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MAY 9, 2003
Greets and Huggers.  Posted the evening of May 9, 2003.  Like you, I sat glued to the TV last Sunday and last night,  watching the news, tornadoes rolling through the Kansas City area.  When the sirens went off in Holden, Susan and I went to the back bathroom:  all the critters followed us.  Got a bit crowded but when it was over,  the damn Cats just looked at us and one by one .... strolled off.  For them, just another day in their rather pampered life, at Ft Timmerman, (http://www.karltimmerman.com/house.html)   Looking at the damage on TV later, it is amazing that so few folks were injured. A wake up call:  "things" are replaceable. Life isn't. It is important to keep things in perspective.  The damn Cats do.

Why do men shave?  Why do Lady persons shave ...... er  ......... "stuff"?  (One of the great cosmic questions, no doubt ......  like ......  "What do you call a female cockroach?")   When I asked Susan .... she just rolled her eyes and walked away muttering something about "dumb ass questions". Asked a good Lady friend and she responded with a l-o-n-g pause and replied, "Why don't you ask why Ladies wear makeup and dresses instead?"  (I thought about it .... I know men who wear makeup .... er .... don't know if they wear dresses  ......  <shuddering>  ......  don't even want to know).    Shaving is a billion dollar a year industry in my America, (it's a $200 a year industry in France).  Did a "google" search, (1,578,000 hits) and found
http://www.heart.net/~krumholz/history.html, Phillip Krumholz, who opined: "It isn't known just when men and women took an interest in removing hair from their bodies, but we do know it has gone on since the cave man days.  There were several reasons for this early procedure.  One was to minimize the breeding grounds (on his or her person) for lice, fleas and small rodents."  Small rodents? Geez!  Certainly explains some of the euphemisms for body parts!

There was a post commenting on the behavior of some of our brethren, (a lawyer visiting, uninvited, a person in the hospital and getting that person to discharge the lawyer they had retained ... and signing that client up, (tortious interference with contract when the visiting person denigrates the retained attorney  .....  in my opinion).   Someone else posted:  "The behavior that was exposed this week is free market capitalism at its worse".  "Capitalism", (an economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods, by investments that are determined by private decision, and by prices, production, and the distribution of goods that are determined mainly by competition in a free market), has a bad name because it is equated with "greed",  What is the difference between "greed" and "self interest"?  Maybe  "greed" is something other people display. Don't know:  do know the complained of behavior is indefensible, unacceptable, any place, any time. The rules dealing with "solicitation" need to be reviewed and refined. 'Nuff said.

During the week, watched some of our men and women in uniform being reunited with their loved ones. Must admit, I cried with them:  the sheer joy of reunion.  How do you say "Thank You" to the National Guard folks, the Reservists .....  folks who put their lives on the line ..... and on hold ... when called to duty?  We may differ about why they went or if they should have gone .... but we can all agree,  they are our family, friends, neighbors ...  and fellow Americans:  it is good to see them home, embraced my their loved ones.  I want to give each and every one of them a warm brotherly hug and tell them:   "Welcome Home!!!  I have done my best to ensure it is the same America you left in my safe keeping.  I have done my best to take care of your families, while you were gone.  I am humbled by your sacrifice and Thank You for your service!!!!"   I hope this is something each and every one of us can say.  It is something we SHOULD have said to our VietVets when they came home.  Our men and women in uniform have my admiration for their sacrifice.  They have my respect for a job well done.  They have my prayers/hope that there will be no need to send them again.

Went to the Bar Committee Meetings in Jeff City today, (will post pics later).  There are currently over 471 registrations for the Solo and Small Firm Conference in June:  better register now!!  From all indications, this will be the best conference yet.    There will be an SFIG Family Reunion in the Chinese Garden at 5:00 pm on Friday:  really look forward to seeing you all there and giving you a warm brotherly hug.  After the SASF meeting, I visited with a couple of big firm geeks, (Geek#117 and Geek#159976 ... the second Geek worked for a larger firm, ergo ... the larger ID#):  had the definite feeling they thought solo and small firm guys are SASF guys because they/me were not offered a job at a large firm ... or they/me couldn't get a job working for the government, (didn't have the heart to tell them: I am a solo because I am good enough at what I do, to make a very good living as a Solo:   I do not have to work for the megafirms or the government  :).  Guess from their perspective, not billing 26 hours per day, not representing Insurance Companies or Big Business, dealing with a client one on one,  doing pro bono when your heart tells you it is the right thing to do, turning down a client because you did not like them, do not want to present them or what they stand for, not having to suck up to anyone   ....... are alien concepts.  Frankly, sucks to be them.   We need to set up a scholarship so Law Students can attend our "Family" gathering so they can see there is life outside the megafirms, (put me down for the enrollment cost of one student).

Been an interesting week at Ft Timmerman, storms and all.  Sitting here now making sure there are no small rodents in my beard and editing the Ramblings while sipping on some BBB. Glad to be home.   Susan had her follow up on Monday: she is fine, but no strenuous activity for another week, (takes a diabetic longer to heal).  My brother hounds are calling for me to join them:  we are now harmonizing quite well  :)  Perhaps later.  Had an interesting thought:  what would the Solo and Small Firm Committee be like without the SFIG?  What would our Bar be like without Solo and Small Firm guys or our Bar Dues?  Isn't it folks like you and I, (Solo and Small Firm lawyers) that represent the "little guy"? Isn't it folks like you and I, (Solo and Small Firm lawyers) that bring the actions which defend our civil liberties?  Have we ever had a Solo Bar President?  Will go to bed tonight at Ft Timmerman, curled around the most wonderful partner a man can have and Thanking God for the safe return of some of our men and women in uniform. Have a special prayer for Joe and Sheila Crites.  Be and sleep well.  As always, (hehehehe ....... as indecent as I or some of my views are to some folks), if my post offends, I apologize.  Remember, we have the world's best standing watch.
Karl (the dumb ole country lawyer from Holden, Missouri).