy their company, get a warm hug from them .... and know they love me. I also know .... there will come a time when this will be a memory I cherish. Be and sleep well:  we are all safe tonight, because the best there is, is on watch.
If my post offends, I apologize ..... that is not my intent.
Karl (the dumb ole country lawyer from Holden, Missouri)