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MAY 3, 2002
Greets and Huggers. Daisy keeps rambling around the house looking for Maggie. Have not cleaned out Maggie's den. Still feel guilty ... maybe there was something I could have done differently. Well .. after all ... she was "just" a dog. My father, a rabid ex-smoker, (starts conversations with ..."Have you quit smoking? ... It's easy .. all you have to do ... is NOTHING" ... geez! ... "Everybody quits smoking! ... the trick is to quit before you have to!" Can almost hear him say ... "Maggie did not quit smoking soon enough!"....... <sigh> .....

Read the "Steven's Girls" posts ... hate to admit it ... but have never been in a "LadiesRoom". Do they have condom dispensers? Do they have graffiti ... like "David is a he-whore"? What do their urinals look like? Guess I'm terminally male.

hehehe ... enjoyed the "pig" posts. Never realized, bankruptcy ... has ... such ... a porcine background. Do know .. that it is the only civil "Right" contained within the body of our Constitution. Guess our founding father debtors prison escapees felt that you should not imprison for debt. But then ... "child support" is not a debt: it is a social obligation. Guess you can imprison for "social obligations".
Not feeling real "witty" tonight ... watching Daisy searching for Maggie ... and feeling sad ... I miss Maggie as much as Daisy does ... but do know this: in a little while, I will curl myself around Susan .. and we may cry together a little bit more ... and mourn Maggie a little bit more ... and I will kiss Susan's neck and shoulders ... and drift off to sleep ... knowing ... that tomorrow .. in my America .. we will have another day.

As always .. I apologize if my post offends.

Karl (dumb ole country lawyer from Holden, Missouri).