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MAY 1, 2002
Greets and Huggers. Maggie, ( http://www.chappysplace.net/maggie.html), passed on to the Rainbow Bridge" today. She was "just" a dog: a bag full of tongue and wagging tail when Susan and I made it home from work. Never could figure out why she wasn't all pissed off that we locked her in the house each day. She was just so happy to see us when we made it home: she was just so satisfied with a "huggle" and "Good Dog!". Even though we have the privilege of sharing our lives with 3 dogs and 5 cats ... somehow .... the house seems empty tonight. Dumb, unprofessional and maybe an embarrassment to this group ... but, I feel such an incredible
loss .... er .... and if you have a problem with how I feel ..... may you break out with tiny peters .... and each one come down with the clap .... or ...... may you break out with a thousand vagina's ... and each one get a yeast infection ..... (wanna be non sexist). Guess these aren't the standard Irish curses.

Maggie had cancer, diagnosed over three years ago ... we had multiple tumors removed. We could not have the last one removed without killing her: our Vet did the best he could ... (a loving and compassionate man) ... we decided not to let her wake up. I don't know why I feel guilty about that ..... but I do. I miss her
The most important "feature" this list has to offer .. is the ability of folks like you and I ... to share our lives: to celebrate our common humanity. Other than Les sharing the birth of Nina, (huggers Les!!) ... haven't seen alot of that here lately.

As always, if my "ramblings" offend, I apologize.

Karl (the dumb ole country lawyer).