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MAY 10, 2002
Greets and Huggers. Spent the day at the committee meeting conference in Jeff City. Our "family" reunion in June is going to be "GREAT" ... if you have not registered yet ... you better get off your butt and do it: this year, for the first time ... there is a limit .... you may not be able to get in. Designed a logo ... you can download it ... and put it on a T-Shirt: www.karltimmerman.com/cle.html  This week ... you calling your Representatives ... caused some changes to be made to pending legislation: "exemptions to the practice of law" .... but we were not successful in blocking changes to the powers that DCSE has accumulated. A DCSE tech will be able to issue wage assignments, in his/her discretion and will not need to file the wage assignment Order with any court. In short: a technician will have absolute power ... that scares me. Wonder, if ... the men and women who gave their lives for our civil liberties ... are resting well tonight?

Picked up Maggies ashes .... have to admit ... as stupid as it sounds ... I cried like a baby .... she was so much a part of my life. I wonder why God gave us such loving companions ... only to take them away?  We all know that the WD will find some reason to overturn attorney's fees in the Bradley case ... do you have any suggestions on how we can force our government , our elected representatives to abide by the contract we have with them, (our Constitution?) I sure am willing to listen, as I know you are.

As always, I apologize if my post offends....

Karl ( the dumb ole country lawyer from Holden Missouri).