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MAY 6, 2003
Greets and Huggers.  Posted the evening of June, 6, 2003. On Monday night, I stood in the parking lot of Park Lawn Funeral Home .... and cried with Joe Crites.  Sheila was only 55 years old.  Joe's family was milling around, Joe's kids were there, friends ....  and a wonderful slide show: pictures ... of Joe and Sheila ... the children ... growing up together.  The flowers our "family" sent were beautiful, (Thank You!  Pat and Sandra and the folks that sent a check to them).  Susan and I approached Sheila ...  and looked at her laying there. Susan kept squeezing my hand. I just felt the tears running down my cheek. Seemed strange to me: I had never met Sheila in person, but I felt such a loss.  I wept with Joe. How is that possible?  Joe and I don't "hang" together, we know each other by our posts to this group, our mutual respect and affection and having met in person once.  Yet, our lives are so connected, that I was standing there weeping with him  ..... for him ..... and for our loss  .......   and so were you.  I reread all of our posts to Joe ....  and was struck by the show of compassion  ...  and the overwhelming affirmation of one undeniable fact:  like you, Joe is not alone.  I am not alone. The Solo and Small Firm Practice Committee is the largest committee sponsored by the Bar:  704 members.  Our SFIG is the "soul" of this committee and as a result, the "soul" of our Bar. We are the "soul" of our Bar because unlike the big firms, unlike the Senior Partners that schmooze each other and our Judges at the Bar Conference, this SFIG, you and I, view ourselves as "Family" and act accordingly.  We don't "talk the talk" ... we "walk the walk".  We help and support each other, (look at the MoBar Website:  what other committee has a "Forms Download" page?).   We really are "family".  'Nuff said.

Short Ramblings tonight .... still greatly saddened by our loss of Sheila .... wondering how Joe is doing ...... sipping on some BBB .....  and so, so grateful I can curl up next to my Susan tonight.  See that some of the powers that are/wanna be, will be attending our "Family" reunion ..... will be interesting to listen to them "talk the talk" ..... will do my best not to walk out, make disgusting biological noises or just plain old, burst out laughing.  Most important to me  ..... look forward to meeting you in person, giving you a warm brotherly hug .... sharing some BBB, (Les, would you bring a couple of bottles too?)  .......  and just "hanging" with you.  All is well at Ft Timmerman tonight, (although I'm worried .... Susan has been watching "The Learning Channel" ... "Changing Places" .. home improvement ..... she asked me how to use a tape measure the other day ..... like any male with enough gray matter to trigger a blip on a CATScan ......  I played dumb.  I think she may be going into renesting mode!!!).  We are well .... more of our men and women in uniform are coming home .... and keeping watch, are the best there is!
If my post offends, I apologize .... that is not my intent.
Karl (the dumb ole country lawyer from Holden, Missouri)