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MAY 16, 2003
Greets and Huggers.  Posted the evening of May 16, 2003.  Nothing to do with the Bar.  Not in any way affiliated with the Solo and Small Firm Practice Committee ..... but, Pat Reynolds and I sent Joe Crites flowers with a note that said:  "From YOUR SFIG Family, Our thoughts/prayers/good wishes are with you.  You are not alone."   I took it upon myself to ask Pat Reynolds and Sandra Ferguson to set up an account, (I sent Pat $50 which she agreed to match), to send flowers to any member of our "Family" who has a need to know they are in our collective thoughts. Are we not, "Family"?  I also asked Bob Sig, Bryan S, Ron Byers, Barbara Hecht et. al. to serve on an ad hoc  committee to oversee any expenditures and suggest folks who would benefit from flowers: a short message in all our names, from all of us,  to let them know, they are not alone.  (Every one of them, immediately wanted to match my $50.00,)   I asked Pat to sign our collective name to the card: "Your SFIG Family".  She did.  I must confess, I have no power, no standing to speak on your behalf: but I just did.  If I have offended by doing so, I offer an apology ......  but I offer no regret.  There are times when we, you and I, just NEED to know, we are not alone.  (We never are, of course, unless we chose to be: part of "Free Will").  If you wish to contribute to our "Flower Power" fund, send your contribution to Pat Reynolds or Sandra Ferguson, (not to me).  It will be well used, (but I pray not often).  Heard yesterday, that Joe's Sheila is doing much, much better .....  makes my heart sing to hear that.

Sharing my growth.  Been reevaluating my religious convictions/beliefs.  Do I believe there is a Supreme Being?  No doubt.   How can any rational human being believe there is no order in our universe, (if there is no order .... everything is random chance ..... like throwing a thousand tooth picks in the air .... and having them land ...  as a house, plumbing and all  .....   er ..... hard for me to believe) .....  that which causes order, men call "God".  Choose the name/label you wish.  There is order.  Course, there is also the possibility that there are multiple Gods .... order by committee, (Father, Son and Holy Ghost .... but One).  Interesting concept.  Share with me how a committee of Gods could create Order?  Small/lessor  God politics are a bitch!!   Do I believe Jesus is the son of God?  There is a part of me that is fighting that concept.  I want to believe but I am having a hard time ...... stepping out on nothing but faith.  Why would God do that  ...  clone himself into a lesser being and become one of us?  Why would God, who is that, than which nothing greater can be conceived to exist, have a need to seek our approval/devotion?  Sort of like me seeking the approval of an earthworm.  Why would He create us in his image ... instead of ..... er ..... the damn Yorkies?   (Frankly ... looking at our species and what we have accomplished .... I'd go with the Yorkies). Questioning one's faith, rejuvenates that faith.  The greatest of God's gifts, is "free will":  inherent to "free will", is the freedom to question. I am: stay tuned.

David Browning and I spent last Sunday afternoon here at Ft Timmerman chatting about some of the negative research dealing with our profession:  compared to the "general population", as a lawyer, you are twice as likely to commit suicide,  you are 3.6 times more likely to suffer from general depression, you are 10 times more likely to suffer from obsessive/compulsive disorder and you are 9 times more likely to suffer from anxiety disorder.  Don't even ask about the likelihood of getting divorced or suffering from substance abuse.  Time for a wake up call.   David and I pretty much agree that the crux of the problem is "cognitive dissidence"  ....  having to choose between the moral high ground ... and making a living. Folks like you and I are sicker and dying faster than the general population:  how long before we cannot get health insurance or life insurance at a reasonable rate?  Even a fool knows that selling your soul to make a buck .... is bad for you, is wrong. Our profession is killing us. We need to make a change  .....  I don't know what that change is.

Bob Moss  .... a minion for the "Dark Side" ......  <smiling> ........  has been a part of our "Family" for quite some time.  I for one, read his posts ..... respect his opinion .... and appreciate his sense of humor and the fact  ......  that he is an "honorable" man:  he has earned this dumb ole country lawyers respect, (if he wasn't a minion of the "Dark Side", I would even add, "admiration" :)   Bob and I may disagree about the law ..... but I will be the first to morn his passing from the ranks of DCSE.  I shudder at the prospect of having to deal with the overworked, underpaid, mindless cretins in the AG's office that will be assigned to deal with child support matters, (puppy shark hell/heaven).  I dip my "Fin" to you Bob:  I like to believe you consider me a friend.  'Nuff said.

2004 is an election year:  let's see what the WMD issue looks like next year this time.  I may damn well be protesting, standing right next to Bill Quick, (hehehehehe ...... not real close, mind you ....  [just kidding, Bill]   :)

Received a shipment of BBB today  ....  and sitting here sipping on a snifter of BBB over crushed ice, (a snifter of BBB at bedtime is better than a Zolof, Zanax ..... hehehe ... maybe even a Thorazine tab   ..... or a strenuous  *^&^%^#$   and  (*&*&^ $%#  while humming "God Bless America" ......   for a good nights sleep).   A   .................  VERY, VERY, BIG GRIN  ..............    Susan is back to normal, (although she seems to be able to run a lot faster than I remember).  The Holden Hound Barbershop Quartet  ......  is missing a member   ........   I couldn't sing Bass that well anyway  :)  The frogs are gone too.   It is a cool rainy night, here, at Ft Timmerman but warmed by the knowledge that Joe's Sheila is doing better, many more of our men and women in uniform are headed home ....... and I will sleep next to the most beautiful Lady I know.  Sleep and be well knowing you are safe  ......  the best there is, is on watch.  If my post offends, I apologize  ....  that is not my intent.
Karl (the dumb ole country lawyer, from Holden, Missouri).