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MAY 2,  2003
Greets and Huggers.  Posted the evening of May 2, 2003. The SARS virus is scary.  Everyone here in the US seems NOT to be worried.   It is highly infectious and has a kill rate of 6%  .....  doesn't seem like much:  6 out of 100 folks who are infected, die. The influenza pandemic of 1918 had a kill rate of less than 2%:  it killed millions.  I am worried.  'Nuff said.

Mohammed Odeh al-Rehaief's and his family are in our America: given asylum and a job.  He was the Iraqi lawyer who helped rescue Jessica Lynch. ".... (B)efore al-Rehaief can start his new job he will undergo surgery next week, Fox News has learned. Al-Rehaief was injured during several risky treks up and down a road that came to be known as "ambush alley," in an effort to transport information on the Nasiriyah hospital were Pfc. Lynch was held to U.S. Marines stationed outside the city."  We have a room at Ft Timmerman for him and his  .........  I have a feeling, there is a room for him and his ..... in every home in my America. 

Strange, as old as I am, I still seek my fathers approval. How many of you do?  My Dad yanked on me about the Ramblings, (he really is my staunchest critic).  He complained that I share my feelings about my love for our America and Susan but have not shared how I feel about being a parent.  No "Ramblings" about the love my Mom and Dad feel for me and my brother and sisters:  no "Ramblings" about my children.   I know my Mom and Dad would do anything for me, my brother Roy and my sisters Barbara and Kay.  Even at 55, to me, my parent's love is an umbrella    ......  it just covers and protects me, no matter what I do  .....  I know, no matter how badly I fail or screw up  ....  they will be there:  they will love me unconditionally.  Isn't that why folks seek God?  Unconditional love:  a Mom and Dad substitute?  Don't have a clue what I will do when they are no longer there.   The thought of not having them there, terrifies me:   stupid, I know,  I'm a 55 year old man, everything I have, I have earned and paid for.  By the Grace of God, I have made my own way.  But, in the back of my mind, I have always had them to fall back on.  Guess, that's what Moms and Dads do.  Wish I came with an "owners manual", I would study the section on children  ......  I have no reference point.  I have two children, Heinzi, (KHT the 3rd) and Elsbeth, (named after my mother).  I have not talked to Elsbethla since 1996 ... have not talked to Heinzela since September,2002, (he hid in a closet and called me on his Mom's cell phone).  I pay my child support faithfully,  send them cards and presents, (birthdays, holidays, etc) to let them know I am here ... they are welcome at Ft Timmerman anytime.  I don't have a clue ... who they are as persons, their values,  what they believe, what they need, what they want out of life.  I used to call but got tired of being told they were not available, not home, asleep.  I stopped calling because the pain of being turned away was more then the pain of wondering how they are.  I suppose, I could force visitation.  To what end?  I don't know  ......  do know, I do not want to put them in the middle or make them the subject of a custody or visitation battle, (as a divorce lawyer for the past 22 years, I have seen  the results of that  ....  it's a no win for everybody).  At some point, they will want to know what kind of guy their Dad is, (I hope I measure up to their expectations) .... in the mean time .... my heart weeps ...... and I wait  .....  and I worry that my parents will pass before I finally grow up.

Earlier today, I watched the Aircraft Carrier Abraham Lincoln dock and unload ....... some of our men and women in uniform coming home to their loved ones. Susan and I are grateful for their safe return ..... more are and/or will be on their way home.  I have never been more proud and grateful for their sacrifice and service. President Bush, after 9/11 made a speech  .....  while looking us all in the eye, he said in essence, there are 3,000 dead men, women and children who demand that our America confront these terrorists, hunt them down and bring them to justice:  dead or alive, (course, Carter, Reagan and Clinton said the same thing after terrorist attacks, while they were at the helm).  He said, we will not let this happen again.  While sympathetic to the great loss of American lives  .....  I really don't think anyone overseas took him seriously.  They were wrong.  I don't know if it is right or wrong, but my America has made a statement:  We Don't Care What You Think,  This Dog Will Hunt!  There may very well be a few folks around the world, looking over their shoulder while changing their underwear and socks.  They should.  This Dog Will Hunt.

Shelley, keep in mind, in the practice law, at any given time, there is a person offering their cheek to be kissed  .... and a person kissing it.  Put another way, hang in there  .... what comes around .... goes around.  Take satisfaction in the fact that you took the moral high ground ....  you played by the rules .... at some point, the waste of skin on the other side will trip over his schwanz and suffer accordingly, (nothing worse than having a bruised, trampled schwanz).  You are building a reputation for doing what is right:  that takes time but will pay off in the long run.  I have a sense that you are taking this personally.  Don't.  You will burn out:  your client has a problem, as much as you care, you do not.  A Warm Brotherly Hug, Shelley  ...

My observation about men and hair:  men don't lose hair  .....  it just migrates to other places, (don't ask).

Spring has come to Ft Timmerman: 
http://www.karltimmerman.com/garden03.html.  The ^$%^#*(^&& frogs have finally finished their dance, (all I could do was listen with envy  .....  another week and a half ..... I will admit, however, I have learned to harmonize with the local dogs when they start baying at the moon).  Sitting here now, sipping a BBB and finishing off these Ramblings, (writing about my children hurt).  For every good thing that happens ..... a bad thing will also happen   ......  there is balance in every life:  I chose to celebrate the good and minimize the bad.  All is well at Ft Timmerman.  Please say a prayer/good wishes for our men and women in uniform and their families.  Be and sleep well.  If my post offends, I apologize:  that is not my intent.

Karl (the dumb ole country lawyer from Holden, Missouri)