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JUNE 18, 2004

These are the Ramblings of a small town, (Holden, population 2,700), Missouri, country lawyer. They contain my random thoughts and observations on current events and my life and experiences in the Solo Practice of law.
Compiled here are the Ramblings for 2002 - 2004. 
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September 11, 2001
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Greets and Huggers.  Posted the evening of  June 18, 2004.   In last Saturday's Kansas City Star, an article about a Rochester, New York, elementary school teacher, (Lori Thomas), who was suspended indefinitely, (with pay),  for washing out a 10 year old boy's mouth with soap,  after the boy directed "a vile, very nasty sexual reference" at a third grade girl ... she didn't want the boy, (who had frequent suspensions for unruly behavior), to get another one week suspension.   "The district could either fire Thomas - even though tenure provides such teachers "a lot of protection" - or level "a lesser amount of discipline," said Joanne Giuffrida, personnel chief in the 6,000-employee school" district." Doesn't it make you wonder what ever happened to the knuckle wacking, Sister Maria Teresa?  She could strike terror in your heart, just by looking over her horned rimmed glasses. Personally, I support washing out a "potty mouthed" kid's mouth, especially with the soaps we have available now a days.  "Irish Spring", (click here for a review of the product), comes to mind.  It is a bacterial deodorant soap:    it would clean out the kid's mouth, relieve bad breath and the bacterial agent would fight tooth decay. All in all, not a bad result if you think about it.

On CNN News today:  "All domestic donkeys are descended from a couple of wild asses in Africa", (wonder how that got by my "
V-Chip"?).  A study published in the journal  Science, and reported on the Discovery Channel, today. This of course supports the theory that our species originated in Africa.  I can almost see, in my minds eye, our progenitors running around with wild female asses.  Domesticating asses allowed our progenitors to stay home, become civilized ...  develop and raise grain crops, (which were stored as beer) ... and have an ample supply of asses, an ass of their own, without having to leave the homestead.  It would be easier to breed your ass, than to have to go out and hunt up a wild one. I can see how domesticating an ass was a changing point in our evolution as a species.  Only proves the maxim:  "Great things come from humble beginnings".

Another interesting article in today's Kansas City Star, "Gene therapy cuts vole promiscuity."  Seems, scientists working with "
Voles",  (small rat like creatures, thought to mate for life), using a virus, injected a gene into promiscuous male vole's brains and reprogrammed them to become monogamous, (click here for article).  Guess most Voles are monogamous, mate for life ... but there are rascal Voles who practice quasi-monogamy, (like humans, stay with one female but given an opportunity, "stray" with another female).  .  "Prairie Voles" pair up, (the male may occasionally stray from their partner but invariably return to the nest and help raise litter after litter). "Meadow Vole" males, on the other hand, prowl their habitat for any available female and do not pair bond.  Research now shows, that the difference between the two is that "Prairie Voles" have a receptor for the hormone vasopressin, (commonly known as an antidiuretic hormone),  in the part of the brain called the "ventral pallidum" and "Meadow Voles" do not. The "ventral pallidum" is thought to regulate "emotionality", (at least in humans ... the researches did not quantify the emotionality of Voles).  "Meadow Voles" genetically altered to have a vasopressin receptor, "stay around the family nests and even huddled with their female partners after sex".  I believe the study was funded by the Southern Baptist Alliance.

Paul Johnson Jr., the kidnapped American civilian contractor, was beheaded today in Saudi Arabia by his Al Qaeda kidnappers.  The person responsible, Addulaziz al Muqrin, was killed.  I hope the virgins waiting for Mr. al Muqrin in paradise, have crabs:  that he be doomed to spend eternity scratching his genitals.   Innocent persons, civilians, are being killed the world over.  Look at Brazil.  Look at the
Sudan, (over two million killed in the past ten years of civil war).  There are members of our species who prey on the innocent.  So share with me ... what is appropriate behavior towards those that kill the innocent, en mass,  in the most beastly of manners?  Should they be accorded any sympathy, any civility, humane treatment? I remember Senator Biden commenting that we should abide by the Geneva Convention to ensure that his son will be treated humanely, should his son be captured.  Does Senator Bidden really believe his son would be anything but beheaded if captured? Should the Geneva Convention apply to terrorists?  No. "Nuff said.

Read the "Michael Moore" posts on the SFIG with interest. A well thought out and well argued debate about the pro's and con's of what lead us into Iraq.  My dear and much respected young Friend, Philip Boyd put the issue into proper perspective: "I believe that we now have the moral obligation to create the chance for Iraq to become a healthy nation.  It doesn't mean I have to believe the lies that led us there in the first place." we, as old men/women, can debate "lies" ... we, as old men/women can debate what got us there, (and how we will vote accordingly)  ... but we, as old men/women, as Americans, must and will support our men and women in uniform and their families.   We owe that to those who gave their lives ... to give us the ability to debate.

After a telephone conversation with David R this week,  I have a made a decision about the use of the SFIG Family Album: assuming it is technologically doable. David is Chairman of the SASF and his focus is on a SASF Directory. A Bar interest. A Bar function. A "business" and "networking" interest that can be used as a tool. I will make a copy of the pictures contained in the "SFIG Family Album" available to the Bar, to be incorporated into the Bar's SASF Directory, to be maintained by the Bar. My interest is in fostering a sense of "family", (you and I helping and supporting each other as solo and small firm lawyers), within the "SFIG Family", with it's formal and informal gatherings, like the
Mugwump Ball, the SFIG Reception... 2002, 2003, (no 2004, I could not attend), Sherrie Hansin's Oral Argument or Corinne C's birthday party at Joyce's House),  different but complimentary interests. We both agree on the common goal, (he on a Bar/business level and I on a personal level), of having solo and small firm lawyers make a difference. I will continue to maintain the "SFIG Family Album", with it's formal and informal pictures, a "Family Album" and and the Bar will maintain the "SASF Directory". 

Sitting here editing these Ramblings and thinking about Paul Johnson Jr.'s family ... my heart goes out to them. I shed no tears for the worthless sack of sh*t that caused his death. I hope his friends get to join him  ... soon.   I was going to comment about the advertising thread, (proposed changes to advertising rules),  but after reading the
ABA's "Model Rules", (adopted by 39 States, including Missouri) and "Model Codes", (adopted by 4 States) and the "unique" rules adopted by the other 9 States, it doesn't much matter what Missouri adopts.  What we already have isn't enforced.  Susan and I have an appointment with her surgeon next Wednesday ....  whatever the outcome, we have each other and our strong belief in a merciful and loving God. All will be well, (I know, your  prayers/good wishes will make it so).  All is well.  As I drift off to sleep holding my Lady, I will say a prayer for the Johnson Family, our men and women in harms way, our America and you. (I will whisper to God, that he keep Susan safe and healthy:  without her, where would I be?)   Be and sleep well knowing the best there is, is on watch so you can.  If my post offends, I apologize ... that is not my intent.
As Always ....

A Warm Brotherly Hug
Karl (the dumb ole country lawyer from Holden, Missouri)