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MAY 7, 2004

These are the Ramblings of a small town, (Holden, population 2,700), Missouri, country lawyer. They contain my random thoughts and observations on current events and my life and experiences in the Solo Practice of law.
Compiled here are the Ramblings for 2002 - 2004. 
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September 11, 2001
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Greets and Huggers.  Posted the evening of  May 7, 2004.  I'm getting really sick of erectile dysfunction ... commercials.  One was even broadcast during the "SuperBowl".  Have this vision of a bunch of guys watching the "SuperBowl" ...   half time ... Janet Jackson's Boob ... then a "Levitra" commercial, (with Mike Ditka)  ...  then the crotch biting "Bud Light" attack dog commercial .... hehehe .... ever wonder why guys self medicate with beer?    There are currently three drugs on the market to counter male osteoporosisViagra, Cialis and Levitra.  The commercials are annoying:  with Viagra ... Freddie Mercury singing "you are a champion" ... while a bunch of folks jump up and down!  With Levitra, "Levitra works fast and is only recommended for men healthy enough to engage in sexual activity" ... guess ...  dead men don't need it, ever hear of rigor mortis? (makes you wonder, though ... are there really Lady folks out there that would have sex with a male unhealthy enough to engage in sex?  How?  Soak him in spray starch?)  The Cialis commercial has a man and his Lady sitting in adjoining hot tubs holding hands ... "When the mood strikes." ... Cialis ... active for 36 hours ... 36 hours?  ("... see a doctor if you have an erection lasting more than 4 hours" ...  got news ... the shriveling effects of a hot tub being what they are, after 4 hours ... he will be seeing his doctor to correct the dimple on his butt!!)  Some say, the most important/effective sex organ you have is your brain ... sure makes me leery of anyone scratching their head, (damn perverts).  

Racial stereotypes are offensive. On TV, African Americans have become mainstream ... not "Moving Up" or  "Sanford and Sons" anymore  ... more Dr. Bill Cosby, (the Cosby Show).  Hispanic Americans on the other hand have a ways to go:  for the most part, (other than the "George Lopez" Show), they are portrayed as drugged out gang members, wearing hair nets with tattoos on their neck,  driving "
low riders".  Certainly not the Hispanic Americans I know.  More interesting, pursuant to the 2000 Census, (in  PDF format), Hispanic/Latino Americans now comprise 12.5% of the total US  population, versus 12.3% for African Americans, (Asian Americans comprise  3.6% of the population  ...  hmmm  ...    <scratching his head.... hmmm  ....  with no sexual intent>    ... so why are there more Chinese restaurants than Mexican restaurants?)  

When I was a child, I envied/admired the kids with the most toys, (their parents bought them) .... when I became a young adult, I envied/admired my peers with the most and coolest toys, (they didn't earn them) ... now that I am older ... I admire the folks who are content, happy with what they have, made of their lives, the respect they have earned. Guess what? What matters is not what you have ... but what you have earned.  You have to understand ... there isn't anything in this life you can't buy ... if the payments are small enough.  The payment for "honor" is never small: each payment takes all you have.  Pay it or not.  A "life lesson" for puppy sharks. 'Nuff said.

We live in interesting times:  the "end times" for some. The "anti-biotics" that used to protect us from bacterial infections ... don't anymore: the bacterium have evolved, (contrary to "Creation Science" ... unless you believe God is turning them against us).   Simple infections ... once again ... kill.  Doesn't that beg the question:   what is death? Have not chatted with a dead person ... but let's think for a moment.  All reality is either "matter", "energy" or the absence of both  ... or subsets of both. One of the definitions of matter is that it has weight, yet we also know that there is no loss of weight when something dies.  Wouldn't that suggest that the difference between something that is alive and something that isn't ... must be some form of "energy"?  Energy can not be created nor destroyed ... it can only change form ...  so, upon death, that which makes us, us ... only changes form.  Doesn't that make both birth and death merely a change in form, not a beginning and not an end ... but a beginning and an end of an ongoing process?  Look around you, (using the limited senses you have) ... what makes you think .. this is the only reality?  What makes you think that,  what you and I perceive is anything other than a very small portion of what there is?  Picture an infinite number of parallel lines, each with no beginning nor end ... a cosmic
mobius loop, (see "String Theory"), separate but in fact intertwined ...  <smiling> ...  let me know when your head stops hurting!!

Like you, I saw the pictures of Iraqi prisoners being "humiliated" by a few of our troops.  The pictures sickened me. It reminded me of the
Stanford Prison Experiment.  (a group of college students were divided into "prisoners" and "guards" ... the experiment had to be stopped after a couple of weeks because the guard students started "abusing" the prisoner students).   What is it about our species, that, when put into a position of absolute power ...  we start to abuse that power?  Why is it normal, run of the mill folks, when put into a position of power, turn into beasts?  A question asked many times over of German Concentration Camp Guards.  The response was always the same:  "we were just following orders".  Strange ... that is what the men and woman being held responsible for mistreating the Iraqi prisoners are saying.  They viewed themselves as being part of the "interrogation team".  So share with me how far YOU would go, to get information that would stop another 9/11 or the death of the guy standing next to you?  Would you "humiliate" a prisoner?  Would you "torture" a prisoner?  The pictures didn't sicken me because of what they depicted:  they sickened me because of their effect on world opinion. They sickened me because they showed the reality of war:  that war dehumanizes the combatants resulting in behaviors which would be totally unacceptable to them, otherwise.  Does anyone really believe ...  war is governed by some rules of etiquette?  I don't.  'Nuff said.

Sitting here editing these Ramblings, sipping on some "Tawny Port" and watching the evening news.  Lots of wringing of hands over the Iraqi pictures and of course, politics as usual.  Democratic folks demanding that heads roll and Republican folks suggesting another inquiry.  I really don't give a damn.  Given our lack of resolve to do what is necessary to win ... the war in Iraq will just continue to drag on ... more men lost ... more money down the toilet ...  and of course,  if history has taught us anything, at some point we will declare a "victory" ...  pick up our bags and go home. I supported my president when he talked about the necessity of confronting evil and defeating it:   now I just feel sorry for our men and women in uniform because they are pawns in the "politics as usual" games being played by our two major political parties in an election year.  Why not declare "victory" now and bring our troops home?    Will waiting until more persons are killed really change the outcome?  Diplomats and civil servants "nation build", soldiers don't.  Soldiers clear the field so there is fertile ground for diplomats and civil servants to plant and nurture a new nation. That is not happening in Iraq.  All is well at Ft Timmerman: Susan has been working in the garden ... in between taking care of me.  I am blessed, she loves me, (although I must admit I don't know why.)  No one is perfect and I am sure further from perfect than most :)  Tonight as I drift off to sleep, (smelling the hair of the person I hold most dear in this life), I will pray for the quick and safe return of our men and women in uniform or if that is not to be, then I will pray that our leaders turn them loose to finish the job they started.  I prefer they come home.  Be and sleep well knowing the best there is, is on watch so you can.  If my post offends, I apologize ... that is not my intent.

A Warm Brotherly Hug
Karl (the, sitting in a wheelchair, dumb ole country lawyer from Holden, Missouri).