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MAY 21, 2004

These are the Ramblings of a small town, (Holden, population 2,700), Missouri, country lawyer. They contain my random thoughts and observations on current events and my life and experiences in the Solo Practice of law.
Compiled here are the Ramblings for 2002 - 2004. 
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September 11, 2001
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Greets and Huggers.  Posted the evening of May 21, 2004.  Watched the first 4 installments of "Colonial House" on PBS this week.  A Psychodrama ...  26 modern folks, (and two dogs), including a Southern Baptist Minister from Texas and an ordained Lutheran minister from California, living as folks in 1628. At the close of the 4th installment, one of the colonists, (the indentured servant of the ordained Lutheran minister), announced he was gay.  Certainly didn't make the Southern Baptist and the Lutheran happy, (I don't think the dogs cared).  Life in the colonies sure didn't look like something to be gay about to me!!  [In real colonial life: "Since the church was so passionate in condemning homosexuality, it is no surprise that swift and harsh action was taken against those accused it. Despite being grouped under the broad umbrella of sodomy, homosexual activity and anal intercourse in particular, were punished much more severely than other sodomy offenses like oral sex. Anal intercourse, whether it be with the opposite sex or same, was the most severely punished offense with the offender often being castrated, mutilated, or burnt to death in addition to supposed eternal damnation. In general less severe penalties were administered for interfemoral intercourse and mutual masturbation though harsh action was sometimes implemented. The reason for the inhumane penalties for "sins against nature" lie in Medieval societies predominant belief that if left unchecked, homosexual activity would lead to the eventual suicide of the human race".]  Life in the colonies was harsh:  hard, back breaking work, limited food supplies and ... <gasp> ... no indoor plumbing, (the colonists would have been right along side the bears ... pooping in the woods!!).   Housing, (click here for a QuickTime Tour), was small and cramped.  Personal hygiene consisted of an occasional, (read that to mean a "couple of times per year") bath in the local river or stream.   I believe the laws the colonists operated under were later adopted by Sadam Hussien.  The remaining 4 installments will air May 24th and 25th on PBS:  I can hardly wait to see how the Southern Baptist and Lutheran ministers will deal with the gay guy!!  :)

In Wednesdays Kansas City Star, an article about our Army pulling records for 17,000 folks in the
Individual Ready Reserve and on Monday, an announcement that 3,600 folks, (two mechanized brigades) stationed in Korea will be transferred to Iraq.  We currently have 493,600 on active duty in the Army, (with 515,000 authorized), We have 118,700 in the Army Individual Reserve and 351,100 in the Army National Guard. Seems the powers that be believe we need a larger military:  there is legislation pending to reinstate the "draft",  HR163.  Why would we need a larger military?  One view ... National Guard and Reserve troops have limitations on the length of time they can be called to active duty, (without their family, friends and neighbors voting out of office the folks that activated them). That time is about up. Our reservists signed up to defend our America, not "nation build", although arguably, proactive military action is a form of defence. Isn't the line between self defence and aggression somewhat subjective?  The problem with proactive/preemptive military action is gauging the level of threat and who gauges that level of threat.  Further, proactive/preemptive military action is subject to a great deal of "Monday morning quarterbacking", should the "threat" turn out to be unjustified. Frankly, I have no problem with a "draft", not two years but three ... if it applies to all equally ... no deferments and the emphasis being on education:   The first year, basic military training ... the other two ... public service and basic junior college,  resulting in 64 semester hours transferable to any State University.  I do, however, have a problem understanding the need for a draft when our current military is large enough to provide for the common defence of our shores and would only have to be larger if its' goal is to occupy territory.  Keep in mind, all other factors being equal, an attacking/invading force has to be larger than a defending force. Doesn't it make you wonder who we are getting ready to attack in self defence?

On Wednesday evening watched
60 Minutes II, a story about the teams my America has all over the world, (Korea,  Vietnam),  recovering the bodies of our missing/KIA, (90,000 from WW II, Korea and Vietnam),  men and women in uniform.  The story focused on the recovered remains of a young Air Force pilot lost over Cambodia ... his widow remarried 30 years ago ... the look on her face  ...  <sigh> ...  when given his recovered wedding ring, (which he was not authorized to wear, while in combat) ... brought tears to eyes. He was given a hero's burial, (because he was), at Arlington National Cemetery ...  while she watched, (his wedding ring and her wedding ring worn, together, once again ... on a gold chain around her neck) ... and her 30 years of wondering came to an end. You want to know what makes us/my America different?  ...  what makes us/my America great?  The fact ... that, after 30 years ... whatever the cost ... whatever the price ... we are still working on bringing our fallen heros home.  We do not forget a debt owed ... and perhaps ... (as the folks who murdered Emmitt Till in 1955 will discover)  ...  an injustice done. 'Nuff said.

Last weekend Susan and I, (I sat in my wheelchair and added moral support),  worked in the garden at Ft Timmerman:  we planted  tomatoes, cucumbers, string beans and squash.  (Click here for
pictures.)   Must be my peasant German genes, but there is great satisfaction in eating what I have grown, (I still have pickles I "put up" from our garden last year ... I still have to deliver a jar of pickles to my dear Lady friend Corinne C ... although, my dear Lady Friend Pat R has by now munched hers down).  After watching Colonial House, I am grateful that I don't HAVE TO rely on eating what I grow ... I have a much greater appreciation now, of our America's first Thanksgiving!!  (And given the personal hygiene of the times ... I fully appreciate that it was an outdoor  picnic!)

Sitting here watching the evening news, disgusted by more pictures and evidence of prisoner abuse in Iraq.  35 deaths being investigated.  It will get worse.   Two people suspected of killing Nick Berg are in custody, (one is a nephew of Sadam Hussien).  Susan is outside weeding ... I wish I could help ... but hard to get the wheelchair close enough to make a difference ... so, I guess I'll sit here, watching the news and sipping on some Tawny Port,  while I edit and finish these Ramblings.  This week I finally fit into a pair of 36" x 32" jeans ...  My Diet works!!  I have now gone from a size 48" waist to a size 36" waist!   According to the evening news, the symbol of my America, the  Bald Eagle,  has made a come back, (although I have to question the 8.7 million dollars spent on Rogaine).  Soon, my very best friend will be done in the garden and come back in ... she will come over and check on me ... ask if I need anything ... take a shower and change into her PJ's.  Later, we will curl up together, and spend the best 20 - 30 minutes possible on any day ... that quiet time enjoyed by people who trust and love each other enough ... to share their thoughts, to share their souls and pray together.  (Do you really think that is only possible between a man and a woman?  Between folks with innie and outee plumbing?  Have you considered the possibility that gender has nothing to do with love ... but everything to do with lust?) Tonight, as Susan and I drift off to sleep ... I will say a prayer for our men and women in uniform, (Please, please, please, Lord ... let them come home safe and soon!!),  for those accused of abusing the prisoners in their charge, for you and for our America.  Be and sleep well, holding the person most dear to you, sharing and enjoying that special intimate time knowing ... that there are men and women in uniform, here at home and oversees who will not ... so you can.  The best there is, is on watch.  If my post offends, I apologize ... that is not my intent.
A Warm Brotherly Hug
Karl (the dumb ole lawyer from Holden, Missouri)