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MAY 23, 2003
Greets and Huggers.  Posted the evening of May 23, 2003.  Watched "Hitler, the Rise of Evil", Sunday and Tuesday  ........ what horror.  How could honorable persons stand by and watch it happen.  Them Germans were really stupid, weren't they?  Gave up their civil liberties ... one by one ... in the name of security.  The perversion of a society.  No 2nd Amendment, so, to preserve order, keep children safe and keep "guns" out of criminal's hands, folks like you and I allowed ourselves to be disarmed.  No possibility of an armed resistance.    Then, other little things.  Perhaps folks agreed being "profiled" was OK  ......  made it easier to find criminals.  Perhaps some folks needed to be held in "protective custody".  Perhaps, their judicial branch found it perfectly OK, to have the "executive branch" set up it's own court system:  administrative law ... with no due process or equal protection.  Arrest without a warrant.  Doesn't security require that?  And also, classes of folks ... with differing rights.  Perhaps, folks from the Netherlands or France who wanted to immigrate ... were treated differently as a function of whether or not they made it to German soil.  Or folks, who were in Germany on "red" cards ... could be summarily rounded up and arrested and held indefinitely .... without charges ever being filed, no lawyers, no due process, no rights.  And *fill in an ethnic minority* were a problem that required a more permanent solution.   Perhaps, Germany went to war against Poland because of the Weapons of Mass Destruction, being developed by Polish folks  .............  biological weapons, like kielbasa or chemical weapons .... like BBB?  But,  if you, as a lawyer, are not worried about dying faster than the general population and don't want to do something about that ..... why would you worry about your children's civil liberties, or our America.  After all, you won't be here. 

As a species, we are so close .... and yet .... so far apart:  TV has brought us closer.  Isn't it is stunning how far we have come ....... in our ability to share our human condition ... from "embedded journalists" in Iraq ........ to witnessing the death of the magnificent human beings on our Space Shuttle.  There is also so much we don't see on TV.     Folks in Africa are dying ..... killed by AIDS, blood diamonds, incredible poverty and/or civil war, (3,000,000 dead in the Congo since 1998  ......  while 700 UN Peace Keepers stood around and watched  ......  still watching).  There are also civil wars in other parts of the world, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, the Philippines, Columbia, Checknia,  ad nausium.  So just what is our "unifying world body" doing to solve these problems?   Where is the UN?  Share with me anything the UN has successfully done, without my America doing it?   And once having done it   ....  being criticized for doing it?   Don't see this insanity in my America   ..........  here, we can disagree and seek redress in our courts, we have folks just raising their kids, loving their partners .... living a life.  And you wonder why the lines are so long for getting here?  You wonder why it is so necessary to preserve what we have? You wonder why, so many are willing to give their all to keep it?   I don't ...... I watch the news.

Read the "health insurance" posts with interest.  The most telling post was by Richard Collins, (on the Board of Governors, MO Bar,
http://www.karltimmerman.com/sfiga-c.html .....  an honorable man): "You can find a group carrier only if you have a group who can pass underwriting, which our group can't." Statistics/Demographics.  Insurance companies are in the business of making money for their shareholders:  not paying claims.  Given that premise, the only way an insurance company will CONTINUE to issue a policy, (after the first year exclusions for prior existing conditions), is if the cost of claims is less than the premiums paid.  Suppose we set up a group, an association, composed of young healthy persons  .....  what happens if one member of the group has a catastrophic illness? The premium increases for all.  When the premium increases, the young, healthy members of the group bail out.  I can understand why they would:  "Why should I pay higher premiums to cover the cost of some old, sick, geezer?"    As solo and small firm guys, individuals, the remaining members may not be able to purchase insurance.  Susan and I wouldn't.  We would be screwed.  The answer is not in forming small groups, (geez ..... give me a brake .... think about it!!!!) ... the answer is our government underwriting health insurance, (not socializing the health care system) by sponsoring a cost effective, (no profits to shareholders), manditory health insurance program on a national basis, (makes me gag to think of it because of the possible abuses   ......  the incompetence ......  the insurance companies squealing like stuck pigs .... the PACs and high dollar political contributions ......  and politicians running an insurance program), or lawyers, as a profession, forming an association with enough premium paying folks to cover the overall cost of claims ........  or, we could change our profession, our way of doing business, to change the statistics by living longer, better and healthier.  Never happen.  Too many folks in my America are getting fatter, dumber and have no interest in taking care of their neighbors.  The "Me First" generation coming online.

Watched the "Dixie Chicks" on Wednesday night, "38th Country Music Awards"   .....   Guess they decided to express themselves musically, (good thing .......  hehehe ..... they have no talent for politics)  .........  but they do have incredible musical talent.  Must admit, "Traveling Soldier" pulls at my heart each time I listen to it.  Good stuff. 

Bright sunny day today at Ft Timmerman, a nice early summer evening .... sipping on some BBB, (de-weaponized), editing the Ramblings and thinking about Memorial Day.  Isn't Memorial Day a day to reflect on the folks that have made a difference IN our lives .... and  .....  the folks who have made a difference ON our lives.  There are, no doubt, persons/families missing loved ones.  Perhaps, we need to celebrate Memorial Day by holding close to us   .....  the people who are a part of our lives   .... hold close the memories and celebrate the lives of those who have made us and allow us to be what we are:  Americans.  Paul Henry, (
http://www.karltimmerman.com/sfigg-h), posted a link earlier today, ( http://bengal.missouri.edu/~leveronj/wesupportu/WeSupportU.htm )  ....  the site is well done and says it all.  God Bless Our Men And Women in Uniform .... past and present. Enjoy your weekend and take a moment to send a prayer/good wishes to our men and women in uniform. Take a moment to hold the memory of those who have given their all, in a special place in your heart, (I do ... some were friends).   Susan calls .....  be and sleep well knowing our best are on watch.  If my post offends, I apologize .... that is not my intent.
Karl (the dumb ole country lawyer from Holden, Missouri)