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MAY 17, 2002
Greets and Huggers. ...... <chuckling> ... seems some folks are starting to look forward to "dumb ole country lawyer Friday night ramblings" ... I know after a couple of sips of BBB, (Leroux Polish Style Blackberry Brandy over crushed ice) ... I enjoy sharing some thoughts ... kind of an overview of the posts made by our "Family" during the prior week. 

Speaking of "family" ... we have a couple of new additions. I know the parents and grandparents are proud .. as they SHOULD be. Susan and I talked about the joy, (and FEAR) the parents must be feeling. No one goes to school to learn how to be a "Mom" or "Dad" ... like "Life" ... it is "on the job training". Seems to me .. we are all put here to learn by trial and error. Heard years ago ... that some folks are so smart they can learn from other people's mistakes ... I must be really dense ... I had to make my own!  My God doesn't do schlock work: look at the wonderful, loving, bright, honorable, caring members of our "Family" that, on a day to day basis, contribute to our greater common "good" ... as persons and as members of our society, in spite of what their parents did to them :) Makes me proud to call myself "normal" :)

Some talk about the use of "mental health" professionals. I would like to share some truths. Like most "mental health" professionals, (I have a Masters Degree in Psychology), I wanted to find out how sick I was before anyone else did. Fortunately for me ... I discovered I was just as sick as everyone else ... makes me "normal" .... so I went to Law School. All of the research suggests that "mental health" professionals are no better, (and in fact are worse) than a Judge, to determine the ontology of deviant behavior. Put another way ... a "mental health" professional may be less qualified than a Judge to determine what is in a child's best interests. The most qualified person, in most instances. is the child's Mom and Dad.

I truly enjoyed reading Dave Ransin's post on why we should take Allstate to the Matt. (now, Dave will not read this post ... he deletes ***NLS*** posts ... but, non the less) I value his post because it contains some fundamental truths: paraphrased, help people who cannot help themselves without your help. Insurance companies are about making money for their share holders .. not paying claims. You have to pay your "dues" by trying cases, to get credibility. If you have no credibility because you have not been willing to take the insurance companies to the Matt ... become a plumber and make a better living and stop pretending that you are representing your clients to the best of your abilities.

In this legislative session ..... er ..... hmmmmm ... our "family" caused some changes ... but why was that even necessary? Should "due process" ... and "equal protection" be some sort of required reading, education and ... "yes I understand what they mean test?"  This post is longer than I intended. Will probably offend a bunch of folks, and if it does, I apologize, (hate getting them anonymous .. "God will strike you dead ... God will make you die of penile failure ... God will send a gay motorcycle gang to rape Susan ... e-mails).

As always, I remain convinced, we live in the greatest Nation on this Earth and a member of a "Family" that values, God, Country and Family.

Karl (dumb ole country lawyer from Holden, Missouri)